Sullla’s AI Survivor Season Eight – Game 3

By | June 16, 2024

AI Survivor is an annual competition of all Civilization IV AI Leaders by long-time Civilization enthusiast and streamer Sullla.

In the Game 2 matchup, Justinian of Byzantium returned with a real statement victory by Dominating the field. Justinian again showed why he is such a strong AI leader. Gilgamesh of Sumeria finished second. Cathy of Russia was shown mercy as the only remaining survivor with one tiny ice city.

Game 3 returns after a week off. The week’s contest features three Financial trait heavies: Huayna Capac of Inca, Hannibal of Carthage, and Willem of the Dutch. Huayna Capac is one of the strongest leaders in AI Survivor and is generally considered the best among players. Also of note, we have the ever-aggressive Shaka of the Zulu and the hyper-defensive Sitting Bull of the Native Americans. Will Capac focus too much on Great Wonders?! Will Shaka finally get over the hump and bring WAAAH! like a champ?!! Don’t forget to make your prediction in the picking context.

Sullla’s AI Survivor Season 8 continues Friday, June 21st on Sullla’s Twitch Channel at noon EST.

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