Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: 2001



Shay Yates Roberts’ name is going to go down in history. Roberts does it
again with Age of Piracy v2.0- the ultimate pirating scenarios! Three to
be exact, and each one engages a challenging venue. Roberts has now shown
a diversified ability to travel through time and history calculating both
myth and legend into a awesome product of civ play. Originally, nominated
by John Valdez, for having created the ultimate Pre-Columbian Modpacks ever
conceived, Roberts moves from the best of 2000 to 2001 with ease. Additionally
the creations that caught Civfanatics attention in the first place is Roberts
past work and masterpiece, Sacrificial Blood, a milestone of creation. Changes
to intro slides and now with a new version 2.0 ready for download, you can
choose from 4 different Pre-Columbian scenarios to play with the game. The
download and install procedures are exceptional with a website that provides
outstanding technical and download support.  According to Roberts,
“SACRIFICIAL BLOOD is a Civ II Gold modpack unlike anything you have
experienced. It contains 57 new technologies, 85 new units, 30 new sounds,
12 pieces of new music, 24 new wonders, and 12 new improvements. You can
play solo, or against up to two other opponents.”
No one has created
anything remotely close to either of these scenario packages! Hat’s off to


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I would like to tell you that I have received several nominations for Bernd
Brosing. One nomination from Thunderfall (Webmaster), and another from a
well-known veteran modpack writer, Prometeus simply underscores the superior
quality of this author’s work. His work on IMPERIUM ROMANUM is the ultimate
rise of Rome scenario. To emphasize the maticulousness of IR, you
should know that veteran scenario authors such as Stefan Härtel, Prometeus,
Harland Thompson, Micheal Dnes, Alex Mor, and Jesús Balsinde either
test played, suggested, or had graphics that were used to assist Brosing
in this marvelous creation. When you open the zip file on this magnificent
work, you will see the immense size of its production. The scenario starts
Rome off with a single city and advances the player through history using
multiple events files. Multiple events files, I should add that are compiled
by a batch configuration which allows the user to select a particular tribe
and play it with events tailored to specifically to that tribe! Truly original
in design and totally excellent in detail, Bernd Brosing’s Imperium Romanum
is one of the best of 2000! Additionally, it is my pleasure to include
two more terrific scenarios to this nomination: SUBWAR and the infamous
CROSS&CRESCENT. Bernd Brosing has transcended the title of veteran only
by his ability to now set the standard for which all other scenarios will
likely be compared.


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Also nominated by Miguel Sanahuja (Shaka Naldur), Stefan Hartel  has
been cited as one of the “best scenario designer[s] of …ancient empires”
For nomination ,Miguel selects both: ARTAXERXES and DARIUS THE GREAT as original
ideas. I must agree with this nomination because Hartel has consistently
worked to provide scenarios with special attention given to making the player
enjoy the story that is being played. Miguel also states that Stefan Hartel
is “the only one with scenarios about the persian empire and a lot of work
with the asian empires, lots of new graphics ” It really means something
when players can vividly recall the author’s work with such detail. I have
played both scenarios and I consider them a must-have for any player!


Stefan Hartel has a website too where you can download his other scenarios
and updates! Give Stefan Hartel your thanks and appreciation by visiting
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It is a pleasure to introduce both a collegue and an exceptional scenario
designer. Although new on the design front, Kobayashi (a.k.a. Patrick Choo)
has literally revived the world of Star Trek scenarios, and I simply cannot
give him enough praise. Nominated by Kevin Klop (a.k.a. willemvanoranje,
and Dutch modpack designer), Kobayashi’s STAR TREK: DOMINION WARS is in my
opinion the greatest Star Trek scenario ever made. I must remind you that
my standards are extreme, and after reviewing his scenario (mouth left gaping
wide open), I found mostly perfection.  In addition, this scenario is
entirely unprecedented mostly because it is a version. 1.0! You should also
know that Kobayashi makes most of his own graphics. The quality and originality
of the graphics are striking. If you like Star Trek and you have not downloaded
this scenario then you need to download it immediately, Captain’s orders!


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Nominated by SunTzu and Thunderfall, I am very proud to be able to join the
Hall of Fame. I give my thanks to everyone at Civfanatics, especially anyone
who has played my modpacks or scenarios. The contributions are as follows:
Creating extensive Sci-Fi modpacks (Lunar Mission, Mars!, STTOS, STTNG, Desert
Planet), Star Trek Generations, Birth of America,  the Ultimate People
Collection. Of course, all this is in addition to managing the Scenario Hall
of Fame here at Civfanatics!


