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Spotting Settler Factories
By RFHolloway at 2004-09-20 06:58
This is a short article on settler factories, and how to spot where you can make one.

To make a settler you need 30 shields, and it uses 2 population points. To replace the 2 population points you will need at least 20 surplus food with a granery and 40 surplus food without.

There are 4 basic components to a settler factory

A certain number of “surplus” food.
A spare high production tile. (for additional production on growth)
A certain number of shields per turn at a particular population level
A granary

Only the first 3 are determined by the city’s location, as a granary can be built anywhere.

Surplus food.
A settler factory needs to have either 5 food per turn for a 4 turn settler factory, or 4 food per turn for a 6 turn settler factory. Two of these will be produced by the city square itself, leaving 3 “surplus” for a 4 turn factory and 2 “surplus” for a 6 turn settler factory.

The Basics of Armies
By Theoden at 2004-09-14 16:09

Since I have seen no strategy articles covering armies yet, I've decided to come up with one, hopefully solving some of the misunderstandings about armies. This guide is for Conquests only, so many of these things don't count for vanilla/PTW.

What I am going through are the properties of armies and a few known bugs. Much of these info were gathered from different threads so thanks to those people.

This is mainly a newbie guide so some of it might seem familiar to alot of people. This article doesn't cover how to use the armies effectively -- only the basic properties and the bugs about them.

How to "Pop Rush" in Republic/Democracy
By Theoden at 2004-09-09 00:00

What I have been thinking about is a way to rush improvements and units in governments where gold is usually the way.

We all know the case: it's a democracy/republic and there is a lot of fully corrupted cities far out in the empire. The trouble is that those cities get a lot of population but the population is useless because all it produces will be corrupted. And we can't use them for poprushing... or can we?

I have actually found a way. After we have researched nationalism we get the draft ability. At that time we will be able to draft rifles and a little later infantry. The trick is then to use those cities to draft with. The units produced can then be disbanded for 20-22 shields depending on if it is a rifle or infantry. Poprushing gives 20 shields per citizen lost. That way citizens can be turned into production under rep/demo.


Fascism vs. Communism
By Ision at 2004-06-01 00:00
The below article is based on vast 'generalizations', and is NOT intended to suggest a hard 'fixed' set of parameters. I fully acknowledge at the onset that every player can relate a specific and detailed scenario in which the below assertions do not apply. That said, the intention of this article is to give players a 'general' overview to help make a proper choice between a Fascist and Communist government.

The Persians
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
Industrious and scientific, the Persians are a strong production and research workhorse. Persia, along with Egypt has been a perennial 'newbie' favorite since the inception of CIV III. New players often struggle with proper worker management, tech research, and combat. Persia has the built in traits and Unique Unit that help mask a new players weaknesses in these areas. This masking has often-lead 'newbies' to crown Persia the title of THE best Civ. Experienced players know that there is no 'best' Civ, and yet they often rate Persia among their personal favorites. The reason for this is simple; played correctly Persia can dominate a game from beginning to end in a manner that few others can rival. Few AI Civs present as frightening an Ancient Age neighbor as the Persians, and for good reason!

The Egyptians
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
With Industrious and Religious the Egyptian has a unique set of traits that lend themselves very favorably to a tremendous ease of play. Egypt along with Persia has been a perennial 'newbie' favorite since the inception of CIV III. New players always struggle with proper worker management and happiness issues. Egypt has the built in traits that help mask a new players weaknesses in both areas. This can be a double edge sword however. Newer players that begin with Egypt tend to find all the other CIVs inadequate by comparison. The traits that ease play can also mislead players into the belief that Egypt is "THE" civ to play. Ironically, experienced higher-level players find themselves coming back to Egypt later on, not for ease of play, but because these really are a terrific trait combo that lend themselves to both builder and warmonger alike. If there is one word that best describes the Egyptians it's - flexibility.

The Celts
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
The Roman historian Pliny wrote that after a 7-month siege of Rome itself, Brennus offered not to sack the city of Rome in exchange for 1000 pounds of gold. The Romans accepted these terms, but during the weighing of the gold accused Brennus of cheating with altered weights. It was then that Brennus uttered his famous response, "vae victis". Playing as the Celts in Civ 3 will find you uttering the same words - and more than once!

