Civilization’s 30th birthday: The winning poems #1

By | October 20, 2021

We picked recently our winners of the birthday contest for Civilization, who all received a copy of Old World sponsored by Mohawk Games, as well as a merchandise package. We now want to use this place to highlight these poems.

The first poem has been submitted by our user topsecret. It definitely captures the Civ atmosphere.

“One day, I discovered a game.
Civilization was its name.
I logged on, and soon I would learn,
All I could say was “one more turn.”

I settled a city, a capital place,
I researched techs with remarkable pace.
Buildings in cities and units on hills,
Great People, Government, Culture, all thrills!

But then I found my neighbor.
He was this Montezuma guy.
Warring was his labor.
His real name was AI.

We fought a long war,
And as I was seated,
Through my cities he tore,
And I read…


Just… One… More… Turn.”

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