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Managing the World: The Machiavellian Doctrine
By dexters at 2005-06-25 00:00

Chapter I: Introduction

This is a style of play that I think some historically and politically minded players may find more rewarding than purely playing for points or winning the game as early as possible. The strategy should be applicable to all difficulty levels.

The Man

Niccolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy at a time when the country was in political upheaval. He became an important diplomat and an ardent supporter of the Florentine republic at during a brief interruption in the rule of the Medici’s in Florence.

When the Medici’s regained their power however, Machiavelli was removed from his post. Eager to ingratiate himself with the new princes who ruled Florence, he broke from his strong support of republicanism and wrote “The Prince”, a work that describes in plain pragmatism how a prince should acquire and maintain power.

The Portuguese
By Keirador at 2005-06-25 00:00
A small but influential nation on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula, Portugal emerged as a nation independent of Spain in the 12th century AD. Portugal led the drive for colonization and discovery in Europe, and the sprawling nation of Brazil is a legacy of Portuguese ambition. Though during the height of Spanish power Portugal came once again under Spanish dominion, Portugal regained its independence late in the 17th century. Today, Portugal continues to be a prosperous nation, active in the European economy and world affairs.

Cost of the Palace for C3C
By Theoden at 2005-06-25 00:00
One of the things that I’ve always wondered is how the game determines what the palace will cost. So I decided to make some tests to get it cleared out. After extensive testing I came up with the following results. The test was made with C3C 1.22:

* The number of cities in your empire determines the cost of the palace
* The Optimal City Number also has an effect
* The palace can never cost less than 300 shields and never more than 1000 shields

During the tests I also found a lot of things that I concluded to have no effect on the palace cost. All of these are verified to have no effect. If you have any ideas not listed here that could have an effect please point it out:

* Difficulty level
* The size of the map
* The distance to the capital from the different cities
* The sizes of the cities in your empire
* The government you are currently in
* The amount of time that has passed or the current technological level

The French
By Keirador at 2005-06-25 00:00
Though many associate France with ancient Gaul due to geography, the modern nation of France has its roots in the early middle ages, when the Germanic tribe called Franks moved across the Rhine. The French, as the people came to be called, settled, converted to Christianity, and eventually flowered into a nation with a decorated military tradition, a rich culture, a vibrant economy, and a profound impact on history.

France is easily one of the most underestimated civilizations in the game. This is due partly to the abysmally poor AI handling of the nation, and partly to the strange aversion many Americans and Englishmen have toward the French. But don't shortchange France just because of this, or because its pink. With a trait combination of Industrious and Commercial, France has the potential to be the greatest productive powerhouse of the game. Rarely does one see traits so perfectly geared toward a booming economy and highly competitive industry base.

City Placement
By Ginger_Ale at 2005-04-17 00:00

Disclaimer: This was created for Conquests.

City placement is one of the most important aspects of the game, as well as one of the parts of the game that isn't the same for every game. While military is usually the same for most people, like building up a stack of swordsmen, or waiting for cavalry to take over the world, you have to be able to adapt to the terrain for city placement. It varies from difficulty level, map size, and victory condition!

Hopefully this guide will help you use your cities to your advantage. Enjoy.

I. Placement Patterns

Before we can even discuss the pros and cons of each regular placement pattern, lets go over the following terms.

C = city, x = tile in between cities

Ailing Civilization Strategy
By Drakan at 2005-04-06 00:00
The Ailing Civilization Strategy

It's a strategy devised to catch-up techwise, obtaining numerous techs in a short span of time through trading.

When I'm lagging behind in the tech race at, say, Emperor level or above, I look at the Power Chart and trace a feable civilization with high culture (which probably means it will be ahead of me by several techs). This has been a civ that has typically prioritised research in the earlier game rather than building military units and is currently being overun in an ongoing war by some powerful neighbouring civs.

for the ACS:

I. The ailing civ must be at war with TWO or MORE civilizations.
II. It must have FIVE or less cities left to be annihilated.
III. Your reputation must be flawless enabling you to trade techs for gpt.

