Civilization II: Utility Programs

Name Description Author
Civ2PBEM Diplomacy v3.0 This utility allows agreements between human players in a Sid Meier’s Civilization II e-mail game.

o You can offer/demand a city or a group of cities.

o You can offer/demand gold.

o You can offer/demand technologies.

o You can offer/demand some kinds of maps:

§ Territory map: Only the terrain of the other player (you won’t see the cities or the units)

§ Cities map: The terrain and the location of all cities known by the other player

§ Units map: The terrain and the location of all units known by the other player

§ Complete map: The terrain, units and cities known by the other player.

§ Foreign map: You can ask a player for the terrain, units and cities that he/she knows about a third player.

o You can sign a cease-fire, make peace or sign an alliance treaty.

New Features:

o You can now exchange units o You can repair damaged files (a là Lazyciv) o You can make automaps for your PBEMs.

Size: 615 KB

Javier Muñoz Kirschberg

(aka Yaroslav)

CIVMAPGEN v2.1 CivMapGen is a map file generator for Civilization II that facilitates harsher terrain and climate.


  • Fast generation of random CIV2 map files.
  • Increased range and control over input parameters.
  • More extreme terrain and climate possible.
  • Sample world templates for instant use.
  • Optional thumbnail view of map files.
  • Estimate of city sites to indicate game length.
  • City site count and thumbnail view possible with exiting maps.
  • Support of gigantic maps for ‘Test of Time’ & Multiplayer versions of CIV2.

Size: 315 KB

Civilization II Modpack Manager 1.0

Full Install

Setup Only

NOTE: The Full Install (1.46 MB) version includes the visual basic runtime file MSVBM50. If you already have it, you can get the smaller Setup Only version (654 KB).

I recently downloaded several utilities for my Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition and felt there was a need for a modpack manager that supported long file names. This was my solution.

Modpack Manager’s sole purpose in life is simply to copy the needed files for the modpack you select to the Civ II directory. This (hopefully) makes switching between modpacks easy and smooth.

How it works:

When you click install or play, three things happen:

First, all ‘txt’, ‘gif’, and ‘bmp’ files in the Civ II directory are deleted. This is to prevent any extra ‘bmp’ files from sticking around too long as some modpacks use them rather than ‘gif’.

Second, all files in the default modpack directory are copied to the Civ II directory in order to restore all the default settings the modpack designers were expecting.

Third, the files in the directory for the modpack you selected are copied over the defaults in the Civ II directory.

Size: 122 KB

The Ben Factor
Civilization II All Versions Trainer This trainer gives you up to 30000 gold whenever you push it. and it does not effect your score like cheat mode does. You just push whichever country’s button you are presto cash!

Size: 122 KB

Chris Kelly
Resource Hacker FREEWARE utility to view, modify, add, rename and delete resources in Win32 executables. Incorporates an internal resource compiler and decompiler. Works on Win9x, WinNT and WinXP. This is a better program than GIF Xtractor.

Size: 540 KB

Angus Johnson
CivCity v1.3 This program edits selected city parameters in a CIV 2 save file. To use it you load and save cities one at a time.


  • Edits these save file formats: Conflicts in Civlization (CIC), Fantastic Worlds (FW), Multiplayer Gold, Edition (MGE), Test of Time Original (No multi-map format support yet).
  • The custom names you use for the scenario are used in the interface.
  • Changes these city parameters: City owner and founder, build queue item, food and shield boxes
  • City improvements can be added or deleted.
  • Set or unset these city flags: build coastal improvments, build ships, sold improvement, tech stolen, – we love the king day, disorder.
  • Change these trade fields: supplied and demanded items, supplied and demanded items satisfied flag,

    trade route cities and commodities including food.

  • Help system
  • Cities in alphabetical order.
  • Two batch functions for resetting all city food and shield boxes to zero.

Size: 19 Kb

Carl Fritz [homepage]
Pollution Calculator Conditional Zenith’s Pollution Calculator is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet designed for use in Civilization 2 to calculate the number of pollution icons that will appear in a city and the probability per turn that this city will pollute the map.

Updated on 11/26/01

Size: 5 KB

Conditional Zenith
No CD patch (MGE) This 1 KB patch allows you to play Civ2 Gold without having to put the game CD in the CD ROM drive.





d) RUN CIV2_13.COM


Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Size: 1 KB

No Limits (MGE) FOR CIV2 GOLD ONLY! This is an improved version of the civ2 multiplayer civ2.exe program. This new version allows you to :

  • Generate random maps of 32’767 squares instead of 10’000.
  • To have more than 320’000’000 people.
  • To earn more than 30’000 gold.

Size: 721 KB

Julius Brenzaida
No Limits (TOT) FOR CIV2 TEST OF TIME ONLY! This is an improved version of the Civ2 Test of Time civ2.exe program. This new version allows you to :

  • Generate random maps of 32’767 squares instead of 10’000.
  • To have more than 320’000’000 citizens.
  • To earn more than 30’000 gold.

Size: 937 KB

Julius Brenzaida
GIF Xtractor beta 3 GIF Xtractor is a program for modifying the GIF images in the Civilization II image library dlls. Unlike the beta 1 version it will not work properly on other files, unless they have the same format as the Civ2 dlls. You cannot edit the images in the progam. Only load and save them to and from the dlls.

Size: 205 KB

Rune Berge
Science Research Planner This program helps you plan scientific research in Civ II far ahead. It reveals advances that Civ II will offer you in the future.

