TurnBasedLovers: May 2022 Top RPGs Strategy Games Releases – Including Old World

By | May 2, 2022

TurnBasedLovers have released a new video (see above) with the most interesting turn-based releases for May. In their list they also have Old World, the latest game of Soren Johnson, which already has been released, but will come to GOG and Steam on May 19.

Other interesting games in this month’s selection are Magna Graecia, a turn-based city builder, and Songs Of Conquest, which is similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Other releases this month are more RPG-focused, but worth having a look at the video.

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The article for this video can be found at TurnBasedLovers: https://turnbasedlovers.com/lists/may-2022-rpgs-strategy-games-releases/