Civilization Players Leagues Update: The Storm rages on!

By | May 30, 2019

Much has happened in the Multiplayer world since we were glad to welcome Civ6 Gathering Storm. The new expansion and update has reinvigorated old and new MP players alike, and the community is growing, we now have over 2300 players on our busy discord server.

To start with we have recently celebrated the 10,000th game played at Civplayers since Civ6 was released! That is a lot of hours spent behind a computer for all our dedicated players!

As well as all the new players we have two new clans coming on board the CivPlayers family, Generic [GEN] and The First Men [TFM]https:// both are Novice oriented Clans, helping new players acclimatize to the competitive multiplayer scene. Welcome aboard!

We also have the next Clan Championship Cup coming up, which is poised to carry on the outstanding legacy of previous CCC’s and present the best high skill Civ6 games. It is on the weekend of 28-30 June, though qualifier games have already started. Come out and check out the games then, they will all be streamed, and will certainly be as fun to watch as they are to play

And for the single player crowd that may want a taste of what MP is like, we offer the CPL Challenge, it’s much like the CFC GOTM but uses settings typical to MP. The vote for the upcoming June edition looks to be a Mali Science victory challenge!

And we are constantly improving our league mods, Better Balance Start, Better Balance Game, and Dynamic turn timer, the first two are totally able to be used in single player as well as MP and create a very balanced and fun experience

And as always everyone is invited to come check out all the great games played 24/7 at CivPlayers