Civilization II: Industrial Scenarios

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The River War v2.0

"In those distant days the world was tranquil and our country relatively rich and powerful. In spite
of the wishes of many statesmen of both political parties, England was drawn into Egypt. After the
Bombardment of Alexandria in 1881, we became to all intents and purposes the paramount power.

It was at this moment that the Rebellion of the Mahdi plunged the vast, remote provinces of the
Soudan into bloodshed and confusion. Mr Gladstone’s Government viewed with horror being involved
in the Soudan. They unhesitatingly resolved to relinquish the Soudan to barbarism. General Gordon was
sent to Khartoum to wind up affairs and bring away the surviving soldiers and Egyptian colonists.

He was soon ‘hemmed in’, and the long blockade began. The relievers arrived before Khartoum two
days too late. The city was already in the hands of the Dervish mob. Gordon and nearly all the people
he would not desert had been massacred. The evacuation of the Soudan was thus complete.

However, the story had sunk deeply into British hearts. After the overthrow of Mr Gladstone in
1886, the British Government set about the recovery of the ruined territory. At the head of the
Egyptian Army stood Kitchener, a British officer of exceptional capacity and growing repute.

More than ten years after the sack of Khartoum, the first advance into the Dongola Province began,
and two years later, in 1898, the armies of the savage Dervish empire were shattered and largely
destroyed in the Battle of Omdurman." – Sir Winston Churchill, 1933


Author: Allard Höfelt; File Size: 658 KB

Guns of the South

January 1864 — General Robert E. Lee faces defeat. The Army of Northern Virginia is ragged and ill-equipped. Gettysburg has broken the back of the Confederacy and decimated its manpower. Then, the Rivington men with strange and unplaceable accents, approaches Lee with an extraordinary offer. The men demonstrate an amazing rifle: Its rate of fire is incredible, its lethal efficiency breathtaking–and the men guarantees unlimited quantities to the Confederates.

The name of the weapon is the AK-47….

With this new weapon, the Confederacy captured the federal capital and won the war with the capture of Abraham Lincoln. But as General Lee retired and ran for President the Rivington Men realized they wouldn’t be able to control him an attempted to assassinate him, killing his wife instead, triggering a new rebellion for the Confederacy.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 1.69 MB

The Franco-Prussian War v3.0

The emergence of Prussia as the leading German power and the increasing unification of the German states were viewed with apprehension by Napoleon III after the Prussian victory in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. Bismarck, at the same time, deliberately encouraged the growing rift between Prussia and France in order to bring the states of S Germany into a national union. He made sure of Russian and Italian neutrality and counted correctly on British neutrality. War preparations were pushed on both sides, with remarkable inefficiency in France and with astounding thoroughness in Prussia. The immediate pretext for war presented itself when the throne of Spain was offered to a prince of the house of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, a branch of the ruling house of Prussia. The offer, at first accepted on Bismarck’s advice, was rejected (July 12) after a strong French protest. But the aggressive French foreign minister, the duc de Gramont, insisted on further Prussian assurances, which King William I of Prussia (later Emperor William I) refused. Bismarck, by publishing the famous Ems dispatch, inflamed French feeling, and on July 19, France declared war.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 5.07 MB

How Few Remain: Settling Accounts (World)

After securing a fascist victory in the Spanish civil war, in June 1941 France and Britain joined in a fascist Alliance with the Confederate States Of America called the WESTERN AXIS. Despite these events, the was AXIS never stopped by the Eastern power of Germany. Therefore Churchill thought that an attack on Germany wouldn’t cause any reaction by Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans. But when he attacked Germany in June, the Austrians and Ottomans declared war. WORLD WAR II IN EUROPE HAS BEGUN!


Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 2 MB

How Few Remain: Part 4b: European Front

Less than three decades have passed since The Great War ended all wars though rivalry and hatred persist. North America has had a fragile peace, But On the European front of that war, France and Britain have taken up the fascist cause after suffering from years of humiliation at the hands of Germany and her allies and resentment grows from those who lost the Great War. but in 1941 Germany’s hope for the future began looking grim when the Axis Powers, Consisting of the Confederate States, France, Britain and Russia attacked without warning, shattering the dream of a once mighty Germany. sending their bombers on a sneak attack on the German frontier and in former French lands taken by Germany. The Gray Army blitzkrieg across the Europe reaching Berlin in a tide of destruction whilst the Confederate States were blitzkrieging across the USA reaching Lake Erie in a tide of destruction of their own. bitterly scream of genocide in the south. The latest Greatest War has exploded all over the North American continent and even as far away as Alaska under Tsarist rule and is in jeopardy of blood flowing.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 1.65 MB

How Few Remain: Part 4a: Confederate Empire

This scenario is the stunning sequel of the Great War Series.

Less than three decades have passed since The Great War ended all wars though rivalry and hatred persist. North America has had a fragile peace, and resentment grows from those who lost the Great War, but in 1941 America’s hope for the future under the rule of Socialist President Al Smith has grown. President of the Confederate States of

America Jake Featherston shatters the dream, sending his bombers on a sneak attack of Philadelphia, capital of his northern enemies. Jake expected the Americans and in his weak minded leader would immediate break, but shockingly they retaliate by bombing Charleston. Still the Gray Army blitzkrieg across the USA reaches Lake Erie in a tide of destruction.

Meanwhile the Mormons once again try to secede from the Union to forge a theocracy in Utah, fortress Canada supporters demolish the needed rail link, and Northern Negroes led by CSA compatriot Louis Armstrong bitterly scream of genocide in the south. The latest Greatest War has exploded all over the North American continent and even as far away as Alaska under Tsarist rule and is in jeopardy of blood flowing.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 1.8 MB

How Few Remain: Part 3: American Empire

Twice in the last century, brutal war erupted between the United States and the Confederacy. Then, after a generation of relative peace, The Great War exploded worldwide. As the conflict engulfed Europe, the C.S.A. backed the Allies, while the U.S. found its own ally in Imperial Germany. The Confederate States, France, and England all fell. Russia self-destructed, and the Japanese, seeing that the cause was lost, retired to fight another day. The Great War has ended, and an uneasy peace reigns around most of the world. But nowhere is the peace more fragile than on the continent of North America, where bitter enemies share a single landmass and two long, bloody borders. In the North, proud Canadian nationalists try to resist the colonial power of the United States. In the South, the once-mighty Confederate States have been pounded into poverty and merciless inflation. U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt refuses to return to pre-war borders. The scars of the past will not soon be healed. The time is right for madmen, demagogues, and terrorists. At this crucial moment in history, with Socialists rising to power in the U.S. under the leadership of presidential candidate Upton Sinclair, a dangerous fanatic is on the rise in the Confederacy, preaching a message of hate. And in Canada another man–a simple farmer–has a nefarious plan: to assassinate the greatest U.S. war hero, General George Armstrong Custer. With tension on the seas high, and an army of Marxist Negroes lurking in the swamplands of the Deep South, more than enough people are eager to return the world to war. Harry Turtledove sends his sprawling cast of men and women–wielding their own faiths, persuasions, and private demons–into the troubled times between the wars.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 616 KB

How Few Remain: Part 2: American Front

This scenario is the stunning sequel to "How Few Remain" prelude to the Great War Series. In this scenario the South has won the Civil War in 1862. When the Great War engulfed Europe in 1914, the United States and the Confederate States of America, bitter enemies for five decades, entered the fray on opposite sides: the United States aligned with the newly strong Germany, while the Confederacy joined forces with their longtime allies, Britain and France. But it soon became clear to both sides that this fight would be different–that war itself would never be the same again. For this was to be a protracted, global conflict waged with new and chillingly efficient innovations–the machine gun, the airplane, poison gas, and trench warfare. To understand the world before the War read "How Few Remain" by Harry Turtledove.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 575 KB

