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Strategy Compilation
By Archive at 2002-05-02 00:00
A week ago I got CIV III and like most vets from I & II, totally bombed. I'm glad I found this website (! For the last couple of days I've run through the War Academy and Short Tips thread, gleaning any information that might help my empires out of the miserable ruts I've put them in. Anyway I put a file together of absolutely everything I found; its sort of a compilation of all the info the great folks here have put up. Now that I'm done I figure I may as well post it. I don’t take credit for any of the information. Hope it helps someone!

To view the full PDF article, please download the attached file.

Expansionist Chariot Gambit with ICS Topping
By Aeson at 2002-04-16 00:00
An exploit of AI stupidity if ever there was one...

The Settings:

Large landmasses are where this works best. Huge Pangaea maps, especially with Warm/Wet/5 Billion year settings are optimal. Many of the same principles work on smaller maps though. The fewer the AI the less resources will be on the map, which is a good thing. 8AI is my favorite setting on Huge maps.

The Civs:

Obviously Expansionist Civs. The Americans and Iroquois are the two most suited for this style of play. Any of them can do well.

The Attributes:

Play your Civ to its strengths. The Iroquois can upgrade to Mounted Warriors for an earlier rush as well as pop rush Temples at will. The Americans use the Industrial attribute to build the most cities possible. Zulu's build Barracks, Russians build Libraries, and the English don't build anything.

The Plan:

Diplomatic Victory - Deity Level
By Ivana at 2002-03-31 01:00
Here's a short story how I managed to win the Deity level via diplomacy, I hope this helps you too to finally get a good night sleep This was my first standard map size game on Deity difficulty and I won it - I'm a little bit disappointed that the game isn't harder. But I can sleep again! Okay, let's go:


Size: Standard
Barbarians: Sedentary
Land mass: Archipelago with the smallest islands
Civilization: Persians
Rivals: Random (7)
Rules: Default (all)
Difficulty: Deity

1. Founded Persepolis 3950 BC. I had a goal of at least conquering my island and just try to survive as long as possible - to see how hard deity level is and how fast they would develop/spread/kill. Made two warriors, another worker and barracks. Developed Iron working and started making Immortals. I founded no other cities during the entire game.

Maximizing Your Score
By SirPleb at 2002-03-19 01:00

Score calculation

The scoring works by averaging your per-turn scores throughout the game. For each turn a (hidden) per-turn score is calculated as:

(Territory + HappyCitizens*2 + ContentCitizens + Specialists) * Difficulty

The total of all your per-turn scores is divided by the number of turns played so far to get your actual game score. I.e. your actual score is the average of your per-turn scores.

"Territory" is the number of tiles which are within your sphere of influence.
"Difficulty" is 1 for Chieftain, 2 for Warlord, 3 for Regent, 4 for Monarch, 5 for Emperor, 6 for Deity.

Early win Score Bonus

If you win before 2050AD, you get a bonus which is added to your regular score. The bonus is calculated as:

(2050 - FinishYear) * Difficulty

If you finish before 10AD, use the year as a negative number in the calculation.

Using Explorers Revealed
By gzollinger at 2002-03-12 01:00
I recently started using explorers and I wanted to share my pleasant experiences. Most of the treads I have read on the explorer are along the lines of "they suck, they come much to late to explore anything". It is true, by the time you get explorers, there usually isn't much map left to explore. The key to using them is not to think of them as an explorer, but to think of them as a special operations unit.


Explorers get 2 moves, and treat all squares like they have roads. Unlike the scout who's moves are treated like there are no roads, the explorer can run across your neighbors territory in a couple turns.

They aren't considered a thret by the civs you are at peace with, so they can move freely through their territory. Rarely, if ever will they get forced to leave.

Four Basic Starting Strategies
By BillChin at 2002-01-31 01:00

A lot of strategies are for certain map sizes or difficulty levels. Here are three basic starting strategies for playing the game on standard size maps on Regent, Monarch or Emperor difficulty. Each can be modified to fit your own playing style, and each is a decent plan. They are not strong enough for Deity on a standard map but may be adaptable for Deity on a large or huge map.

For almost all game starts I like to build the first two cities very close to the capital. This makes early defense easy, provides an early production boost, makes it easy to connect these core cities to share luxuries. The downside is that these suburbs can not grow to huge size latter in the game, but a dense build is almost as productive as pop rushing (hurrying production using the whip) without as many long term negatives.

