Civilization II: Reference


Manual, Tech Tree & Unit Posters

Civilization II  Poster Remakes

High quality remakes of the complete Civ2 poster. It consists of four parts: Technology Tree, Terrain Specifications, Unit Specifications, and Special Resources. 

Author: Ben Wishner (aka Styx66)

Civilization II  Manual in PDF Format

The complete manual of classic Civilization II, in PDF Format. Thanks to Cedric Greene for the file. 

Author: Microprose; File Size:  2.64 MB; Format: ZIP

Civ2 Technology Tree for Scenario Designers v1.0

"After learning the hard way how difficult it is to create my own tech tree, I decided to come up with something which would make the job easier. The "Scenario Tech Tree" shows all available technologies along with the 3-letter code and any game effects of each discovery. The file is in MS Word Format, so it’s easy to move around tech blocks and rename them as necessary. This makes it MUCH easier to visualize your design. Hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me."

Author: Erin T. Ryan; File Size:  19 KB; Format: ZIP

Scenario Design Tips & Tutorials

Mega Planets Demo

Just a some terrain I put together for my Stargate  SG1 project. The only important file is terrain2 plus the swamp tile in terrain1. The rest of the files are only to support the demo.

Simply load up demo.sav to see the terrain. There is nothing to play, it is simply a demo.

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 160 KB; Format: ZIP

Reference Guide on Making Hi-res style Graphics

A HTML tutorial on how to make high resolution graphics for Civ2. Screenshots included.

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 200 KB; Format: HTML

Fine Control of Movement and Hitpoints in Civ II: A Mathematical Explanation

"Although still a fairly obscure technique, fractional movement (units that move 1 and 1/3 squares per turn) is known to several scenario designers. The best claim of first invention probably goes to William Keenan, and you may see such units in action in the excellent scenario “Imperium Romanum” by Bernd Brosing. The purpose of this essay is to explain this technique mathematically – and explain some other curious facts along the way."

Author: Leon Marrick; File Size: 4 KB; Format: RTF

Custom Tech Tree Design

"It is quite common to see a scenario without any research these days, which is quite a shame as the tech-tree to me is one of the more important dimensions of the Civ2 game engine. Sometimes a half-hearted effort is made to have a few items available for research at 10% of the normal rate but this too seems to give the feeling of incompleteness. One reason this is happening is that redoing the tech tree is probably the most user-unfriendly aspect of scenario making. I have been asked how I have managed to make completely new trees for my multi-player scenarios and the answer has always been  – proper planning and the right sequence."

Author: Kobayashi

Historical Realism: Notes on Recreating History in Civ2 Scenarios  

A few thoughts from Morten Blaaberg on player motivation and realism in Civ2 scenarios. A great read for both scenario Authors and players!

Author: Morten Blaabjerg; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

Modpack or Scenario: Which one is it? 

"A lot of people ask me questions about the difference between a Modpack (Modification PACKage) and a Scenario. I think there are some players out there who play both modpacks and scenarios and may not know for sure or even care about the difference. Still, there is a distinction to note, and the boundaries are actually quite clear. "

Author: John Valdez; File Size:  47 KB; Format: RTF

Alternative uses for Terrain2

Create interesting effects by careful customization of the terrain image file for mountains, hills and rivers.

Author: Kobayashi; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

Mixing and Matching Land, Sea, and Air Unit Abilities

By experimenting with unit roles and abilities, a scenario designer can conjure up some fascinating gameplay effects. 

Author: Kobayashi; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

Getting the units right from the beginning

Getting your scenario to function correctly includes accommodating for the special effects of unit slots, their sounds, and other features. 

Author: Kobayashi; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

KobaBOS Spreadsheet v1a

Kobayashi Battle Outcome Simulator

"Its an Excel spreadsheet I wrote that simulates combat between two units 100 times and shows you the average result and amount of damage sustained. Input items are A/D Factor, Hit Points and Fire Power. Using it has helped me to avoid physically making the units attack each other repeatedly." Discussion thread

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 298 KB; Format: ZIP

Advanced Scenario Design (v1.8)

"This manual is designed to assist those with both a firm understanding of the map editor and of the Cheat menu used in preparing scenarios to improve and polish their work. Novices are urged to read some of the excellent documents for beginners found on the "Ultimate Civ2 Page", and practice with a design or two before delving too deeply into this document."

Author: Leon Marrick; File Size:  43 KB; Format: ZIP

Civ2 Scenario Design FAQ

"This FAQ is designed to help you build scenarios for Civilization II. It is completely unofficial and not affiliated with Microprose in any way. Then again, neither is Brian Reynolds, so what the hey.

If you are new to building scenarios for Civ2, or even experienced but achieving unsatisfactory results, these notes may help you in your next effort. The material is organized as follows:

1) choosing a scenario

2) designing the map

3) placing the tribes on the map

4) starting the game

5) editing cities

6) creating units

7) controlling technology

8) influencing diplomacy

9) miscellany"

Author: Patrick Williams; File Size:  26 KB; Format: ZIP

A Quick Note on Editing Units

"Copying and pasting the new unit into the green frame of the unit to be replaced is not enough…"

Author: Great Icon Library Site; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

How to Make Your Custom Unit Icons for Civ2

Tutorial: How to make your custom unit icons for CIV2.

Author: Antonio Leal; File Size:  [Online Viewing]

Scenario Creation Tips A few short tips on scenario creation

Author: Rocky Mountain Civ2 Site; File Size: [Online Viewing]


The Weirdest and Oddest Things About Civilization II

"Well, this doesn’t pretend to be too much serious. Just to tell you some weird things I have discovered playing the game and changing the parameters. I have also added interesting tips from Civ2 gamers all around the Net. First of all, you must have your Civ2 copy ready. Afterwards, you’ll be free to change the numbers and files as I explain here, if you are enough suicide… Hey, always backup your original files before experimenting anything."

Author: Antonio Leal; File Size:  [Online Viewing]