Sullla’s AI Survivor Season Eight – Game 5

By | July 8, 2024

AI Survivor is an annual competition of all Civilization IV AI Leaders by long-time Civilization enthusiast and streamer Sullla.

Game 4 from a week ago ended up with heavily favored Mansa of Mali winning a peaceful cultural victory, while the rest of the world battled it out. Interestingly, Saladin of Arabia had a powerful early advantage in this game. Score leader Saladin was in the process of taking out Washington of America when Qin of China launched a mother-of-a-backstab against Saladin, consequently wiping out the Arabians.

Game 5 will feature a rather peaceful crew of leaders except Brennus, who will likely be very disliked. This game highlights perennial powerhouse Pacal of the Mayans, whose financial and expansive traits are quite strong. Darius of Persia is the other seeded leader though his performances in the past are generally inconsequential. Be sure to make your picks in the picking context.

Sullla’s AI Survivor Season 8 continues Friday, July 12th on Sullla’s Twitch Channel at noon EST.

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