Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution was released in the summer of 2008 and is the latest game in the Civilization series. It's the first Civilization title designed by legendary game designer Sid Meier since the original Civilization. It's also the first Civilization title designed from the ground up for next-gen consoles and handhelds. The game is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, the iPhone/iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Since the game's release, numerous reviews have praised CivRev for its intuitive controls, streamlined gameplay, and great visuals. While the game is definitely simpler than Civilization IV, key elements that contributed to the additive Civilization gameplay are still there. The result is a fast-paced and action-filled game that's very easy for first time Civilization players to pick up and play. Veterans will also find that the series' famous "just one more turn" addicting gameplay remains intact.

Single Player and Multiplayer

Civilization Revolution supports both single player and multiplayer. For single player, players can play on randomly generated maps with four AI opponents. There is also a "Game of the Week" feature in which everyone can play on the same map each week and compare their scores on the leaderboards. The game also includes several scenarios.

For multiplayer, Xbox Live is used for the Xbox 360 version and GameSpy Arcade is used for the PS3 version. You can host private matches, play team games, and join free for all games. For Nintendo DS version, WIFI multiplayer is supported.

A typical CivRev game can last 3 to 4 hours, largely due to the streamlined gameplay, shorter tech tree, and smaller map. For example, the worker unit is eliminated. To build roads, now you simply open the city screen and spend gold to instantly construct roads between two cities. In addition, roads have unlimited movement in CivRev, but entering a city costs 1 movement point. Both changes helped reduce the amount of micromanagement.


Civilization Revolution contains 16 civilizations, each represented by a leader. Every civilization has special starting bonus and also era bonuses which they gain as the game progresses through the various eras. The era bonuses are cumulative.

There are unique units in CivRev for some civilizations but they only look different. Some unique units have stats increase, but that’s due to an era bonus of the civilization. There are no unique buildings although some civilizations have building related era bonus.


Unlike Civ4, in which units have a single strength value, units have separate attack and defense values in Civilization Revolution.

Most battles in Civilization Revolution are fought on the army level. When you have three units of the same type in the same square, you can form an army which has the combined strength of the three units. When a unit has achieved three victories, it becomes a veteran unit. Winning more battles will promote the units to elite level which allows the unit to learn special abilities (promotions). When a unit wins combat against another unit with equal or higher strength, there is a chance a Great General unit will spawn. A Great General provides +50% bonus to all units in a stack.

Unit Upgrade

One major difference between CivRev and previous Civ games is that units can only be upgraded by using the Leonardo’s Workshop wonder, and if you are the Germans, you can also take advantage of the automatic upgrade for elite units. The Leonardo’s Workshop only upgrades units once. If someone built Leonardo's Workshop before you, you can get rid of obsolete units by disbanding them to get some gold in return.

Naval Support

Civilization Revolution introduces the new concept of naval support. When a naval unit is adjacent to a land tile, it can provide naval support to units fighting on that tile in the form of an attack bonus or defense bonus. The amount of bonus depends on the strength of the naval unit.

Wonders and Relics

In addition to the familiar wonders of the world, Civilization Revolution introduces a new type of wonder-like structures called relics. They are scattered across the map and the first civilization that discovers a relic receives its benefits. It makes exploration more rewarding and important.

All the wonders except those related to the victory conditions (World Bank and United Nations) can be rush-built either by gold or Great Builder.

Great People

Six different types of Great People provide special abilities upon their appearance, and are generated by a civilization's total culture output (as opposed to a city's turn-by-turn collection of great people points as in Civ4). These powerful units can hurry production in a city, research a technology, or settle in a city, providing various per-turn benefits such as +50% gold production.

Victory Conditions

You can win a game in Civilization Revolution in four ways. The first way is domination victory, which is achieved by capturing all enemy capitals. This is different than Civ4 in which you need to have 2/3 of the world’s land and population.

The second way is economic victory, which requires accumulating 20,000 gold and also the World Bank wonder.

The third way is cultural victory, which requires a combination of 20 total cultural events: number of flipped cities, great people (settled in city), and wonders built. In addition, the United Nations wonder is required to complete the victory.

The last victory type is space race victory, in which you build a space ship composed of various parts. The first civilization whose spaceship reaches Alpha Centauri wins the space race.

It's not Civ5

It's important to point out that Civilization Revolution is not intended to be a follow-up to Civilization IV. Some of the major features introduced in Civilization IV such as religions and civics are not included. The resources and diplomacy systems in CivRev are also much simpler, more comparable to those found in Civilization II. If you expect it to be like Civilization IV, you will be disappointed. However, if you treat it as a different Civ game, you will have lots of fun and find it a refreshing change.

