The CivFanatics review Humankind, review #3

By | August 16, 2021

Now you can read the 3rd CivFanatics review of Humankind. We had asked multiple people of the community to review the game. One of them is kcd_swede, who has been making maps for our Game-of-the-Month competitions for Civ, so he knows the Civ series well.

An excerpt: “I learned why putting an outpost next to Yellowstone natural wonder did not get me Yellowstone in my territory… those dotted lines on the map indicate territories, and you put an outpost inside the same dotted lines as the thing you want, and you then lay claim to it. I was on the wrong side of the line, and when my neighbor claimed the correct territory, I was left with a really terrible city. I should have moved the outpost before making it a city, but too much Civ thinking meant I didn’t know or even consider the possibility.

Basically a lot of fun learning that even though the goals are very familiar to an old civ player, the ways to acheive them (both the mechanics and the most effective strategies) leave a lot for me to discover and learn. Honestly, its what I had hoped CivV would have been like. I can easily get hooked on Humankind for sure, even if it doesn’t call itself civ. Its almost like someone listened to the wants/complaints from the Civ community.”

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