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I’ve often wondered how the cool authors get such awesome names. Well, it
must come from their commitment to imagination. Just when I thought just
about everything had been done, Rhye creates the ULTIMA ONLINE: THE SECOND
AGE scenario, complete with title screen for log-on and everything. It features
well selected units, events, and a storyline that maintains the players interest.
Substantial work went into this creation and a lot of attention to detail
can be seen. This is of course, a multiplayer scenario which is completely
understandable, the amazing account is that this the first scenario about
Ultima Online. The concept is a good one and Rhye should be congratulated
on original thinking as well fine execution of it. It should also
be noted that there are updates and info available at Rhye’s website. Good


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It is true that 2001 was a great year for scenarios, but an even better year
for Mathias Köster. Köster’s Vikings – Across the Oceans scenario
is one of the best Viking scenarios I’ve ever played. This scenario sets
the stage for others to follow and at the same time a player can see why
this scenario had to be done. What is exceptional is that it is
Köster’s 3rd scenario! A remarkable accomplishment from a new author
and now entering the field as a full fledged veteran! It is very much a pleasure
to welcome designers this way into the SHOF because it is clear that their
intent is to give their very best and Köster certainly does. The author
changes many aspects of the game to create the Viking theater like no one
has attended before. Updates and other scenarios by the author can be found
at Köster’s website. Look for two other scenarios by the author:  “The
Fall of the Kraeikian Empire” A Fantasy Scenario, and “Death and Resurrection
of an Empire” A historical scenario about the Byzantine Empire from 1204
until its end in 1453.  You will likely notice that attention to detail
is as much a skill as it is a talent. The SHOF warmly welcomes Mathias


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In 1999, Jesús Muñoz Fernández gave us THE RESURRECTION
scenarios and more than enough to reach new heights in the SHOF, Jesús
could have stopped there. But, no– instead, he gave us “Carolus Invictissimus”
and one of my all time favorite scenarios: “The Thirty Years War” v 2.3.
The clarity and precision of the scenarios that Jesús constructs goes
well beyond intense research. Any student of history would be delighted to
play one of Jesús’ scenarios because of their intesity and extreme
attention to detail. It is my pleasure to add Jesús Muñoz
Fernández to the finest assembly of scenario authors on the internet
because his role as a scenario designer clearly defines itself as one of
leadership and marvelous craft. A very special thanks to a veteran author!


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I’ve played a lot of Civ II scenarios to say the least, and I think I have
quite a handle on some of the interests of players and designers. If
a designer were to ask me if events were important, I would tell them,
“…only if you want to share it.” Still, Blaabjerg defies this principle
with HAMMER OF THE NORTH v1.2 and creates a scenario of aesthetic graphic
quality and redefines the working axiom of the modpack to be suitable for
all versions of Civ II. A designer must be credited for such an accomplishment,
especially when the scenario is historical. Extreme care was obviously exercised
in this superior release of the account of Vikings raiding Europe. Morten
builds an atmosphere that takes to the age of Vikings and holds you there
until you’ve finished the scenario! Written for Classic Civ II, it will be
a classic scenario to play over and over again. Many thanks to Morten for
his fine work!


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Paul Cullivan, or “Kull” enters the SHOF as a veteran designer whose
work is well-known and influential in the world of scenario production. Kull’s
“The Odyssey”, v1.0 is a scenario design contest winner and one of the finest
scenarios I’ve ever played. It’s a power packed scenario that has everything
you need to begin. An experienced player can complete the scenario in about
2 hours. However, this aspect of Kull’s work shows that a lot of fun can
be compressed into a short period of time, even when it comes to Civ
II. I should also say that Kull has nominated several authors to the SHOF
citing their superior abilities and strengths. His achievements in scenario
design are made clear in The Odyssey, and it is an honor to include him as
a distinguished author.


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Obviously, I can’t pick everyone myself. There are a lot of players out there
that have their own ideas about who should be in this Hall of Fame. We need
to work together to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Send
me your candidates AND state their
contribution, reason or justification that qualifies them for the Hall of
Fame. Contributions to the hall of fame are always welcomed. Scenarios and
Modpacks do not need to be in English to be considered, but emails for
nominations have to be. Be advised, I will play their modpack, scenario or
creation just because I want to.


Be sure to send the link to their website
if they have one!

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