How Few Remain Part 1

This scenario is based on the Harry Turtledove series The Great War. In this scenario the South has won the Civil War in 1862. Fast forward twenty years, The CSA annexes Sonora and Chiquaqua, Mexico. The South now stretches from sea to shining sea, and the North does not like it. But this USA is far different from what we know. It has dealt with a post-war loosing economy and a government full of leaders we do not know. A young Theodore Roosevelt is a rancher in Minnesota who puts together his own militia. Samuel Clemens is a newpaper publisher in San Francisco. Abraham Lincoln (who was never assassinated) is now a Marxist and tours the USA preaching the works of Lenin and Marx.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 986 KB

War of Crimea and the Crisis of the Balcans 1852 v1.0

In 1853 the Russian empire with an excuse invades the Danubians principalities which are protected by the Ottoman empire. While the Austrian empire remains neutral, France and England mobilize their troops and land in the ottoman territory to defend the Ottoman empire from the Russian invasion.After little time the Kingdom of Sardinia urged by Anglo-French, it intervenes and land in Crimea to obstruct the Russian army.

Meantime in the Russian Empire, the discontent against the czar took to the creation of a anti-czar movement….already in 1825 the czar ordered to repress a anti-czar revolt

planned by army officer and Russians politicians… the revolt is approaching…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: The Paladin; File Size: 589 KB

Imperialism 1870 v2.0

Main Files


"The 1860s closed an era of imperial expansion. The economic underpinnings of the old mercantilist empires of the 17th and 18th centuries had collapsed in an era of free trade. The industrial and trade revolutions which spread from Britain to the European and American continents mocked the idea that a nation’s army must control a piece of land, or its navy rule the seas, for that nation to profit from it. The costs of both conquest and subsequent infrastructure development gobbled up any potential profits, as the French had learned in Algeria and the British in India. Businessmen like Mattheson and Jardine had pioneered the judicious use of military force to compel even a huge country like China to trade on terms favorable to outsiders. Yet, in the 1860s, the world stood on the threshold of a new era of imperial expansion fuelled by two new developments, one that gave Europe the motivation, the second that gave it the means. The first was national rivalries that encouraged nations to conquer territory, not for profit, but for prestige. The second development was the quickening pace of technology–modern weapons, transport, improved sanitary and logistical capabilities–which, it was hoped, would make imperial conquest hardly more than a stroll beneath a tropical sun.” –Douglas Porch

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4


Author: Exile (Phenix Benton); File Size: 3.59 MB

Manifest Destiny v1.0

In 1804, America stood prepared to take dominion over a continent. However, natives, Spanish, and European Great Power are sure to attempt to halt America’s quest to satisfy Manifest Destiny.

Lewis and Clark have just embarked on their expedition to map the new Louisiana territory, and President Jefferson has high hopes for the new nation. However, many obstacles lie to the west, in the way of America’s expansion. Indian tribes reign free in the Southeast and the West, and the Spanish still have a strong but weakening grip on the Southwest.

The dawn of one of the most defining centuries in world history is at hand. Old Europe sits across the Atlantic, currently distracted by Napoleonic strife. However, it is certain that they will not sit lazily by while America usurps a hemisphere.

Can you expand into the far reaches of the continent and fufill Manifest Destiny?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Brad Hargreaves; File Size: 637 KB

Revival and Unity of Italy

Main Files 1

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More than in every other country in Europe, the patriots’ aspiration turned to Italy to the national independence. In the March of 1848 the riots in a few European countries sparked the Italian revolutionary movements. The population of Venice and Milan rebelled against the Austrian government, and exploiting these patriotic motions finally king Carlo Alberto declared war to the Austria with the hope to unite Italy. This scenario should take the Piedmontese protagonists to the of Lombardy and of Venetian conquest, that subsequently to the southern Italy liberation and at last the conquest of Rome, capital of Italy will afterwards become!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: The Paladin; File Size: 523 KB