For more detailed info on the game, please check out the CivRev Info Center and the various Civilopedia reference pages using the links at the left.

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Civilization Revolution: Info Center

Civilization Revolution: Information Center

Introduction Seven Cities of Gold

Welcome to the Info Center for Civilization Revolution. On this page, you will find the known information about Civilization Revolution, organized into appropriate categories for ease of reference, including new features, enhancements of old concepts, and other relevant information. Be sure to visit the other pages in the Civilization Revolution section here to get a full understanding of this innovative game!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. New Features
  3. Empire Management
  4. Multiplayer
  5. Civilizations and Leaders
  6. Units, Military, and Combat
  7. Diplomacy and Interaction
  8. Victory
  9. External Links

New Features

City View

Empire Management

Government Benefit
Despotism No loss of culture after firing a nuke
Monarchy Doubles the effect of the Palace
Republic Settlers cost just 1 population point
Communism +50% production in cities, negates temples and cathedrals
Democracy +50% trade, cannot declare war
Fundamentalism +1 attack to all units, negates libraries and universities
Great Person Type Potential Uses
Great Builder

Rush build to completion any improvement or wonder in a city

Halve the cost of all buildings in the city for future construction

Great Scientist

Finish research of current technology

+50% science in the city when settled

Great Explorer

Provides an instant sum of money (no movement to a foreign city required)

+50% gold generated in a city when settled

Great Humanitarian

+1 pop to all cities

+50% population growth in a city when settled

Great Leader

Upgrades all non-Veteran units to Veteran

Settles in a city to provide +3 experience points that stacks with other improvements

Great Artist

Peacefully flips a city of an opponent to you over a period of a few turns

+50% culture in the city when settled

Amount Benefit
100 gold Free settler
250 gold Free Currency or Banking tech
500 gold Free Great Person
1000 gold Free Granaries for all cities
2000 gold +1 population for all cities
5000 gold Free Aqueducts for all cities
10000 gold Free Great Person
20000 gold Enables construction of the World Bank wonder


Civilizations and Leaders

Units, Military, and Combat

Promotion Benefit
Blitz Unit receives an extra move after an attack
Infiltration +50% strength when attacking cities
Loyalty +50% strength when defending in friendly territory
March +1 movement point
Engineering +100% strength when defending cities
Guerilla +50% strength when attacking in your territory
Medic Allows for healing of this unit in enemy territory
Scout Unit can see its opponent in a city battle, and has increased sight range
Leadership +100% defense when in a stack

Diplomacy and Interaction

Button Effect
Left Stick Movement orders for selected unit
Right Stick Move cursor around
Left/Right for D-pad Cycle through all units
Up/Down for D-pad Cycle through units in stack
A Move selected unit
X Have selected unit defend
B Skip selected unit's turn
LB Show city screen
RB Show diplomacy screen
Left Trigger Zoom
Right Trigger Show information screen


External Links

In addition to the various links above, under the Civilization Revolution menu, below are some other links that may be useful:

Civilization Revolution: Civilizations

Civilization Revolution contains 16 civilizations, each with their own leader. Every civilization has their own unique benefits which they gain as the game progresses through the various ages (benefits are cumulative). Unlike previous versions of Civilization, there is a much wider range of bonuses, including more traditional ones such as increased stats for various units, but also incorporating more innovative benefits like increased gold production and roads that are cheaper to build.

