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TurnBasedLovers: Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of January 2022

By | January 6, 2022

TurnBasedLovers have published an article, anticipating new turn-based games for January 2022. This article includes not only strategy games, but also RPGs. Most interesting for us civ-fanatics are probably Expeditions: Rome, which is a group-based RPG set in Roman times and Warriors: Rise To Glory, which is a turn-based fighting game set in a pseudo-Roman setting. For the… Read More »

Slitherine: Home Of Wargamers 2021

By | December 11, 2021

Slitherine has announced their “Home Of Wargamers” 2021 live stream, where they’ll show all the content to be scheduled for release in 2021 (we assume they mean 2022). The live stream will take place on December 14, 2 PM UK time. The content they plan to show can be seen in the picture, and consists (as people who… Read More »

Anno 1404 free at Ubisoft Connect

By | December 7, 2021

Anno 1404, the 4th part of the well known real-time strategy builder series, is currently available for free via Ubisoft Connect. This offer runs until December 14, and the game can still be played afterwards. If you don’t own it, get it now, it is well worth it! Get Anno 1404 for free here:

New 4X & Grand Turn based and Real time strategy games coming to PC in 2021/2022

By | October 18, 2021

The above video was recently published, mentioend on Twitter, and we think it is very relevant to the Civ-fanatics audience. While it’s a bit early in the year for such a preview, it is certainly worth a watch (despite the annoying issues with the voice-over) if you have time to play anything else besides Civ, Old World and… Read More »

Blizzard and Activision sale on GOG: Call To Power II and historical city builders

By | October 11, 2021

GOG has currently a sale on various games from Blizzard and Activision. The main item of interest for us Civ-fanatics is the old “Call To Power 2” game, which had “Civilization” scraped from its name due to licensing rights, but is otherwise a very civ-like game and worth a look for fans of old games. “Call To Power… Read More »