Brown Man’s Burden II

Sound: 1

The Berlin Conference of 1884 set off a race among European powers to claim as much land as possible in Africa. This scenario recreates the Scrambe for Africa. It begins in 1889 when Italy has set up new colonies in Somalia and looks to take over Abyssinia. Menelik II, the new Emperor of Abyssinia is having none of that and looks to expand his empire. Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, and the Ottoman Empire have their own agendas: Britain would like to regain Sudan from the Mahdists and expand in South Africa, France would like to extend its empire in West Africa, Germany and Portugal try to expand their claims in East Africa, and the Ottomans would like to restore their empire to its former glory. Time Frame: 1889 – 1914 using bi-monthly turns Geography: Africa and the Middle East Tribes: England, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Abyssinia, Ottoman Empire (All Playable)

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Carl Fritz; File Size: 989 KB

Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

On the ebb of the Victorian 19th century, Great Britain’s imperial annexations of Africa suddenly stumbled. Two obstinate Dutch speaking republics, the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and Orange Free State, refused to give up their independence. In the First Anglo-Boer War of 1881 they gave John Bull a bloody nose but Britain did not give up easily, especially after immense gold deposits were discovered in the ZAR in 1886. Thirteen years of political subterfuge followed. Once again the simmering political impasse threatened to explode across the vast South African veld.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Len Morison; File Size: 1.63 MB

Bonarparte: The French Bid for Empire v2.0

Sound Files

When the Peace of Amiens collapsed in May 1803, Europe had enjoyed 19 months of uneasy ceasefire. General Bonaparte was intent on expansion – the English, in particular, were intent upon stopping him. The scene was set for a conflagration that could set all of Europe ablaze…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Ellis; File Size: 2.8 MB

Strike Of A Lion A scenario based on the war between Sweden and its Nordic neighbours in the beginning of the 18th century from 1700-1721. A period and situation which changed the history of Northern Europe for ever. Russia replaced Sweden as the mightiest nation of the north, just to remain so for the next three centuries.

Author: E. Thomassen; File Size: 331 KB

Great Napoleonic Battles v3.0

Main Files

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The French Revolution has swept away the values, as well as the traditional balance of power within Europe. Amassing a huge conscripted army, the French leaders of the new “Republican State”, have been able to withstand both political and military pressures by sides of the European monarchies and secured their own position through Robbespierre’s régime of terror and opression- all in the name of the greater goal: The Revolution…There is one man, however, whose popularity they depend on- a man who will soon render them obsolete, and who is to rewrite the history of Europe for all time. This man is Napoleon Bonaparte!

Screenshots: #1 #2


Author: W.I.N.T.E.R; File Size: 6.66 MB

Risk v1.0

This is based around the Hasbro game of RISK. Exactly the same layout, map, units and scenario. Vie for world domination during the age of empires. Will you risk it all to be champion?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: WarVoid; File Size: 431 KB

The First Carlist War v1.2 In the beginning of the XVIII century, the king Felipe V of Spain promulgated the "Ley Sálica", a law that declared illegal the inheritance of the Spanish crown by women. The idea was to avoid the Habsburgs recover the throne by female dynastic line.

A century later, the King Fernando VII had a great problem: he didn’t have male descendancy, he only had two daughters, Isabel (later known as Isabel II) and Luisa Fernanda (grandmother of the later king Alfonso XIII). So he promulgated the "Pragmática Sanción" (pragmatic ratification), to allow their older daughter, Isabel, to become Queen after his death. But there only was a trouble: Carlos María Isidro de Borbón y Parma, the king’s brother. He would receive the crown without the "Pragmática", so he and his followers pressed Fernando to change his mind. (Calomarde, a minister, received a slap by the queen because he supported Carlos. He said "White hands don’t offend"… but it surely hurted). But the ill Fernando achieved to maintain his decision and when he dead, on 29th September 1833, Isabel was the legitimated queen… but she only was a child, and somebody had to assume the regency: his Mother, María Cristina de Nápoles…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or Civ2 Gold

Author: Javier Arriaga; File Size: 359 KB

Pitt’s War at Sea v2.0

By 1759, the Age of Piracy was over, ended by the power of large national fleets. While the French and Indian War was being fought in North America England and France battled in the Carribean Sea as well. The English first captured several French possessions in the West Indies. Then England declared war on Spain, capturing Havana. In this scenario, England and France start out at war. Everyone else is at peace.