Civilization Leader Bonuses Unique Unit Worker Unit
America Lincoln
Starting: Begin the game with a Great Person
Ancient: 2% interest on gold
Medieval: Rush units at half-price
Industrial: +1 food from plains
Modern: Factories provide 3x production
Tank becomes Sherman Tank, Bomber becomes Flying Fortress, Fighter becomes Mustang Fighter American Worker
Arabia Saladin
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Religion
Ancient: +50% caravan gold
Medieval: Free Mathematics technology
Industrial: +1 attack for Horsemen and Knights
Modern: 2% interest on gold in treasury
none Arab Worker
Aztec Montezuma
Starting: Aztecs begin with a wealth of gold
Ancient: Units heal after winning in combat
Medieval: Temples provide +3 science
Industrial: Half-price roads
Modern: +50% gold production
Warrior become Jaguar Warrior Aztec Workers
China Mao
Starting: Chinese begin with knowledge of Writing
Ancient: New cities have +1 population
Medieval: Receive knowledge of Literacy tech
Industrial: Half-price Libraries
Modern: Cities not affected by Anarchy
none Chinese Worker Unit
England Elizabeth
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Monarchy
Ancient: +1 Longbow Archer defense
Medieval: +1 Naval combat
Industrial: +1 hammer on hills
Modern: Naval support doubled
Archer becomes Longbow Archer, Bomber becomes Lancaster Bomber, Fighter becomes Spitfire Fighter English Worker Unit
Egypt Cleopatra
Starting: Begin the game with a Wonder
Ancient: +1 food and trade from desert regions
Medieval: Receive knowledge of Irrigation
Industrial: +1 Rifleman movement
Modern: +50% caravan gold
none Egytian Workers
France Napoleon
Starting: Begin the game with a Cathedral
Ancient: Receive knowledge of Pottery
Medieval: Half-price roads
Industrial: +2 attack for Cannons
Modern: +1 movement for Riflemen
Catapult becomes Trebuchet, Artillery becomes Howitzer French Worker
Germany Bismark
Starting: Automatic upgrades for Elite units
Ancient: Warriors begin as Veterans
Medieval: +1 production from forest
Industrial: Half cost barracks
Modern: 2% interest on gold in treasury
Tank becomes Panzer Tank, Artillery becomes 85mm Gun, Bomber becomes Heinkel Bomber, Fighter becomes ME109 Fighter German Workers
Greece Alexander
Starting: Begin with a courthouse
Ancient: Knowledge of Democracy
Medieval: More Great People
Industrial: Half cost library
Modern: +1 food from sea tiles
Galley becomes Trireme, Pikeman becomes Hoplite Greek Worker Unit
India Gandhi
Starting: Begin with access to all resources
Ancient: Cities not affected by Anarchy
Medieval: Free Religion tech
Industrial: Half-price Settlers
Modern: Half-price Courthouse
none Indian Workers
Japan Tokugawa
Starting: Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial
Ancient: +1 food from Sea Regions
Medieval: +1 Samurai Knight attack
Industrial: Cities not affected by Anarchy
Modern: Defensive units receive Loyalty upgrade
Knight becomes Samurai Knight, Pikeman becomes Ashigaru Pikemen, Bomber becomes Val Bomber, Fighter becomes Zero Fighter Japanese Workers
Mongolia Genghis Khan
Starting: +50% trade from captured cities
Ancient: Barbarian villages join
Medieval: +1 Cavalry movement
Industrial: +2 food from mountainous regions
Modern: Free Communism tech
Horseman becomes Keshik
Mongol Keshik
Mongol Workers
Rome Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Code of Laws and a Republic government
Ancient: Half price roads
Medieval: Half cost wonders
Industrial: More great people
Modern: New cities start with +1 population
Knight becomes Cataphract Roman Workers
Russia Catherine
Starting: Russians begin with more of the map visible
Ancient: +1 food from plains
Medieval: Defensive units receive the Loyalty upgrade
Industrial: Half-price Riflemen
Modern: Half-price Spies
Horseman becomes Cossack Horseman, Tank becomes T34 Tank Russian Workers
Spain Isabella
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Navigation
Ancient: Doubled exploration cash
Medieval: +1 Naval combat
Industrial: +50% gold production
Modern: +1 production from hills
Knight becomes Conquistador Spanish Workers
Zulu Shaka
Starting: Zulus can overrun their enemies more easily
Ancient: +1 Warrior movement
Medieval: Cities grow faster
Industrial: +50% gold production
Modern: Half-price Riflemen
Warrior becomes Impi Warrior Zulu Workers

Civilization Revolution: Units

Civilization Revolution contains a wide variety of units, including land, sea, and air ones. Unlike Civilization 4, CivRev returns to the convention of assigning each unit a specific attack and defense value; however, it also keeps Civ4's system of promotions and combat modifiers, blending the features from previous Civilization games. Units in this game have been made stronger and more powerful as individual fighting forces and are certainly integral to a successful game, not just those that end in a domination victory. For more, be sure to read this page which overviews units and their role in the game.

Note: A.D.M stands for Attack.Defense.Movement, referring to a unit's strength and movement ability.

