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Game of the Month 126: September 2011

Game Settings:C

ivilization: Mongols
Map: Special map (40×250), round;
7 civ’s: Roman, Zulu, Viking, Spanish, Persian, Greek, Mongol
Difficulty: Deity
Barbarians: Restless Tribes
Restarts: On
Victory: Victory by conquest or spaceship

Starting Techs:
~ None;

The Romans start with 7 cities and 6 techs, Zulu with 6 cities and 5 techs, … Mongols (human player) with 1 settler and zero techs.
The techs the Romans have are: Alphabet, Warrior Code, Horseback riding, Code of Laws, Wheel, Ceremonial Burial. The techs other rivals have is a subset of that of the Romans.
No special rules.

Response 92 of “Future GOTM map suggestions” thread has a more detailed description of the map. Good luck and have fun.

Games will be due on November 1st, 2011.

Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your game (please do not send your files in a .zip file. Attach them directly to your e-mail with your name in the save file).

Please sent the savegames only to

Have fun.

For more info look at this thread.