Civ 4 Hall Of Fame: Welcome to the Indian Summer – Challenge 23

By | June 8, 2022

Compete with other civ-fanatics in our Civ4 “Hall Of Fame”! The HoF is a competition, where you send in your own games (specific rules apply), to see who ranks best for this setting! For the Indian Summer challenge, we want 10 games as India from you!

You need to install the HoF mod, and read the rules before

As shown in the challenge thread here, one challenge must be a cultural win with India on a normal size Oasis map on Warlord level. Another savegame we want from you is a game with India on a huge Pangaea map on epic speed with a conquest victory on Emperor level.

Check out the overview, and see for how many of the games you want to compete. Are you ready to ascent to the everlasting hall of magnificent Civ4 players! Then join this challenge!