Unit Name Cost Prerequisite A.D.M Upgrades To
Warrior 10 none 1.1.1 Legion
Legion 10 Iron Working 2.1.1 Knight
Horseman 20 Horseback Riding 2.1.2 Knight
Knight 25 Feudalism 4.2.2 Tank
Tank 50 Combustion 10.6.3 none
Archer 10 Bronze Working 1.2.1 Pikeman
Pikeman 15 Democracy 1.3.1 Rifleman
Rifleman 20 Gunpowder 3.5.1 Modern Infantry
Modern Infantry 30 Mass Production 4.8.1 none
Catapult 20 Mathematics 4.1.1 Cannon
Cannon 30 Metallurgy 6.2.1 Artillery
Artillery 50 The Automobile 16.2.2 none
Galley 30 none 1.1.2 Galleon
Galleon 30 Navigation 2.2.3 Cruiser
Cruiser 40 Steam Power 6.6.5 none
Battleship 80 Steel 12.18.4 none
Submarine 25 Electricity 12.2.2 none
Bomber 60 Advanced Flight 18.3.6* none
Fighter 30 Flight 6.4.8 none
Settler 20 none 0.0.2 none
Caravan 30 Currency 0.0.3 none
Spy 25 Writing 0.0.2 none
Great People none none 0.0.2 none
ICBM 40 none none none
Militia none none 0.1.1 none

* Must land in a city every 4 moves.

Civilization Revolution: Technologies

This page organizes all the researchable technologies in Civilization Revolution into a table that highlights their cost in beakers, their various effects and what they enable, as well as the bonus they provide to the first civilization to research them. These bonuses can often be quite powerful, usually in the form of a free unit, building, or extra per turn output in a city. Keep in mind that under the Makes Available header, items are listed in the following order: resources, wonders, units, buildings, governments. While some technologies, like currency and navigation, enable multiple things, others, like Printing Press, are less substantial. Together, however, they form the technology tree in Civilization Revolution.

Note: This page is still under construction.

Official Tech Tree PDFs

2K Games has released two high resolution tech tree in PDF format. You can download them below:

Civilization Revolution Tech Tree

Civilization Revolution Tech Tree Details

Ultimate Tech Tree PDF

Forum member mikewest has created this ultimate CivRev tech tree and formatted it for easy two-page printing. Based on the official tech tree, mikewest added unit properties, more details on how they get obsoleted and what unit(s) they supercede; building costs, wonder costs along with what tech (if any) obsoletes them; resource type and amount, first to discover bonuses, era & start occurrences. The color-coding started by Firaxis is also refined. The amount of beakers required to research each tech is also added.

Civilization Revolution Ultimate Tech Tree

Technology Details

Details for each technology are included in the table below:

Icon Technology Cost Prerequisites Makes Available First to Discover Benefit
Advanced Flight 2150 Flight, Industrialization Bomber Free Bomber
Alphabet 20 none The Oracle of Delphi, Library none
Atomic Theory 1270 University, Invention, Electricity Manhattan Project +2 Science in every city
The Automobile 1780 Combustion, Steel Rubber, Artillery Free Artillery
Banking 190 Currency, Code of Laws, Literacy Bank 100 gold
Bronze Working 20 none Fish, Colossus, Archer, Barracks none
Ceremonial Burial 30 Pottery Incense, The Pyramids, Temple none
Code of Laws 60 Writing, Alphabet Cattle, Trading Post, Republic Free Trading Post
Combustion 1050 Steam Power, Gunpowder, Metallurgy Oil, Tank Free Tank
Communism 770 Industrialization, University Communism -33% cost of factories
Construction 60 Masonry, Iron Working Oak, Workshop Free Workshop
The Corporation 720 Banking, Industrialization Military-industrial Complex +5 Gold in every city
Currency 80 Bronze Working, Code of Laws Gold, Trade Fair of Troyes, Caravan, Market Free Caravan, Market
Democracy 120 Literacy, Code of Laws Magna Carta, Pikeman, Democracy Free Pikeman
Electricity 850 Metallurgy, Engineering, Steam Power Submarine Free Submarine
Electronics 1570 Electricity, The Corporation none +2 trade in every city
Engineering 130 Construction, Mathematics Aqueduct +1 production in every city
Feudalism 140 Horseback Riding, Monarchy Game, Knight Free Knight
Flight 1620 Combustion, Metallurgy, Invention Fighters Free Fighter
Globalization 3400 Mass Media, Networking none 500 Gold
Gunpowder 330 Invention, Feudalism Sulfur, Rifleman Free Rifleman
Horseback Riding 20 none Oxen, Horseman None
Industrialization 710 Steam Power, Banking Factory +5 gold in every city
Invention 190 Literacy, Engineering Leonardo's Workshop Free Great Person
Iron Working 30 Bronze Working Iron, Legion Free Legion
Irrigation 60 Pottery, Masonry Wheat, +1 Food on food producing tiles on the side of river +1 population in every city
Literacy 60 Alphabet, Writing Silk, Shakespeare's Theatre, Courthouse +1 science in every city
Masonry 30 Pottery Marble, Great Wall, Walls Free Wall
Mass Media 880 Printing Press, The Corporation Hollywood +1 population in every city
Mass Production 880 Railroad, Industrialization Modern Infantry, Aluminum Free Modern Infantry
Mathematics 70 Writing, Masonry Catapult Free Catapult
Metallurgy 390 Engineering, Iron Working, University Cannon Free Cannon
Monarchy 120 Code of Laws, Writing, Ceremonial Burial Dye, Himeji Samurai Castle, Monarchy Free Great Person
Navigation 110 Writing, Mathematics Whale, East India Company, Galleon, Harbor Free Galleon
Networking 2290 Electronics, The Corporation Internet Reduced University Cost
Nuclear Power 2150 Atomic Theory, Mass Production Uranium +2 production in every city
Pottery 20 none Wine, Hanging Gardens, Granary none
Printing Press 390 University, Religion none +1 culture in every city
Railroad 350 Steam Power Iron Mine +2 production in every city
Religion 150 Ceremonial Burial, Monarchy Cathedral, Fundamentalism +1 culture in every city
Space Flight 5860 Advanced Flight, Electronics, Nuclear Power Apollo Program, SS Fuel, SS Propulsion, SS Habitation, SS Life Support Entire map is revealed
Steam Power 340 Iron Working, Invention, Engineering Coal, Cruiser Free Cruiser
Steel 730 Metallurgy, Steam Power Battleship Free Battleship
Superconductor 6740 Mass Production, Space Flight SDI Defense Free SDI in a city
University 240 Literacy, Mathematics, Democracy Oxford University, University +1 science in every city
Writing 40 Alphabet Great Library, Spy Free Spy


