Civilization Players Leagues Update!

By | October 5, 2018

OK everyone is back at work and school, and the Fall has been a busy time in multiplayer. And we at CivPlayers have a couple updates between playing many many MP games!

We have Version 7 of the Better Balance Game Mod released Oct 2, 18  you can download or just have a read of the latest changes to this great mod here.

Or discuss the mod in our discord channel,

We also have the Oct CPL Challenge Save up, this month it is a Scotland Science Victory challenge!

And best of all the Clan Championship Cup, with 6 top Clans competing in 3 days of exciting matches is 26-28 Oct, you can come to our Discord and chat and watch all the streamed games on our Youtube live

Or on our Twitch

And of course we invite anyone interested in playing the best multiplayer games to come visit Civplayers Discord and see what the excitement is all about

One thought on “Civilization Players Leagues Update!

  1. LarryNDicson

    Wonderful game. I play it even at university when the Internet works well. The game sometimes delays so much that you don’t notice how 6 hours have passed. I often play until late at night and do not have time to do homework to the university. I found a homework help online service and now I do not worry that I will not have time to do homework in the university. I hope this update will not affect the performance of the game.

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