Civfanatics Chatroom Rules

CivFanatics Chat Room Rules v1.0
Last updated on 02/21/2004.

The chat room moderation is "looser" than the forum. However, there are some rules as we strive to keep the chat room family-oriented and maintain a PG-13 level of discussion. There are also some rules that are just general netiquette.

  •  Do not use offensive or provocative nicknames.
  • Do not use profane, racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory
  • Do not insult or abuse other users.
  • Do not spam or flood the channel with repeated statements, questions, or
    useless text.
  • Do not type in ALL CAPS.
  • Do not use excessive colors or bold letters.
  • Do not impersonate another member by using his/her nickname.
  • Do not discuss warez or no-CD crack in the channel.
  • Do not exhibit disruptive or childish behavior.
  • Do not have "clones" of yourself.
  • Do not change your nick too often.
  • Do not engage in "cyber-sex" in the channels.
  • If a conflict arises between yourself and another user, move the matter
    to a private message window and resolve your differences there.

Breaking one of these rules may lead to being kicked out of the room. Repeatedly breaking a rule will lead to being banned, either temporarily or permanently. In some cases, chat room ban may be accompanied by a forum ban. When banned once, you may be allowed in only after agreeing with the guidelines.

Have fun chatting!