Play as either English, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Screenshots: #1 #2

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Carl Fritz; File Size: 645 KB

Struggle for Empire Version v3.0

An undeclared war is in progress between France and England for control of North America. Just 6 months ago, the French defeated an English force lead by Colonel George Washington near Ft. Duquesne. The Frenchmen have alliances with the Algonkians, Mission Indians, and Spaniards. The Cherokees and Six Nations are neutral for now.

Play as either English or French. This update expands the land area covered from Canada to Jamaica. Previous versions went only as far south as Virginia.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Carl Fritz; File Size: 748 KB

War of 1812

While Britain was fighting a war with Europe the American President James Madison declared war against Britain and invaded the British colony Canada. He saw this as ‘a second war of independence’, but the war ended in a stalemate despite of the superiority of the American forces. During the war, the British even managed to reach Washington D.C. and burn it to the ground! Can YOU win the war?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: INSURGENT; File Size: 1 MB

The War of Cuba v1.0

Sound: 1

In the late XIX century, the Spanish Empire, reduced only to Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam, is about to come to an end. A bloody revolt has begun in Cuba, "the Caribbean Pearl", "the Ever Faithful Isle". In 1895 a rebel victory seems inevitable. Mother Spain, alarmed, desperately plays her last card: Gral. Valeriano Weyler is appointed Governor of Cuba. Weyler is an extremely efficient officer. He is also very tough. Meanwhile, the United States of America watches over…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Balsinde & Jesús Muñoz; File Size: 1.11 MB (sound included)

Civil War 2

Slavery was an issue that had split the United States since its birth. Although many attempts were made at compromise, most notably the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act, they all were ultimately unsuccessful. During the lame duck period after Licoln won over Northern Democrat Douglas and Southern Democrat Calhoun, and before he was inaugurated, South Carolina seceded from the Union eventually followed by 10 other states forming the Confederate States of America under Jefferson Davis of Mississippi. In Licoln’s inaugural address, Licoln did not make any direct threats against the Confedreates but stated that the Union would last forever, and that he would use all available power to hold federal possessions in the South. On April 12, South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter and forced it to surrender the next day. On April 15, Licoln called for Union troops to take back the fort, and the Civil War began.

Author: Paul Caldwell; File Size: 28 KB

Revolutionary War v1.0

The American Colonies have declared their independece from England. The French have decided to side with the Americans, in an effort to hurt the British (NOT out of sympathy for the American cause). The natives of America have decided to help the British out of fear of an expansionistic American Government pushing them further and further out of their lands……

Author: CivWorld; File Size: 455 KB

The Great Game: Russia and England in Central Asia

It is the height of the Pax Britannica. While Europe’s continental empires scramble to check the British Empire in Africa and the Pacific, England’s greatest fears are becoming reality in one of the most desolate spots on the globe. Russia has expanded swiftly across the eastern steppes, and if she finds a way across the roof of the world, the shining jewel of India lays before her.

But only the tsar knows for sure if Russia’s aim is India or Turkey — and access to the Mediterranean. Now England and Russia seek strategic control of the region, unseen by white men since the days of Marco Polo. But the fierce warriors and opulent rulers of Central Asia will not submit to imperialism lightly.

