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PolyCast Episode 306: “Up To Interpretation”

By | April 29, 2018

Over to you. The three hundred-and-sixth episode of [url=]PolyCast[/url], “[url=]Up To Interpretation[/url]”, features regular co-hosts [url=]Daniel “DanQ” Quick[/url], [url=]Stephanie “Makahlua”[/url], [url=]Philip “TheMeInTeam” Bellew[/url] and [url=]Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade[/url] with returning guest [url=]Michael “UberMarklar” Bryant[/url]. It carries a runtime of 59m59s. The summary of topics is as follows: – [i]02m34s[/i] | [b]News[/b] The “Spring 2018 Developer Update” for [i]Civilization: Rise… Read More »

Civ IV Hall of Fame Updated

By | April 26, 2018

The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated – 21 games were accepted since the previous update. Congratulations to [b]@Anysense[/b] for the highest Firaxis score of the update with a Standard, Normal, Deity, Space Colony game for 440,691 points. [b]@Sun Tzu Wu[/b] was the most active player during this update, submitting 5 games. Only 5 players were… Read More »

ModCast Episode 76: “Fall Into Place”

By | April 22, 2018

All coming together. The seventy-sixth episode, and tenth season premiere, of [url=]ModCast[/url] entitled “[url=]Fall Into Place[/url]”, is now netcasting. Lead co-host [url=]Rob “Rob (R8XFT)” Riley[/url] is joined by fellow regluar co-hosts [url=]John “Neirai” den Otter[/url] and [url=]Lee “LeeS” Shipp[/url] in this 40m32s outing. The summary of topics is as follows: – [i]06m15s[/i] | [b]Modder’s Spotlight[/b] The three regular… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 306 Topics List

By | April 19, 2018

[b]News[/b] – [i]Civilization VI: Rise and Fall[/i] “Spring 2018 Developer Update” ([url][/url]) [b]Forum Talk[/b] – Unfair Trading: What Is This Madness? [url][/url] – AI Double Attacks [([i]CivVI: R&F[/i])] [url][/url] – Missed Opportunity: Inflicting Negative Era Score [url][/url] – What Is The Most Versatile Civilization? [url][/url] [b]Research Lab[/b] – How “Regions” Could Add a Lot to the [i]Civ[/i] Franchise… Read More »

Civilization Players League Podcast #26 A New Beginning

By | April 18, 2018

This past Friday, April 13th at 9 PM EST was the 26th CivPlayers League Podcast. Here’s what we talked about in the past  week! Co-Hosts TheMysteriousX and KingLewie, and guest Co-Host Hannah bring you this weeks topics. • This week TheMysteriousX leads the Podcast into our new format, still with KingLewie holding down the fort. • The ADCP… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 305: “Civ Fanatics Are People Too”

By | April 15, 2018

Don’t you know it. The three hundred-and-fifth episode of [url=]PolyCast[/url], “[url=]Civ Fanatics Are People Too[/url]”, features regular co-hosts [url=]Stephanie “Makahlua”[/url], [url=]Philip “TheMeInTeam” Bellew[/url] and [url=]Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade[/url] with returning guest [url=]Steve “WarningU2” Warner[/url] and first-time guest [url=]”Uberfrog”[/url]. It carries a runtime of 59m59s. The summary of topics is as follows: – [i]03m52s[/i] | [b]Forum Talk[/b] Would giving [i]Civilization… Read More »

Fusion Power is NOW!

By | April 11, 2018

* * * Sinder Roze awoke to the beeping on her nightstand. Sitting up in bed, saw it was 5:36a.m. Putting the headset on, she slapped the earpiece to activate. “This better be good.” “Pwned, Datajack.” Katt’s voice began, “You wanted to know immediately – Tinker Junction reports the radiometric telltales. The Gaians have initiated the Ascent To… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 304: “Not Just a Lame Clip Show XXIII”

By | April 8, 2018

Spring has sprung. The three-hundred-and-fourth episode of [i]Civilization[/i] strategy podcast PolyCast, “[url=]Not Just a Lame Clip Show XXIII[/url]”, features regular co-hosts [url=]Daniel “DanQ” Quick[/url], [url=]”Makahlua”[/url], [url=]Philip “TheMeInTeam” Bellew[/url] and [url=]Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade[/url] with five guest co-hosts in the twenty-third compilation of segments archived from previous episode recordings and not released previously. With a 59m59s runtime, the summary of… Read More »