Civilization Revolution: Wonders

In Civilization Revolution, there are 21 different world wonders that each provide unique and significant bonuses. While many of the various wonders have appeared in previous Civilization games, some, like the Magna Carta or the Trade Fair of Troyes, are completely new.

Wonder Cost Prerequisite Obsolete by Effect
Ancient Wonders
Colossus of Rhodes 100 Bronze Working Invention Doubles Trade production in the city
Great Library of Alexandria 150 Writing University Receive any technologies that at least two other civilizations discovered
Great Pyramid 150 Ceremonial Burial Monarchy Access to all forms of government
Great Wall 150 Masonry Engineering Forces all civilizations to make peace with the owner
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 100 Pottery - Increases population of the city by 50%
Oracle of Delphi 125 Alphabet Religion Find out the result of battles before the actual battle takes place
Stonehenge 50 - Literacy Temple's effects increased by 50%
Medieval Wonders
East India Company 200 Navigation Flight +1 Trade in all sea squares (civilization-wide)
Himeji Samurai Castle 150 Monarchy Communism +1 Attack strength to all units
Leonardo's Workshop 200 Invention - Upgrade all units to current best unit in their lineage
Magna Carta 150 Democracy - Courthouses produce culture (as well as their usual benefits)
Oxford University 150 University - Acquire an advanced technology
Shakespeare's Theatre 150 Literacy Mass Media Doubles the Culture production in the city
Trade Fair of Troyes 250 Currency Globalization Doubles the Gold production in the city
Modern Wonders
Apollo Program 750 Space Flight - Access to all technologies you have not yet researched
Hollywood 600 Mass Media - Enemy city walls no longer prevent their cities from flipping
Internet 750 Networking - Gold production in all cities doubled
Manhattan Project 750 Atomic Theory - Obtain the only ICBM in the game
Military-Industrial Complex 500 The Corporation - Reduces the cost of all units
United Nations 500 20 Cultural events - Cultural Victory (Cultural event = Great People, Wonder construction or City Flip)
World Bank 500 20,000 Gold - Economic Victory

Wonder Images

Apollo Program

Apollo Program

Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes

East India Company

East India Company

Great Library of Alexandria

Great Library of Alexandria

The Great Wall
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Himeji Samurai Castle

Himeji Samurai Castle





Leonardo's Workshop

Leonardo's Workshop

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project

Military-Industry Complex

Military-Industry Complex

Oracle of Delphi

Oracle of Delphi

Oxford University

Oxford University

Great Pyramid

Great Pyramid

Shakespeare's Theater

Shakespeare's Theater



Trade Fair of Troyes

Trade Fair of Troyes

United Nations

United Nations

The World Bank      


Civilization Revolution: Relics

Civilization Revolution introduces a new class of wonder-like structures called "relics" that are scattered randomly throughout the map for players to find. There are six relics in the game and each of them offers unique bonus to its discover. They should make exploration more rewarding.

Below is the list of relics and their effects:

Relic Image Effect
The Ark of Covenant Relic - Ark Of Covenant

Creates a Temple in every one of your cities that does not have one.

