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Game of the Month 158: August 2014

To commemorate the start of World War 1 a century ago, we will play the following scenario:


Warning: this scenario works with Mutliplayer Gold Edition of Civ2 and not with the classic (not sure about TOT).

Furthermore, this is a very elaborate scenario. A lot of game entities have been changed. There are changes to units, structures, technologies, wonders, graphics, and even terrain types. There will be quite a bit of learning to do at the outset. There is a Civilopedia entry for all the changes. Feel free to look around extensively and even play a few turns aimlessly to get the feel of it. You may even want to start as various nations and do so.

To compensate for this and the late start, the deadline is longer than usual and there will not be an October GOTM. (September is pre-announced and will thus remain.)

We will be playing the protagonist, Kaiser (Germans) at the highest level of difficulty.

The game shall be played till decisive victory or when the scenario ends whichever comes sooner. Submissions should be the last turn you play and also the turn at which you gain marginal victory.

Awards: Gold, silver, and bronze medals go to those who achieve decisive victory fastest or are closest to decisive victory on their last save. For example, if there are 5 submissions and only two achieve decisive victory, the bronze goes to the one among the three who was closest to decisive victory on their final turn. Green star goes to the player who achieves marginal victory first. Blue star goes to the player with the most objectives at their final turn. In the case of a tie in any of the above, the player with more cities wins.

Deadline: November 10th, 2014.


Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your game (please do not send your files in a .zip file. Attach them directly to your e-mail with your name in the save file).


Please sent the savegames only to

Have fun.

For more info look at this thread.

To download the game.