Size: 37 KB

Daniel Konopac
Simultaneous Multiplayer Editor This program is based on Tony Toon’s amazing discovery that players can move simultaneously in multiplayer games if the line "Simultaneous=1" is added to the CIV.INI file in the WINDOWS directory. The CIV.INI file usually resets itself after each game. This program makes it easier for you to start a simultaneous MP game by editing the INI file for you. More information on Simultaneous MP is available here.

Size: 8.13 Kb

Thomas Hawkins [homepage]
MapEdit v1.0 "MapEdit is a simple CivilizationII map editing tool I started coding in March 2000. The first 2 goals were repositioning maps (e.g. moving Europe a little East on the original so most of Russia would fall off and America could be added at the other end), and creating oversized maps (maps with a surface of up to 10,922). This first release is capable of doing quite a bit more than that:

  • Converting CivilizationII maps to 256-color (8-bit) uncompressed Windows bitmaps and vice versa,
  • Opening multiple maps and bitmaps,
  • Adjusting dimensions of existing maps,
  • Flipping and inverting maps,
  • Creating oversized maps, i.e. maps with a surface greater than 10,000,
  • Removing resources from a map,
  • Previewing the changes you make to your maps,
  • Dragging and dropping files to the editor to open them,
  • Interacting with other applications in changing a map."

Size: 1.86 M

Jorrit Vermeiren
MapUtility v1.1 This utility can load, rescale, convert, and save maps in any of the formats below:

  • Civilization II maps
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri maps
  • Railroad Tycoon II maps
  • Civilization: Call to Power maps in tab-delimited text form
  • 256-color palette PCX files in grey scale
  • 256-color palette PCX files in color (green,yellow,brown like on a map atlas).

Size: 503 KB

C.A. Flinchbaugh
CivHot v1.3 CivHot can be used to create multiplayer hot seat game from a single palyer Civilization II Scenario file. It is intended for Classic Civilization II, Conflicts in Civilization, and Fantastic Worlds saved files. If you have Multiplayer Gold Edition or Test of Time, you don’t need this program.


  • Allows you have more than one active player in what’s normally a single

    player game.

  • Safety features stop you from adding players that aren’t there or altering
    the wrong kind of file.

Size: 5.43 Kb

Carl Fritz [homepage]
CivTweak v1.5 Civtweak is a specialized Civ II Scenario file editor. You can only edit a few fields with it. However, these are fields that cannot be changed with the normal cheat menu in the game itself. It works with Classic Civilization II, Conflicts in Civilization, Fantastic Worlds, Multiplayer Gold Edition, and Test of Time created files.


  • You can change barbarian form of government and gold levels.
  • You can change the default difficulty level that a scenario starts at.
  • You can change the level of barbarian activity.
  • You can set the bloodlust option on or off.
  • You can enable extra tribes if you started with less than 7. You’ll still

    have to go into the scenario and add the units and cities. This just makes
    the tribe show up on the menu.

  • You can make the city style for played tribes agree with the city style
    stated in the rules.txt file. Normally what you see for the tribe you play
    is the bronze age graphic slot, unless it was the starting tribe when you
    created the saved game, (which was correctly displayed).

Size: 10.4 Kb

Carl Fritz [homepage]
Civ2 Modpack Manager (v0.1) Although Microprose built a fair bit of flexibility into Civ2, they didn’t provide any friendly way to really use that flexibility. C2MM provides a simple interface to any modpacks you may have, making it easy to switch between them.

Size: 8 KB

Matt McLeod
MGEConverter V1.0 This program is able to convert scenarios designed for Civ2:MGE to Civ2:FW compatible versions. Scenario format in MGE and FW are quite similar (they’re almost identical!) and this is not a surprise since MGE was "FW with MultiPlayer" and so no big changes were expected in scenario section; MGEConverter gets a SCN file for MGE and changes it slightly to make it works with FW.

Size: 22.3 Kb

Angelo Scotto
CivConverter V1.4 Like the name itself say, CivConverter is a program capable to transform Civ2 Scenarios into Civ2TOT compatibile version. It is able to convert exactly all scenarios for Civ2 (except for those scenarios which use Major Objective Flags). This means all Civ2 & CiC scenarios, a lot of FW scenarios and near all MGE scenarios. CivConverter is also capable to convert graphic files only, if you just want to convert some wonderful Civ2 icons into your TOT Scenario. Now i’ve added some simple error checking, eliminated virtually all differences between Civ2 classic scenarios and Tot converted versions; Ok, I still have problems with the Renaissance cities (read below). still no GUI (have some patience…). A lot of problems of version 1.3 are fixed with this version (see (6) and (8)) and i’ve to say that this version seems to be a stable one and i keep the beta name only because still exists the first turn bug. Fell free to write me for any suggestion, question or other things like these.

Size: 360 Kb

Angelo Scotto
Civilization II Tribe Editor The purpose of this program is to make it easier to create custom tribes and cities for Microprose Civilization II. It also allows you to create seperate files for each tribe so you can later add them together in any combination to setup a game or scenario in a specific world.

Size: 68 Kb

MultiplayerCiv2 v1 MPCiv2 is a little program that allows Civ2 to be played with multiple players, either on one computer, a local area network, or over the Internet.

Size: 343 Kb

Guillaume JAY & Sylvain LABASSE
Civ II Resources Output Simulator In Civilization II you have several advisors at your disposal ranging from military to luxury (Elvis is in the building!). Each of whom will periodically inform you as to the current state of affairs, as well as offer you advice, within their area of expertise. Consider R.O.S. to be just another such advisor; an individual with a mathematical flair and the gifted ability to survey a piece of terrain and calculate the total production yield in regards to edibles (FOOD), raw materials (SHIELDS) and trade goods (TRADE).

Please read the Readme file before downloading!

Size: 28.1 KB

Paul Soares