Author: Michael Daumen; File Size: 480 KB

Birth of America

Until now, the colonies of the New World have avoided the squabbles of their home countries. But as the death of the Spanish monarch ignites a crisis of succession, Europe realizes that the resources and markets of North America may prove pivotal to victory. So the battle is joined on this side of the Atlantic. England, Spain, and France struggle for supremacy from Hudson Bay to the Caribbean Sea; from their European shores to the mighty Mississippi. There are both allies and enemies amongst the mercurial native tribes, and in certain colonies which suspect that Independence could end foreign meddling once and for all . . . .

Author: Michael Daumen; File Size: 337 KB

Pre-World War Europe v 1.8

The year is 1875, and the industrial revolution has just consumeed the world. As Europe enters into the 20th century, a system of alliances based on shared interests connects various nations together. France, Great Britain and Russia form the Triple Entente… and Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy form the Triple Alliance. There is the question of the great giant: the Ottoman Empire which can not maintain its integrity. And various Neutral nations, like Albania, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States and Denmark play a part in national affairs. Choose a nation of the Triple Entente or the Triple Alliance, or choose to remain Neutral as the time period before the Great World War unfolds.

Author: Paul Davidson Jr; File Size: 18 KB

Karl XII’s Invasion of Russia Eight years have passed since the war begun. An alliance of the states Russia, Poland and Denmark tried to crush Sweden, the mightiest country in Northern Europe, but failed. Sweden’s young king, Karl XII, turned out to be a far better general than anyone could imagine. Denmark was immediately forced to a peace treaty, and the Russian army defeated in the battle of Narva…

Author: Markus Eklund; File Size: 623 KB

The Napoleonic Eagles v1.10

"The Napoleonic Eagles" is a scenario about Napoleon (obviosly). It starts in 1805 and ends in 1814, so you don’t get to fight at Waterloo. You play as Napoleon himself and your goal is to create a strong, unified europe under french leadership. But you will not. In the end, you army will be destroyed, Paris will fall, France will be in ruins and people demands that you abdicate. You know that you deserve it.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Markus Eklund; File Size: 1.1 MB

19th Century American Empire

Files: 1 2

The year is 1861. As the American Civil war opens, European powers, equipped with new weapons of war, seek to pursue territorial aims in North America. Mexico struggles to reach industrialization, but can it avoid the easy military solutions of banditry and autocracy? On the great plains, the Native Americans raid and plunder the settlements of Union, Confederacy, and Mexico alike. Will they by able to survive by playing off the “White men” against each other? Can Maximillian Conquer Mexico?

Screenshots: None

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Exile (Phenix Benton) & Charles Magee; File Size: 1.34 MB

Great Northern War (1700-1721)

Sweden has emerged as the leading power of North but now Russia, Poland-Saxony and Denmark has allied to take back their lost landmasses from Sweden. Historically Sweden hold out some years but after King Karl XII defeat at Poltava, the Sweden Kingdom fell apart. In the Peace of Nystad Sweden lost control over almost everything they had conquered in the last 100 years. Will you change the history?

Author: Jonas Hasselrot; File Size: 856 KB

Gustav III’s Russian War

Seeking war with Russia, the Swedish King, Gustav III, gets a golden opportunity when the Sultan declares war on Russia. Forbidden by the Law to start a war, Gustav III dresses his own soldiers like Russian Cossacks and lets them attack a Swedish position. Thus getting the Russians look as intruders. And so the war begins…

Will Sweden conquer St. Petersburg,and thus force Russia to sign a Swedish-favourable peace treaty or will Russia once again defeat Sweden and invade Finland?


Author: Jonas Hasselrot; File Size: 553 KB

Conquest of Newfoundland

An historical scenario between the native Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland, the English, and the French. No Altered files/Created 1996

Author: Thomas Hawkins; File Size: 10 KB

India Colony

The Portugese colonial empire are dying. The English, French and the Dutch forces have taken a few colonies in india and a colonial war has already begun. Your mission is to destroy the Mathari-empire and destroy the other nations colonial dreams.

