ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs – The winners of the competition

By | August 29, 2022

10 days ago we started a little competition to give away three keys for ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs. This game is a turn-based monster manager, where you up try to bring your two Slorfs through a crazy world while building up your deck and managing your base. The creator turned out to be a lurker here at CivFanatics, and wanted to see if our community is excited about the game. Therefore he gifted us keys to share them with you, so we had this little competition:

We asked what would be the best monster or Slorf to include in Civ, instead of having the GDR. We got a few very creative entries, and decided to award three keys to our members armcie, Buktu and Gori The Grey, for their great combination of Slorfs with Civ. For his long and well crafted entry we also awarded an additional key to Aiken_Drumn.

The best entry was provided by Gori The Grey, and reads the following:

So Grimp Monstrosity. You get my reasoning in a limerick:

Though it draws in the apex of techs,
Take a sec to examine its specs.
You’ll find (if compliant)
That self-proclaimed “Giant”
Confined to but one single hex.

For any discussions about the game, or for the winning entries, please check the related thread.