Catch the Runaway AI
By zerksees at 2005-02-11 01:00
To read and discuss zerksees' article on catching runaway AI civilizations, complete with game example and screenshots, please visit this thread on the forums.

The Hittites
By Ision at 2004-09-28 00:00
It is said that the noise was deafening, the blaring trumpets - the pounding hoofs of horses pulling the largest chariots known - the dying screams of the vanquished - these were the last sounds heard by the once great empire of Babylon. Their demise was at the hands of a new and vibrant warrior culture known as the Hittites. The inventors of iron and perennial foes of Egypt, the Hittites make their appearance in C3C.

Finally Winning on Deity
By Stutz at 2004-09-28 00:00
I can never feel like I've beaten a game unless I take down the AI on the hardest setting. I worked my way up from chieftain to now winning the majority of the time on monarch and emperor; but the deity level victory eluded me until more recently. After quite a few tries with my favorite civs: the Iroquois, Japanese, and Zulu, I started winning with a more disciplined strategy with the Egyptians (this is in plain vanilla Civ 3). The defeats taught me more than the first victory; but I figured I'd write down these tips for you Civ 3 players out there looking for a deity win. The two main problems about winning on the highest difficulty level is getting quick city expansion early and then trying to overcome falling behind all other civs in the tech race. It really puts you on a very defensive and diplomatic stance. The AI gets enormous advantages and works cumulatively against you, even when it fights amongst itself.

A Guide to Great Wonders and How to Use Them
By TheDarkPhantom at 2004-09-28 00:00
This article is primarily inspired by Ision’s 4 Rules of Wonder Addiction Article, an excellent general guide to newbies on how to escape wonder addiction as a major hindrance to improving your Civ3 gaming ability. Seeing that, as far as I’m aware, no one has actually posted a thread like this, and that, perhaps worryingly, I have the time to write it, I thought a general reference guide to the function, value and strategies of all the great wonders could be useful for the Strategy Articles Forum or War Academy to have, as an expansion on the basic wonders information link on the Civfanatics main pages. I welcome anyone’s comments to the strategies I put forward in this thread (and any typo corrections) and will also update the entries to include other’s views if they make good sense to me and are phrased clearly enough.

Death from Above: C3C Airborne Operations
By scoutsout at 2004-09-28 00:00

The following Advanced Flight tactics are offered as a supplement to the tactics already in one’s personal "playbook". The author does NOT intend to debate the unit’s overall value, hold these tactics out as "best", or substitute paratroopers for other tactics and units. The author concedes that these tactics may not be the best alternative for a given situation.

Having said that, many players enjoy experimenting with various units, including specialty units like the ‘Paratrooper’. This article is directed to that audience, and to anyone who enjoys analyzing tactical problems and possibilities. While this is an open forum, I would sincerely appreciate it if discussion could be limited to these tactics.

On Tactics and Strategy

The Ottomans
By scoutsout at 2004-09-28 00:00
The Industrious and Scientific Ottomans joined Civ III with Play the World, and at first glance appear to be "Persia with a Cavalry UU". Though the Ottomans have the same combination of traits as Persia, playing them well requires a slightly different approach. While strengths of the trait combination still apply, the difference in the timing of the Unique Units has a profound impact.

The Island Start: Fortress or Prison?
By Sneakysnaga at 2004-09-28 00:00
The island start is one of the most frustrating starting positions. You are alone, with noone to trade techs with, so you know you are falling behind. You run out of space very quickly. However, it can also be one of the strongest. But only if you play your cards right. Here's how.

(1) Be realistic. You can't afford to waste time on Wonders, libraries or anything like this. You have one priority: get off the island!

(2) Remember: you island is also your fortress. Be damn sure you leave no space for a wandering AI to pop a settler on. A few temples for culture is worth the investment.

(3) Try and work out where the nearest land is. Best bet is usually towards the centre of the map. But very often, you will be able to work it out from where the shallow water extends further, or you may even catch a glimpse of a rivals borders as their influence extends. Stand on top of mountains and stare out to sea!

