Sullla’s AI Survivor Season Eight – Game 4

By | June 23, 2024

AI Survivor is an annual competition of all Civilization IV AI Leaders by long-time Civilization enthusiast and streamer Sullla.

The Game 3 outcome this past Friday had to be one of the most shocking in Survivor history. Sitting Bull of the Native Americans won a cultural victory while Frederick of Germany placed a strong second. Historically, Sitting Bull and Frederick are two of the most inert leaders in AI Survivor, performing poorly regularly. The Alternate Histories should prove interesting for this matchup. Meanwhile, arguably the strongest leader in Huayna Capac of the Incans was eliminated from the competition. Everyone’s favorite warmonger Shaka will not move on as peaceful Freddie turned the tables and erased him from the map. Willem of the Netherlands did survive, but once again avoided Rifling tech until far too late.

Game 4 will feature another top-tier leader in Mansa Musa of Mali. Mansa has had tremendous success in the past, relying on his unmatched science and economic prowess. Mansa is always a threat regardless of land. We have a newly seeded leader in Alexander the Great of Greece. His traits don’t lend themselves well to Survivor, but he boosted his profile with success in recent seasons. Zara Yacob of Ethiopia and Saladin of Arabia are always contenders. Game 4 could prove the most well-rounded field yet this season. Don’t forget to make your prediction in the picking context.

Sullla’s AI Survivor Season 8 continues Friday, June 28th on Sullla’s Twitch Channel at noon EST.

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