Civilization Players Leagues Update

By | August 5, 2018

It is turning out to be a very busy summer in the multiplayer community.  Here is the what is going on at CivPlayers!

We are now at Version 5 of the Better Balance Game Mod, Yo can view the update log here in our discord or on the Steam page

Our very successful Duel league, the Association of CivPlayers Duel Players(ADCP) which is formatted like Pro Tennis leagues, is about to start 3 new tournaments starting August 13th.  The new player friendly Los Cabos 250 Series tournament, the mid range Halle 500 Series tournament, and the Masters Rome 1000 Series tournament.  All can be signed up in our ADCP discord channel here

We also have a new CPL Single Player Challenge for August; Korea Science Deity Challenge, sign up here for a taste of MP settings in a Single player game!

And we are also very busy in planning for the 4th Clan Championship Cup that will run 28-30 Sept, 3 days of non-stop matches for the best MP players we have to offer.  We have 6 Clans that you can come and sign up with(or if you have a Clan/Guild come sign them up) or just watch the games on our Youtube

Or live on our Twitch

Of course everyone is welcome to just come and visit and play a game, we have games 24/7