Probabilities of Goody Huts (C3C)
By Oystein at 2004-09-28 00:00

I made an excel file to calculate the probabilities of goody huts.

You can check on/off the option that are not possible, and the table will be updated. Or you can look at the picture and calculate yourself. The upper table are for expansionists, and the lower for others.

Condition needed for the different goodies.

-- The tile must not have any type of resource or luxury on it.

-- always available

-- always available

-- Player must not have a settler (active or in production) or any unit with the Settle AI strategy.
-- Player must have less cities than (TotalCities / NumActivePlayers).

Mercenaries (skilled warrior):

-- There must be a unit available to the Barbarians as well as the player and that unit must be able to be built (or have been built) by some player in the game.

The Incans
By Ision at 2004-09-28 00:00
Imagine for a moment that CIV III was a 2-stage horse race. 31 horses all lined up on a huge mega-track with a flat ¼ mile track that leads into a 20-mile rough cross-country track. Some would argue that the horses that broke out early at full speed will lose the marathon - winded and burned out, unable to capitalize on their early lead. These sprinters being better suited to a fast flat-track, but lacking the stamina on those hills. Others would say that as long as they don't stumble too often on that rough cross-country terrain, and pace themselves well- they will translate that slight early lead into victory. So place your bets gentlemen! My money is on horse named Inca!

The Indians
By Ision at 2004-09-28 00:00
Known for their rich religious and cultural achievements, India to this very day lives up to its centuries old fame. Perhaps no other modern day nation is so intimately associated with the personality of a single man, in C3C it is the image of that man that stands as its leader-head. It is that image of peacefulness and deep religious heritage, which the game attempts to capture - and to a great degree, it succeeds.

The Sumerians
By Zardnaar at 2004-09-28 00:00
Between the Tigris and the Euphrates arose the Sumerians. In this ancient land they were the 1st among many to use the Tigris and the Euphrates for agricultural purposes and invented the worlds 1st alphabet.

Your AI Opponent
By Ision at 2004-09-28 00:00
What follows is my attempt to help players in choosing and understanding their AI opponents. In CIV III, THE single most important factor for any AIs overall performance is the value of their start location and the immediate vicinity. That said, given a sufficient number of games there are certain trends that begin to bear themselves out. All things being about equal (start location, river access, resource availability, ect) the AIs will perform differently. There are 2 primary reasons for this; their traits and their Unique Unit – the former being far more important on average. Unlike the human player, AI play is wholly scripted and therefore incapable of making the proper adjustments to changing situations. As such, certain traits lend themselves better to the scripted play of the AI than others, and thus produce the ‘on average’ better performance of some AI civs over others.

Free Tech Tricks
By DaveMcW at 2004-09-28 00:00
It's great to get a tech for free, but why settle for just one average tech? Here are some tricks to get more out of your free techs.

Note that most of these tricks work best on lower difficulty levels, where the AI won't beat you to any of the key techs. Also, none of them work in PTW.

Republic Slingshot (C3C)

This is a simple trick to do in Conquests. Just research in order: Alphabet, Writing, Code of Laws, Philosopy, Republic. If you manage to get Philosophy first, you get Republic as your free tech! Becoming a Republic before 1000BC gives you a huge boost in research and growth for the rest of the game.

Don't trade Alphabet or Writing, to keep the AI away from Philosophy as long as possible.

Expansionist Philosophy Slingshot (C3C)

Fort Cities
By Jon Shafer at 2004-09-28 00:00
There are five types (maybe more ) of Forts (temporary cities) that can be implemented in Civ 3, each with a different purpose: Offensive Forts, Chokepoint Forts, Culture Bomb Forts, Stealing Forts and ZoC Forts. Each has a different purpose and can be very useful against opponents, especially of the human sort.

Chokepoint Forts

These kinds of forts are some of the more obvious ones. They exist in order to prevent access between two points of a continent and can only be crossed when attacked. They are perfect locations for cities, as they are highly defensible and MUST be attacked in order to be passed.

Zone of Control Forts

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