Cities that already have Temples will immediately receive Cathedrals to replace their Temples

The Seven Cities of Gold Relic - Seven Cities Of Gold Gives a large Gold bonus to your treasury
The Angkor Wat Relic - Angkor Wat Immediately builds a wonder in one of your cities
The Lost City of Atlantis Relic - Lost City Of Atlantis Immediately completes research on several new technologies
The Knights Templar Relic - Knights Templar Gives you a powerful unit
The School of Confucius Relic - School Of Confucius Grants discoverer access to a slew of Great People

Civilization Revolution: Previews

Wow. Just ... wow.

Wednesday, November 7, DanQ from Apolyton and myself visited Firaxis for an exclusive preview of Civilization: Revolution. We both agreed it was probably the most fun we had had in a while. Dan had a video camera with him, and once he edits the footage and posts it on Poly, I'll post a link.

The day started with a tour of the company. We couldn't take many pictures during this, since there was a lot of concept art and other non-releasable stuff posted on walls, etc. Too bad, because it all looked great!

Then we sat down with Barry and Sid (and Dennis and Kelly) for the official preview. Sid started a game using the current build on an XBox360, hooked up to a huge (60 inch?) screen. For the record he played as Lincoln of the Americans. As he played, he explained what was happening, and concepts behind it.

If you've played Civ4, you should be pretty comfortable with it. Despite what some may say, it hasn't been "dumbed down". Certain elements *have* been simplified. For instance, you don't have to micromanage your cities. But for hard-core control freaks, the ability is still there, just not as obvious. Another change is that if there is nothing to do, by default, it won't wait at the end of your turn. Workers don't run around manually doing things. For instance, to build a road between two cities is as simple as selecting that option, and paying the required gold.

Let me digress here a moment. Sid (and the rest) tried hard to make sure we understood a few things. Civ:Rev is NOT Civ5. It is a separate branch of the Civ family. It is targeted at a quite different audience, and for a reason. Not all console gamers are brain-dead. This game is intended to give them a true strategy game. It will also demonstrate that TBS can be *fun*. (And for any concerned about the health/quality of PC Civ, all I can legally tell you is, you're going to be amazed, and you're going to have FUN! )

Anyway, after Sid did his demo, and we chatted a while, Dan and I got a unique treat: we are the first non-Firaxis people to actually *play* the game! I got the console in the conference room, and Dan took the identical system in the next room. First, Barry ran upstairs and pushed a new build, that had the opening movie in it. Let me just say that this movie, with 5.1 Surround Sound, is simply awesome. I even got to watch it several times, as you will see below.

After the movie, I clicked quickly through the initial screens (single player, new game, difficulty level, etc.). When I got to the "Select your Civ" screen, I paused for a bit, so I could study the different Civs, their leaders, and their "traits". On the selection screen, each Civ's special bonuses are explained when you cursor over it. And there are different bonuses for each era of the game. For instance, a Civ might get extra food per worked tile in the Ancient age, an extra gold per worked tile in the Middle ages, a free Great Person in the Industrial age, and a +1 attack in the Modern age. It also lists the Special Unit(s) that Civ can build. Aztecs have the Jaguar Warrior, which auto-heals. The Americans get some WW2-era units.

(Another aside: Catherine of Russia will probably win as the "hottest babe" in this game. But Cleopatra runs a close second, especially in that gauzy Ancient Age costume. )

Anyway, I decided that, for tradition's sake, I would play my first game as Caesar of the Romans. I selected him, and watched the game crash immediately. I guess we don't play the Romans on this build.

After we laughed, Dennis got the Xbox back up, and I tried again. This time, I chose Lincoln, since I was sure that would work. After all, Sid had just played as him. So we got going, built Washington, and started exploring. Wait a minute. I can *see* everything! Where's the fog? Oops. Barry forgot to turn that back on when he added the movie. (The developers can use a lot of *cheats* in their builds, to help them debug,) So he went back upstairs to do another build, and push it back to this box. Meanwhile, I saved the game so we could pick up where I left off. Let me also add that fog in this games isn't just black "you can't see this" covering, but is gray, drifting tendrils, thick where you haven't been, and thin where you have. If you watch, you can see it moving. A great effect.

Barry came back, and said we were good to go, so I fired it up again, this time choosing "Load Game" instead of "New". But the only save I could see was Montezuma. No matter. It was approximately at the same point as my Lincoln game, so I pressed on with it. I began my explorations again, running into some nasty barbarian camps. Camps seem to have 3 warriors in them to defeat. Fortunately, Barbs are "uncivilized", so they get a negative applied to their combat. My northern Jags defeated the first three barbarian warriors they ran into, and got promoted to Veteran status. Another few Barbs, and I was able to upgrade them. I gave them "March" capability, making them a 2-move unit. Still heading north, I found yet another Barb camp. Took out the first warrior. Took out the second. The third wiped out my nice little Jag unit.

