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Crippling the AI's Research Capability
By Wislem at 2001-11-14 01:00
Has anyone else made the discovery that my friend has made? The internal value that the AI has assigned to technology with respect to trade is so high that you can cripple that Civ's economy by asking for crazy amounts of gold per turn.

The game plays out like this:

1. Build lots of cities, just grab as much land as you can while keeping your military entirely defensive
2. Try to meet every civ you can and trade of tech that you don't have. When you encounter a civ that wants a tech you have and they have no tech to offer ask for as much gold per turn as you can.

Invading AI Continent in Modern Age
By Out4Blood at 2001-11-13 01:00
Fighting a war on another continent can be a difficult experience. Here's a tip for making D-Day a little less tramatic by taking advantage of the AI's inability to wage war.

Once the AI has built railroads, he will respond to your invasion force IMMEDIATELY with almost every mobile unit in his entire arsenal. By fortifying your high defense infantry on a mountain with a railroad connection, you can pretty much wipe out his entire army in one turn. Make sure you are already at war with the AI, so he will attack your units on sight.

1. Split your forces in to 2 groups: Have a large invasion force ready - generally two full transports are necessary to be successful in modern ages. Also have a vanguard landing force - which is just infantry.

Punishment Strategy
By von Brumi at 2001-11-13 01:00
As opposed to the previous Civs, you cannot or should not aim at occupying all cities on the planet; corruption and reconstructing the infrastructure makes it unworthy. However, as the winner is always relative to the other participants, dispatching smaller "punishment expeditions" do work if you are about to maim, hinder and set back an opposing civilization. This includes:

* Destroying their roads to resources
* Burning down their city improvements
* Killing population
* Stopping their shipping to prevent expansion.

All the above can be done by a generally isolationist state, by sending out contingents of 2-3 ships, one transporting artillery pieces and defenders (Artillery and Infantry is the best choice) and the rest escorting the transport.

Strategy for Emperor and Deity Levels
By Out4Blood at 2001-11-12 01:00
Having tried the peace and prosperity route (with limited success), I have gone the other route and tried the domination strategy. This is much more successful. You will never keep up in science or expansion of the AI at the harder levels (Emperor and Deity). The only path I could see was to exploit superior tactical and strategic thinking through use of early military. By capturing the AI cities, I am able to keep up with and exceed the AI in the number of cities. This tends to even out the production bonus.

1. My goal was to take over the first 1 or 2 civs I encountered and exploit the AIs superior production bonus in my favor.

2. To do this, I chose a

1. Militaristic civ - cheaper barracks means veteran units in early days. Increased chance of getting heroes means advantages in building key wonders
2. Expansionist civ - early scouts means I find resources and barbarian huts first. Bonus for booty in huts means I get a leg up on early expansion.

Zero Percent Science
By Neo Guderian at 2001-11-07 01:00
Hail to all my Civ Brothers!

I have been playing since Saturday Nov 3rd and found to begin with that civ3 was a letdown in many areas. However, I felt the same way about CTP the first few times I played but later learned to love the game. I'll be patient with civ3.

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