Civilization III FAQ/Strategy Guide v3.0
By Fox at 2002-01-30 01:00
By Dennis L. "Fox" Doucette (
Version 3.0
January 30, 2002
|================================================= ===========================|
|This FAQ is Copyright 2001-2002 by Dennis L. Doucette. It is licensed free |
|of any and all charges exclusively to GameFAQs ( |
|If you find this FAQ on any other sites, be advised that they are in |
|violation of this Notice and are subject to civil and criminal action as per|
|U.S. and International Copyright Laws. Again, this FAQ is authorized to |
|G A m E F A q S Ga Me FAQ s Game FAQ s (these are here for authenticity |
|to prevent pirate sites from using a find and replace). Don't email me |
|asking if you can post this FAQ on your site; the answer's no. Any time I |

Rogue State Strategy
By SanPellegrino at 2002-01-24 01:00
Most games I've played on Monarch, 8 civs, large map with unmodified rules.

Maybe you know that situation: When it comes to midgame, I found myself nearly always in front but with 2 or 3 major rivals that were too far away to deal with. The early wars are over, Democracy is now en vogue, and the AI begins to discover new techs every few turns, war isn't likely to occure. If you follow the normal path of tech-buying/selling, all you can hope for is a very close win in a world with megatons of pollution, because most civs get competitive.

So I like to pick a civ as "rogue state" (sometimes they pick me ) and goad the whole world in war against them.
I stay in republic, when everybody switches to democracy, beeline for suffrage and police stations and go to war with a big aggressive civ (which is easy to achieve, they always want something for tribute) on another continent.

Civilizations from Easiest to Hardest
By Arathorn at 2002-01-22 13:53

Please note: A lot of this discussion, especially the initial list here, were written before the 1.17 patch. With the ability to upgrade to UUs and the dice roll for fast unit retreat, it probably needs re-evaluation. Please keep this in mind as you read. (Edit: 2/19/2002 by Arathorn)

What civs are easiest/hardest to play? As far as I can determine, the key factors are civ-specific traits and Unique Units (UU). The manual claims that diplomacy is easier with culturally linked neighbors, but I'm not sure how large a role, if any, that plays, so I am ignoring it.

All of the following are based purely on my opinion. I've not played all the civs. I'm also assuming a high difficulty level (deity or maybe emperor). I'd be interested in hearing others' views.

Tips on Managing Choke Points
By carlcmc at 2002-01-20 01:00
At the beginning of the game, staking out as large a territory as possible is desirable to many people. If you manage to start with a scout and find land bridge of one to two squares between certain areas CLAIM it!.

Very early in the game you can fortify your warrior or scout at this location and nothing can pass through. This effectively denies any civ from getting through to find building sites, other civs to communicate with and villages to plunder. You then become the gate keeper of whether to allow the civ communication with the other one or not.

a one land square bridge is a no brainer to block...


where L is land and x is water and b is the one square. Simply fortify your unit there and when you get a settler put it at that location. ANOTHER BENEFIT to this is that you now have essentially a canal through the continent, saving on distance when the game turns to naval operations.

DID: The Perfect Plan to Master Civilization
By Brianung at 2002-01-20 01:00
Deity is the level I play, so all that I say is true at least there. I use the patched version of the game.

As I have told to people how to play to win, they have told me to enjoy the game. I don't understand. I enjoy the game. To me, enjoying means: Try to win using every possible in-game method. So I try to win. If you are not interested to hear the perfect plan to master civ, there's no point reading further.

Think it like this: Anyone can drive a car in a summer's sunshine on a highway. But only true pro's can drive F1 or indy-car. And they drive it fast. I play civ's the same way. To beat them all.

This game has several bad flaws.

1. The ships are too slow compared to walking units. There's no point to use ships to move troops on the same continent. Historically, a failure.
2. There's no group move. Why has every individual unit to be moved individually? Why do I have to give GoTo orders to every unit? [Editor Note: v1.17f patch added stack movement]

How to Win: A Short Guide
By Ari at 2002-01-17 01:00

Some Simple Rules

There are few simple rules to obey to really enjoy the game. I think.

Other Uses for Workers
By Shaitan at 2002-01-06 01:00
I've figured out some very interesting ways to manage population with workers. I'm starting this thread because I hope some others have equally interesting things to do with our industrious helpers that I haven't thought of yet.

Essentially what I do is build a worker any time a city is at it's maximum population (6 before aqueduct if not on a river or lake, 12 before hospitals) and the city growth time is close to the worker build time. I end up with a lot of workers and very quickly developed territory.

Now, the reason to do this is to avoid wasting your city's' population growth. You 'store' the population growth in workers. The very nice side benefit is an incredibly well developed nation.