Meanwhile, closer to home, other Jags were busy exploring. I found several "Friendly Villages" ( = Goody Huts) and gained some gold and techs. And then I met Cleo. The initial meeting we agreed on Peace, and I was able to buy some tech from her, as well. But I soon realized she was blocking a land bridge to the east. I had explored north ans south as far as I could, and to the west was ocean, and I didn't have any boats, yet. But entering another Civ's territory is a declaration of war (although you get an "are you sure?"-type message). So I built my forces, and created a Jag Warrior Army. (Note: Any special promotions a unit in an Army has apply to the entire Army. So if a unit has March, the whole Army has March. If a unit has Medic, the whole Army has Medic. Etc. So by selecting the units to go into an Army carefully, you can get a very powerful Army, indeed!)

So I marched my Army, plus a spare Jag, up to Thebes, and declared war. Oops! She has an Army of Pikes guarding her city! And with the City defense bonus, my mighty jags were chopped into little pieces. I quickly made sure I had defenses in my two cities, and started building more to be safe. Things seem quiet for a bit, and I start to breathe a little easier. I begin building a galley to go check out the "Great Relic" friendly tribes have told rumors of, off to the north. Then, Cleo pops up asking for peace, for a "mere" 65 gold. Since I'm running out of playing time, I decide to try some things, just to see what happens. I offer her 33G, instead, and she leaves in a huff. Suddenly, her Army approaches my second city. I try to contact her, to offer her 65G, or even more, but the Diplo screen isn't in this build. All I can do is just watch as she slaughters my brave defenders. Finally, after she has the city, she again offers me peace. I jump at the chance. A few minutes later, Dennis' jaw drops as far as mine when we realize she is pumping Culture in that city as hard as possible. This looks like a *good* AI.

Anyway, I now have a Galley, with a Jag on it for exploring. I send it north, but in the year 1270 AD, the game crashes. It's getting late, so Dennis advises against restarting. We go and watch DanQ stomp on the AI in his game. (Of course, I was playing on "King", the "everything is even" level, and he was playing on Warlord. )

We also got a chance to play on the DS for a while. Game play is exactly the same as on the 360, it is just the graphics that change. (Dennis likes the DS version - it reminds him of Civ2, with the 8-bit graphics. )

All-in-all, I love this game.

More Previews

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Civilization Revolution: Great People

School of ConfuciusCivilization Revolution has six different types of Great People that provide special abilities upon their appearance. The six types are Great Artist/Thinker, Great Builder, Great Humanitarian, Great Explorer/Industrialist, Great Leader, and Great Scientist.

Every type of great people can do two things. The first is a one-time immediate bonus, which will consume the great person. Some examples of one time bonuses are instant completion of a wonder and increase population of all your cities. The second use is settlement bonus, which provides the host city benefits such as reduced building cost, experience for newly created units, and culture/science bonus. Note that only the great people settled in cities count toward cultural victory.

You can earn Great People in following ways:

Below is a complete list of all 46 Great People categorized by type. The associated tech for each great person is also included.

Great Person Name Associated Technology

Great Artists/Thinkers
Use them to convert enemy city, or settle them in city for +50% culture production

Aesop Writing
Aristotle University
Charles Babbage Networking
J.S. Bach Religion
Fyodor Dostoevsky Industrialization
Homer Alphabet
Karl Marx Communism
Plato Pottery
Great Builders
Use them to instantly complete production of any unit/building/or wonder, or settle them in city to halve the cost of all buildings in the city for future constructions.
Cheops Masonry
Leonardo da Vinci Invention
Henry Ford The Automobile
Gilgamesh Horseback Riding
Imhotep Ceremonial Burial
Nebuchadnezzar Construction
George Stephenson Steel
James Watt Steam Power
Sophocles Democracy
Leopold Stokowski Superconductor
Great Explorer/Industrialist
Use them to get a large one-time gold bonus, or settle them in city to receive +50% gold production.
Roald Amundsen Combustion
Christopher Columbus Banking
Vasco Da Gama Navigation
W.R. Hearst Mass Media
Marco Polo Currency
Sargon Bronze Working
Tippu Sultan Space Flight
Wilbur Wright Advanced Flight
Great Humanitarian
Use them to add +1 population to all your cities, or settle them in city for +50% population growth rate.
Thomas Becket Feudalism
Frederick Douglass Railroad
Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press
Lao Tzu Irrigation
Florence Nightingale Gunpowder
Albert Schweitzer Globalization
Eli Whitney Mass Production
Great Leader
Use them to upgrade all your units to veteran, or settle them in city so your newly created units receive +3 experience points (free upgrade if the city also has barracks).
Agamemnon Iron Working
David Monarchy
Great Scientist
Use them to instantly finish research of current technology, or settle them in city for +50% science.
Archimedes Engineering
Alexander G. Bell The Corporation
Confucius Literacy
Marie Curie Metallurgy
Thomas Edison Electricity
Albert Einstein Atomic Theory
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power
Otto Lilienthal Flight
Guglielmo Marconi Electronics
Pythagoras Mathematics
Solomon Code of Laws

