Celebrate the Colors of Humankind with the Holi Event

By | March 17, 2022

There’s a new announcement at the games2gether forum about the upcoming Holi event, based on an Indian religious day. It’s basically a follow-up of last year’s Dia de los Muertos. It is again a timed-event, from March 17 until April 11. The challenges for this period are the following:

  • Shrewd General: Force an Expansionist Empire that has Vassals to Surrender 
  • Famous Accumulate 40 000 Fame over several games.
  • Smite the Wicked: Earn a level 3 Hero badge while playing as the Mughals.

For more in-depth information, please check the games2gether website: https://www.games2gether.com/amplitude-studios/humankind/blogs/805-celebrate-the-colors-of-humankind-with-the-holi-event

Discuss this event in our forum here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/celebrate-the-colors-of-humankind-with-the-holi-event.675919/