Author: Carl Herlin; File Size: 170 KB

Spanish-American War: The Carribean v1.0

In April, 1895, Jose Marti started the second Cuban Revolution. The Spanish sent General Wyler to put down the revolt. In 1896, Gen. Wyler instituted a concentration camp system in Cuba, which ended up killing thousands of Cubans. As the Cubans intensified their guerilla war and Wyler strengthened his fortifications, American politicians saw a golden opportunity to expand their empire by exploiting Spain’s weakness. After using the explosion of the Battleship Maine in Havana Bay, American Congress declared Cuba independant of Spain and imposed a blockade of Havana, thus beginning the Spanish-American War. In one of the early signs of British-American cooperation, Britain blocked action by many European states that wanted to aid the Spanish.

At the conclusion of this war, Spain ceded Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines to the U.S. and granted Cuba independence, thereby eliminating the remains of Spain’s once great empire and extending the American empire from the west indies to Asia’s doorstep. And while Cuba technically gained independence, almost all of the decisions made in the country had to go through the U.S. Congress, who would often rig elections. Jose Marti had warned against allowing the Americans to land in Cuba, and sure enough, the next 60 years were under virtual American control. Now its time to change history…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Andrew Hoekzema; File Size: 435 KB

The Anglo-Boer War

The date is 11th October 1899. An ultimatum by the president of Transvaal, Paul Kruger, has expired, and a war has broken out between the world’s largest empire and two small republics in the southern tip of Africa. British generals expect an easy conquest, but the guerilla-like small Boer forces are far more dangerous than is realized. The Boer commandos are standing at the frontier and are ready to free all of southern Africa from the English.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Allard Hofelt; File Size: 557 KB

Seven Years War The Seven Years War conflict in America is known as the French and Indian War, and the European conflict is known as the Second Silesian War. It was a result of the diplomatic revolution which took place after the War of Austrian Succession. A coalition of Austria, France, Russia, Saxony and Sweden was formed against Prussia. On the other side sat Great Britain with the unmatchable navy, and Prussia with the strongest military on land. Together, they should be invincible, or will the coalition bring about a balance of power…


Author: Michael Jeszenka; File Size: 432 KB

1884: Age of Imperialism v.7

I want to paint as much of the world map in English-red as possible."

— Cecil Rhodes, Prime Minister of the Cape Colony 1890-1896.

Author: Kirgam; File Size: 207 KB

Boer War

The date is 11th October 1899, war has broken out between the Boer Republics (Transvaal and Orange Free State) and the British Dominions of Cape Province and Natal. The Boers initiated the war on the principle that its better to attack them before they attack us (knowing war was inevitable), and to gain the element of surprise. Their highly mobile Commandos have invested Mafikeng, Kimberly and Ladysmith. Can the British lift the siege or will their cities be starved into submission?

Author: David Ledgard; File Size: 30 KB

Africa: the last frontier v2.0

At the Berliner Conference, the major European powers decided to divide the african continent between themselves… Colonize and fight for the Glory of the British, French, German, Belgian or Portuguese Empire. Fight for your own survival as the leader of the Boers, or even initiate a bloody holy war as the the Abissinian King or Zulu’s Warrior Leader.

Author: Ricardo Logus; File Size: 190 KB

South America In the year 1810 Napoleon has conquered most of the European Continent. The Portuguese crown had to flee to Brazil with the help of the British. Spain was not that lucky though. Napoleon put his brother Jose as king and many juntas in the major cities appeared swearing loyalty to the true king Fernando VII. The South American colonies took advantage of this misunfortuned situation declaring themselves free from the Spanish domination and gaining independence. The first times were not easy, most of the people were frightehened and did not want to break links with the Iberian masters. But a few patriots took the responsibility of achieving liberty for themselves and the future generations. Wars did not go well at the beginning. The lack of the talented generals and the few obsolete weapons made warfares long and adverse. The situation is about to change though. Two brilliant generals, educated in Europe, returned to their homeland. Jose de San Martin to Argentina and Simon Bolivar to Venezuela. They carry with themselves the latest knowdleges and instruction, and they are ready to serve for the independence cause. It’s 1813, San Martin has just arrived from London, and is awaiting in Buenos Aires. Can you accept the challenge and gain freedom for the Criollos?