The Case For Food - Or, How to Become Economically Dominant
By Jon Shafer at 2004-05-28 00:00
This article is about is some of the things I suggest for internal improvement. Basically, how I think city spacing and the economic buildup of a civ (under ideal circumstances) should be approached.

Basically, there are four things I think are pivotal in the maximum economic development of a civ: the Agricultural trait, early Granaries, copious amounts of Workers (early) and tight-city spacing.

Quite simply put, food is power in Civ 3, and as long as you can keep yourself alive, if you have the most food then you are the most powerful. You have the greatest capability to build new cities, you have higher populations in your current cities which allow you greater generation of production and commerce. Those three things are basically what determines who is most powerful: the number of cities, production capability and usable gold per turn (GPT).

Everybody's Unique Unit: The Marine
By scoutsout at 2004-05-28 00:00
People like to discuss units on Civfanatics forums, especially Unique Units. Specialized units are often discussed; Longbowmen, Guerrillas, Paratroopers, and Marines. Starting with a question like "Do you ever build unit X?", newer players join in and learn the mechanics of the game, while more advanced players join the discussion and gain (or share) insight into using units more effectively. Tactics are offered here for using one specialized unit effectively: the Marine.

What is a Marine?

The CivIII Marine appears to be a foot soldier that attacks better than Infantry, and doesn't defend as well. What separates the Marine from all other units (save the Viking Berserk) is his ability to attack from the sea. He is by nature an offensive unit, both in attack/defense statics, and his proper place on the battlefield. His full potential: a shock troop, leading an invasion from the sea.

The Marine is perhaps the most uniquely offensive unit in Civ Warfare.

The Americans
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
"I love thee, I love thee not, I love thee, I love thee not." would be the national anthem of America if the Civs had one. Beloved, despised and sometimes both at the same time - America is one of the most debated Civs in the game. Typically this Civ is disliked by 'newbies' and praised by the higher-level players. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Zachriel's Strategy Guide
By Zachriel at 2004-05-28 00:00
To view Zachriel's strategy guide, available in HTML format, please visit his website. You may also post comments on the forums in this thread.

The Chinese
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
Suppose you decided to go into the Civ editor and create the single most efficient warmongering Civ, how would you go about it? You would probably start by giving your Civ the militaristic trait; cheap military buildings, quicker promotions and more armies are essential. Then you would probably add the industrious trait; higher shields to more quickly produce military units from those cheap building, plus super workers to build the roads that move your units to the battlefield fast. Lastly, you would probably create a UU that is timed to arrive at the perfect moment, is hard-hitting, highly maneuverable and long lasting. Well you might as well close that editor, because that Civ already exist - its name is China.

The Babylonians
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
Scientific and Religious, the Babylonians are the kings of Culture. If you love a full city screen, Babylon will fill it in record time. Play this CIV enough and you will swear that you can almost 'feel' the pressure the neighboring CIVs are under from your relentless culture. The borders of your CIV seem like a growing spider web, ever expanding, and ensnaring rival cities with ease. The power of your culture extends to every aspect of the game - economic, military, and diplomatic.

Study of Inner Workings of Military Advisor
By ProPain at 2004-05-28 00:00


I've always wondered how the military advisor determines army strength and what's the meaning of weak, average and strong armies. After talking about it with Markstar, KingReno and Kemal I decided to do some test to determine the exact workings. So after some pondering how to do it I came up with a cunning plan (thank you Baldrick)

The Plan

My hypothesis has always been that attack and defense values for each units are added to determine 'unit strength' and summed up over all units to determine 'army strength'. Still I'm not certain if a simple adding of stats is just it, so I have to figure that out. My suspicion is that hitpoints are also tied in the equation somewhere. I want to know the intervals that determine if you're army is weak, average or strong as well.

All test are done with C3C 1.15

The Mongols
By Ision at 2004-05-28 00:00
Have you ever wanted see Bismark humbled, Catherine beg for mercy, and even Caesar himself paying tribute gold for fear of his life? Is there a streak of the tyrant in you, a desire to wreak havoc and throttle all those that stand in your way? Is your vision of the perfect empire a vision of, ".a boot stamping on a human face - forever"? If you answered yes there is a solution to your desires - the Mongols. The very name of the CIV itself conjures up images of huge empires, horseback warriors, and feared rulers.


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