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Civ6 related news items

PolyCast Bloopers, Volume 12

By | December 19, 2018

Compiling the flubs, dubs and “what the”s. From the strategy-centric podcast comes, “”, the fourth dedicated blooper reel for the since its . It runs 09m13s. is a bi-weekly audio production recording throughout the year, in an ongoing effort to give the community an interactive voice; sibling show focuses on modding, on multiplay. PolyCast’s is to continue with… Read More »

TurnCast Episode 102: “Need to Laugh”

By | December 16, 2018

The best medicine. Regular players , , and are joined alongside fellow co-operative multiplaying gamers in the one-hundred-and-second episode of (). Entitled “”, it carries a runtime of 09m59s. Snippets include but are not limited to family time, episode lengh, giggle box, still alive and stop that. is the third spin-off of the strategy-centric on which Quick and… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 327: “End of an Era”

By | December 13, 2018

Faring thee well. The three hundred-and-twenty-seventh episode of , “”, features regular co-hosts , , and in what is Quick’s last episode recording as the show’s lead panelist. Carrying a runtime of 2h18m06s, it is the show’s longest episode to date. The summary of topics is as follows: – | The first two recurring guest co-hosts come on… Read More »

Gathering Storm Livestream: Canada

By | December 12, 2018

The developers for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm play Canada in this livestream. Discuss the livestream here. Check out the archived video:

Civilization VI First Look – Canada

By | December 11, 2018

Canada joins the Civilization franchise in the Gathering Storm Expansion. Please join the discussion!

Input Requested for PolyCast Christmas Special 2018 (DanQ’s Last Recording as Regular Panelist)

By | December 5, 2018

is approaching the conclusion to its , helping keep it as the longest running podcast as well as the first. On December 15th, 2018, the show’s annual Christmas Special is to be as have been episode recordings this calendar year. Its panelists are need of questions to answer, comments to reflect on and topics to investigate to drive… Read More »

Firaxis Livestream: Gathering Storm Maori

By | December 5, 2018

  Check out the Livestream and discuss what you find in this thread. See the archived video here:

Civilization VI First Look – Maori

By | December 4, 2018

Please join your fellow Fanatics in discussing the Maori First Look video in this thread.