– Interview with Christoper Tin – The Tapestry of Sound

By | March 3, 2022

Plough, an independent book publisher with Christian background, has publised an interview with Christopher Tin in their quarterly culture-focused magazine.
In the interview they talk about the inspiration for Christopher’s music, the historical references used in his songs, and the various themes in his songs.

An excerpt:
“My first album, Calling All Dawns, contains twelve songs in twelve different languages. It is all about life, death, and rebirth. The source texts pull on everything from ancient myths, to prayers, to some original texts. The album weaves all these together to create a story, a monomyth as Joseph Campbell would call it. It’s a monomyth about how we are all connected by a common human experience that sort of winds through each of our lives like a thread. Taken together, all of our experiences around the world form this elaborate tapestry of humanity.”

You can read the full interview here:

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