Civilization Revolution: Reviews

Since the release of Civilization Revolution, numerous reviews have appeared on the web. In this reviews section, we have compiled all the major reviews for the game. Many reviews praised CivRev for its intuitive controls, colorful graphics, and also for being the most accessible version of Civilization yet. Some negative points raised include highly aggressive AI, few player customization options, and not as deep as the PC versions. But overall, most reviews are favorable and consider the game to be one of the best strategy games for the consoles. The average rating is in the mid 80s.

The reviews are ordered by rating in descending order.

Civilization Revolution: Xbox 360 Achievements

Below is a list of all Civilization Revolution achievements for Xbox 360 in the game, along with their point values.

Achievement Title How to get Achievement Gamer Points
One Mistress and No Master Win as an English civilization. 15
I Will Not Be Triumphed Over Win as an Egyptian civilization. 15
Flower and Song Win as an Aztec civilization. 15
A Short Life of Glory Win as a Greek civilization. 15
Fair and Softly Goes Far Win as a Spanish civilization. 15
Blood and Iron Win as a German civilization. 15
Veni Vidi Vici Win as a Roman civilization. 15
A Great Wind is Blowing Win as a Russian civilization. 15
Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom Win as a Chinese civilization. 15
We the People Win as an American civilization. 15
Imagination Rules the World Win as a French civilization. 15
An Indomitable Will Win as an Indian civilization. 15
A Knight Without Fear or Blame Win as an Arab civilization. 15
This World is a Harsh Place Win as an African civilization. 15
All Others Must Fail Win as a Mongolian civilization. 15
Victory Over Lesser Men Win as a Japanese civilization. 15
Difficulties Mastered Win a victory with each civilization. 30
A Revelation of Man Win a Cultural Victory. 20
Embiggens the Smallest Man Win a Cultural Victory on at least King difficulty. 30
Citizen of the World Win a Cultural victory on Deity difficulty. 45
Have Fun Storming the Castle Win a Domination Victory. 20
Vi Victa Vis Win a Domination Victory on at least King difficulty. 30
Such Joy Ambition Finds Win a Domination victory on Deity difficulty. 45
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned Win an Economic Victory. 20
The Guy Who Signs the Checks Win an Economic Victory on at least King difficulty. 30
Playing the
Win an Economic victory on Deity difficulty. 45
Ideas Control the World Win a Technology Victory. 20
640K Ought to be Enough Win a Technology Victory on at least King difficulty. 30
Indistinguishable From Magic Win a Technology victory on Deity difficulty. 45
Destroyer of Worlds Win all types of victories (Domination, Technology, Cultural, and Economic). 30
The Universal
Brotherhood of Man
Develop a city to produce 100 culture per turn 25
Organized Knowledge Develop a city to produce 200 science per turn. 25
The Root of All Evil Develop a city to produce 200 gold per turn. 25
Curse of the Drinking Class Develop a city to produce 200 resources per turn. 25
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride Make contact with another civilization. 3
Culture is Worth a Little Risk Build a Wonder of the World. 9
Once More Unto the Breach Combine three identical units into an army. 5
80% of Success is Showing Up Accumulate culture to unlock a famous person. 5
Home is Where One Starts From Construct a special building. 3
Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones. Discover an ancient artifact. 9
Before all Else, Be Armed Earn a special unit ability in combat. 5
Scientia Potentia Est Complete development of any technology. 3
Napalm in the Morning Defeat an enemy unit 3
The Fruit of
Build a second city in a game. 5
What is the City But the People? Grow a city to size 20. 25
The Will to Win is Everything Win 20 battles with one unit. 25
Here's Looking at You, Kid Unlock all famous persons. 45
That We May Live in Peace Win the game by year 1000 AD on King difficulty or higher. 25
Absolute Power is Kind of Neat Win without changing governments on King difficulty or higher. 25
Power Never Takes a Back Step Win with only one city on at least King difficulty. 25