PCGamesN Investigates Civilization VI Modding

By | February 26, 2020

With the provoking title “Civilization VI modders are losing interest over its uncertain future”, PCGamesN’s Robert Zak reports on the state of modding for Civilization VI, with considerable contributions by CivFanatics forum participants and modders. The article examines the good and the bad of the current modding situation from great graphics capabilities to frustration at not knowing if the DLL source code will ever be released. Some discussion for the article occurred in this forum thread.

2 thoughts on “PCGamesN Investigates Civilization VI Modding

  1. Daniel Cole

    I think there are errors in this just to let you know. You mean PC Gamer right? I don’t think PCGamesN is a thing. I also assume you mean DLC source code?

  2. Luis

    Nope, PCGamesN is a thing – click on the link. And no, they really mean the source code to the DLLs that power the game technically

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