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Will Civ7 be announced on June 7?

By | May 17, 2024

Our moderator EaglePursuit has closely checked the quarterly report of Take-Two games, and has noticed an interesting detail, which has been further supplemented by social media: On June 7 Take-Two will announce another title from the Take-Two core titles, which belongs to one of its most beloved franchises. While this could mean Civ7, the fan base of the… Read More »

Old World update #123

By | May 16, 2024

Mohawk Games, the developers of Old World, have released the latest update for their game. With this update you are allowed to buy water tiles next to land tiles, adjacency restrictions for improvements were removed, and AI improvements were added. Discuss this update with us here (and read the full list of changes too). Old World is currently… Read More »

Play the new Civ5 “Game Of The Month” #245

By | May 15, 2024

For this month’s Civ5 GOTM we sent you into the Barbarian wastelands: You are playing Bismarck of Germany on a large Fractal map with raging barbarians on Emperor level. You need to exterminate the brutes and everything else, since you need to win via a domination victory. You have until June 15 to subjugate this world! For more… Read More »

Civ6 Challenge of the Month May: Reach For The Heavens

By | May 14, 2024

Firaxis has published the next “Challenge Of The Month” for Civ6, this time designed by PotatoMcWhiskey himself!This time you lead the Khmer on a standard size wetlands map on either Prince or Emperor. You need to win it via a culture victory, and have time until June 18 to do this. Check out the challenge here, and discuss… Read More »

EpicStore: Five reasons why Civilization 6 is so enduringly popular

By | May 13, 2024

This article at the EpicGames Store is nearly 1 month old, but only popped up now on social media: “Five reasons why Civilization 6 is so enduringly popular”While we are pretty sure that the CFC crowd can think of more than only 5 reasons, the article distills down some of the most important aspects, as you can see… Read More »

Sullla’s AI Survivor Season Eight

By | May 12, 2024

The incredibly popular CIV IV AI Survivor Season Eight Will Begin on 31 May 2024 at 1200 EST What is AI survivor? It’s a CIV IV watching party on Twitch where we witness various AIs from one of the most enduring CIV titles duke it out on a Pangea map, max difficulty, no tech trading, no vassals, and Aggressive… Read More »

PolyCast 432: The Relation is Tangential

By | May 10, 2024

The four-hundred-and-thirty-second episode of PolyCast, “The Relation is Tangential“ is now available for streaming on the PolyCast YouTube Channel. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, and Phil “TheMeInTeam”. Topics for this episode include: Misc– 00h02m04s | Feedback from Episode 428News– 00h13m17s | March Challenge of the Month: The Ides of March and April Challenge of the… Read More »

Millennia – Update 2

By | May 7, 2024

The second of the scheduled updates for Millennia has been released. In this update the devs bring us new options for hot seat multiplayer, new indicators for unrest, a better overview over some unit stats, made the remapping of keys possible, expanded the nation builder functionality, and a bunch of other things as well. For the full overview… Read More »