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Humankind: Sneak-Peek at the Vitruvian Update

By | March 15, 2022

An update has been posted about details regarding the coming patch over at the Games2gether forum.It seems the next update will include balancing, more options for tuning notifications, AI improvements for siges, and more. You can read all the details here:…/blogs/804-sneak-peek-at-the-vitruvian-update And you can discuss them in our forum here:

Robert Zubek: Humankind and the rhetoric of tech trees

By | February 21, 2022

Robert Zubek, the author of the book “Elements of Game Design”, has written a blog post about the tech tree differences between Humankind and Civilization 5. He first talks about the tech tree as a game mechanic device to simulate progress, and afterwards talks about the differences between the two games, mostly that Humankind’s tech tree focuses way… Read More »

“Endless” mod for Humankind and official modding guide

By | January 24, 2022

Amplitude Studios have created an official Humankind mod set in the universe of Endless Space. The mod allows you to progress further from the current world setting into the setting of the Endless universe. You can download the mod here and discuss this new mod in our forum here. In addition, they have also released their offical modding… Read More »

Humankind: New patch and DLC “Cultures of Africa” released

By | January 23, 2022

Amplitude Studios has released a new patch for Humankind, as well as the “Cultures of Africa” DLC. The patch, named “Allen Newell”, includes a lot of balancing changes and AI fixes, in addition to new content like the “Great Zimbabwe” wonder and movies when you discover a new technology! You can read about all the changes here.… Read More »

First DLC for Humankind – Cultures of Africa announced

By | January 11, 2022

Amplitude has announced the first DLC for Humankind. The Cultures of Africa DLC will add one new African culture per era along with new events and wonders of the world. Releasing on 20th January, it is available for pre-order at 10% discount.The new cultures in order of the eras are the Bantu, Garamantes,Swahili, Maasai, Ethiopians and Nigerians. For… Read More »

PCGamesN: This US teacher uses Humankind and Civilization to teach world history

By | December 14, 2021

PCGamesN has just released an article about the educational uses of Civ and Humankind. They describe how a teacher uses both games in the classroom to teach, and uses TikTok further to go deeper in the topics. An excerpt: “In the normal classroom we go over the primary theme of each era. Then, in the gaming portion they… Read More »

Humankind patch “Jigonhsasee”

By | December 13, 2021

Amplitude Studios has released a new patch for Humankind, patch “Jigonhsasee”. This patch includes AI improvements, improvements for the challenges, and more. You can read the full patch notes here:

More autumn sales besides Old World and Civ6: Humankind, Sega, Slitherine, Argonwood, Paradox, Stardock

By | November 24, 2021

It’s sales time! Right now we already have a sale on Old World (10%), and Civ6 Anthology edition (65%). But besides this, more and more developers and publishers have started their autumn sales! Most important to the Civ community is the SEGA sale of Humankind, 20% off for 39.99€. The SEGA sale has many interesting games, e.g. Total… Read More »