Author:; File Size: 23 KB

American Civil War

April 1861, the Southern States have seceded and Fort Sumter now sits alone, a festering sore in the heart of Charleston harbor. Thus begins the bloodiest conflict in American history…

Author: Captain Nemo; File Size: 925 KB

The United Irishmen v1.0

Ireland in the 18th century was a pretty bad time to have a religious denomination other than Protestant. The Treaty of Limerick of 1691 ended all Catholic involvement in the Irish parliament and allowed the Protestants to impose a “popery code” to keep the Catholics in a state of permanent subjection. These Penal Laws were ‘justified’ by the persecution of Protestants in European countries. In these countries however the persecuted sect formed only a small minority; Ireland was unique in Western Europe due to the fact that the persecuted formed the majority of the population. Draconian land laws reduced Catholic ownership of land from 14% at the beginning of the 18th century to less than 5% at the end of it. The cries of the persecuted Catholics, and to a lesser extent the Presbyterians, went unheard throughout most of the 18th century…

This scenario chroncicles the Irish struggle for independence from 1798-1805.

Screenshots: #1 #2


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Seven Years War

As the population of the British colonies along the Eastern Seabord increased, there arose the problem of overcrowding. The new Governor, William Pitt, decided that the only way to move was westwards, where migrants encountered France’s ‘Terres Neuves’, and conflict ensued. Native Americans also played a part in the war, with the Southern tribes siding with the British, and the Plains tribes with France.

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War Of 1812 v1.2

This scenario is for the British player only. If you can successfuly defend your Canadian territories against American aggression, then Canada will develop as a separate and independent nation. Fail and it’s the 51st state! Good luck.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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Birth of America v1.0


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"Birth of America is a historical scenario that does what other revolutionary war scenarios fall short of doing: it literally focuses on both the historical events of the American Revolution and the world theater that revolved around the birth of the United States of America. It is silly to think that the U.S. came to be without any political influence which involved several other nations in Europe. The production of this scenario has merged two popular scenario concepts: the American Revolution as a struggle, and empire building through colonization or war."

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20th Century

Following the Great "War to End All Wars" the world faced a new century of dangerous challenge. Victor and vanquished alike left Versailles bankrupt and impoverished. A vengeful Germany and her neighbors create a new "Axis" alliance. Russia is consumed in a revolution that threatens to spread around the world. Britain struggles to maintain the Empire, while Japan seeks to forge a new one. The effectiveness of the newly created League of Nations is threatened when the United States seeks to return to isolationism. Meanwhile, new technologies promise weapons of unparalleled power. Can you lead your nation through the malestrom of the 20th Century?

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Napoleon Play as Napoleon with the big army, and a medium fleet, or play as the British people (also Portugal) with the big fleet. You can also play as the Danish people (Denmark and Norway) with the great fleet. There are also the Central Powers (Germany, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Poland) or the Osmanians (it is a poor civilization). You can also choose the Spains and the Russians. Napoleon has signed an alliance with the Danes and the Spains, and George III has signed an alliance with the Russians (czar Alexander), and the Central Powers. The Osmanians are not involved in the war so far, but you change the history…

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Age of Napoleon Another Napolean scenario.

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Quebec 300 years ago, no one knew about Quebec’s destiny. The French, The English and the Natives were in the middle of the conflict and many events occurred: (battles, trade, treaties, immigration). It was just the beginning of the actual civilization. And now, what are we doing with it ? The future of this vast territory seems actually uncertain ! So, go ahead, make your own history…

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Texas Revolution The Texas revolution started as a small-scale protest over Mexican General Santa Anna’s refusal to enforce the Mexican constitution of 1824. By March 1836, it had grown into a full fledged revolution that threatened to bring the US and the British into the fray. This scenario picks up the action at the battle of the Alamo……

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