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Trade Routes
By Krikkitone at 2006-08-11 21:35

The basic Formula for the value of a Trade route seems to be

[(1+F)*(5*(Pop-10))+100+Cap)* (Minimum ([T*50%], [D*70%]))*20%/100]

F is 150% (1.5) if it is a Foreign Trade Route, 0 if domestic
Pop is the Pop of the city Getting the trade route
T is the Pop of the City the Trade Route is With
D is the Distance to the City
Cap is 25 if one of the cities is a Capital, 0 if not
[] indicates rounding down

This is for Overland routes, no Harbors, Tiny map

The 69% for distance is Probably specific to Tiny maps

All the numbers (150% for Foreign, 5* population, -10 population adjustment, 25 for Capital, 50% for partner pop, etc. except the 1 and the 100 are in the XML files)

What this indicates is that on a normal map, once your empire is big enough, and the populations are about 20, then Domestic trade routes can make about 3 commerce, 2 quite easily. Foreign Trade Routes can get to 7 or 8 and don't require your empire to be big just to have sufficiently Distant and large-citied trade Partners.

edited from further analysis results

Checked World info for the other sizes too,

so for
Duel is 80%
Tiny 70% (I discovered I made a distance measuring mistake in my 69% calc, Credit to Roland: I would have missed that)
Small 60%
Standard 50%
Large 40%
Huge 30%

In BTS the info is more clearly explained in the popup
Each trade route is
Base Value= minimum of
Distance factor (Distance * World Size Factor)
Population factor (Population of city you are trading with /10)
... but no less than 1.00 (rounded down to nearest 0.01)

This then gets a bonus
+5% for each pop of This city above 10
+3% for each turn at peace with this civ (if it is a foreign civ).. maximum 150%
+25% if the cities (this one, both?) are connected to a(your?) capital.
+100% if the other city is on a different continent
+50% with a Harbor
+100% with a Temple of Artemis
+100% with a Custom House (if it is with a Foreign civ)

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