Sisiutil’s Strategy Guide for Beginners

What I’ve tried to do in this file (attached) is to collect together, in one document, a summation of most of the basic strategies and tactics that I gleaned from this community. I verified the utility of each as I moved up the difficulty levels. I hope it proves useful to some. I just wanted to give something back to this community which has helped me enjoy this wonderful game far more than I could have just on my own.
Please note that the guide is not meant to incorporate all possible game strategies, but rather, just enough for a beginner to experience success in Civ IV’s lower levels (Settler through Noble).

Speaking of which, this is also not meant to be a strategy guide for the higher levels. This is why it’s a beginner’s guide. I myself have only had my first victory on Prince at the time of posting. And from what I’ve seen on the board, at Monarch and above, players often vehemently disagree over strategies that work for some but not others. They also warn against relying on strategies that worked in the lower levels but are often counter-productive at Diety, Immortal, and so on. So, once you leave Noble behind, all bets are off, in my opinion.

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