IGN: Civilization’s Past and Future, As Told By Its Lead Designers

By | January 30, 2022

IGN has just published an interview with some of the most important people in Civ history: Soren Johnson, Jon Shafer, Ed Beach and Anton Strenger, who each gave a bit of new direction for Civ.
They talk in the interview about how they started with Civ, their most-liked additions to Civ, and how they see Civ in the whole PC-game universe.

An excerpt:
Shafer: “Civ is the history strategy game. There are certainly other games that could claim that. But given that Civ is 30 years old, and for many players it’s the first historical strategy game they’ve ever played, and many never get deeper than that… I think the turn-based format makes it very approachable. Almost everybody has played chess, so it’s very easy to wrap your head around. And then it grows in complexity. And I think that’s a very unique selling point compared to other strategy games. You start from a very simple situation. It’s very easy to jump into.”

Read the whole interview here:

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