When you are finally able to build an aqueduct you have pop units ready to be stuck in there to instantly bring it up to a 12 pop. Instant and huge increase in production, revenue and research!

We love the King Day Defeats Corruption
By hghughes at 2001-12-31 01:00
As your empire grows .more of your acquired cities become so called failed states, i.e. obscene corruption kills all but about 1 shield and 1 commerce. The way to stop this is the we love the king day.

To have this do the following:

* Lots of luxuries with marketplace. 6 + is good
* Cathedrals & temples + Coliseums for the larger cities
* Free growth IE you need to have static growth or steady growth but not limited growth due to being at pop 6 without aqueduct or pop 12 without hospital.
* Short decisive Wars with democracy/republic.
* At least pop 6

When all of this occurs 2nd and successive turns of We love the King day lowers corruption. A failed state can be turned into a 'core' city after several turns increasing commerce which will enable you to recover other failed states.

Expansion Tip: Outside In
By ButSam at 2001-12-29 01:00
Expansion is the key at the beginning of the game, and that affects the rest of the game VERY much.

I have tested this tip a few times...all on Regent level, and on Standard or smaller maps, Continents and Pangaea with 70% and 60% water...I assume it would also work on 80% water, since that just lessens the land--a good thing for this tip. For archipelagos, modify it to build around the ocean on your island first, but the same idea holds.

Alright, here is my small stroke of genius that seems to give me a MUCH better (10+ cities on a Standard Continent 70% Water map with 10 civilizations is about the average number I was able to get BEFORE fighting/taking over a single city!) start in the game.

Faster Expansion: A Key Element of the Early Game
By Excilus at 2001-12-07 01:00
All or most of you are civ2 veterans, and you are all scratching your heads as to how the AI expands so quickly. Even on regent, with even odds, the AI manages to get culture buildings, spearmen to go along with their settlers, wonders, and out expands you!

Even when you try, for instance, to produce a settler as soon as you get the chance, in all your cities, you are beaten. What's the problem?

The sad fact is that you've all been doing it the wrong way. In order to build a settler you need 3 pop points. It takes 20 food to go from 1->2, and 40 food to go from 2->3, or 3->4, or 4->5, or 5->6. This means you grow *faster* with more population, as long as you have the terrain to suit it. Often, the build order for most of your towns, and especially your capital, is warrior, settler, settler... when you are trying for fast expansion. This should not be done.

The Art of War Q&A
By ironfang at 2001-11-27 01:00

I have been studying this since the day that I purchased this game, and I feel that I have developed some pretty interesting theories on warfare. Of course, this pertains primarily to the Americans on a Huge Pangaea world.

War has many useful purposes in CIV3. The secret is knowing when to declare war, how to conduct war, and when to stop fighting and sue for peace. I know in CIV2 that war was conducted 9 out of 10 times until on civilization was in smoldering ruins. Its not quite the same with CIV3 (with the above criteria).

I'm afraid of war... what do I do?
Build up your military. Kissing butt doesn't work for long, and your bound to encounter militaristic nations who love easy prey. The AI respects numbers, and hates frivolousness. The AI will definitely attack you if your military is low on numbers (aka. weak).

Massive Despot Rush Strategy
By Ferd at 2001-11-23 01:00
Many people have found rushing as a despot to be particularly effective. I've seen posts here that mention it and go into a little bit of detail, but haven't seen a thread on it specifically. I'd like to lay out some of the techniques I've found, both from my own experience and from others, and request input from forum members.

Be aware that rush building as a despot may be an overpowered technique, and upset the game balance in your favor. It clearly isn't an exploit, since it was deliberately put into the game, and purposely scaled the way it is. However, it's maximizing production from it that makes it overpowered.

Culture Rush Strategy
By Clutch-3 at 2001-11-23 01:00
Hey all, I wanted to share with you a strat I just am working out and see what you all think and if there are any suggestions about improving it. I tried this for the first time in a recent game, on Regent level, all the settings randomized, with 11 AI opponents on a large map. I randomly was given the Russians (expansionistic, scientific).

Crippling the AI's Research Capability
By Wislem at 2001-11-14 01:00
Has anyone else made the discovery that my friend has made? The internal value that the AI has assigned to technology with respect to trade is so high that you can cripple that Civ's economy by asking for crazy amounts of gold per turn.

The game plays out like this:

1. Build lots of cities, just grab as much land as you can while keeping your military entirely defensive
2. Try to meet every civ you can and trade of tech that you don't have. When you encounter a civ that wants a tech you have and they have no tech to offer ask for as much gold per turn as you can.

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