Early access: Terra Invicta, a 4X where you have to resist an alien invasion

By | September 27, 2022

Since Yesterday “Terra Invicta” is in early access.
This is another 4X game published by Hooded Horse, who also published Old World.
While still a 4X game, Terra Invicta is not turn-based, but a real time strategy game, so more similar to the Paradox Titles like Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings.
The setting is completely different though: In Terra Invicta earth is getting invaded by aliens, and you are leading one of the factions to deal with them: Fight them? Befriend them? Flee Earth? It will be your choice!

You can get Terra Invicta (in early access) right now with a 10% discount, for 35.99€.

Some streamers which are also known for their Civ streams have played/reviewed Terra Invicta already:

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