More sales: Stellaris for free, 10% discount on Old World

By | September 14, 2021

Next to the ongoing Stardock sale, there is more fodder coming for us Civ-fanatics!

Stellaris, a 4X space game from Paradox, is for free until September 20. Get it for free here.

But if you’re looking for something newer, more civ-like, then have a look at Old World, which is currently 10% discounted down to 30€ until September 23! It’s a celebratory discount, because Old World has been included in PCGamers “100 games to play this year”!


PCGamer: “The top 100 PC games”, including Old World!

By | September 13, 2021

PCGamer has published an article about the top 100 games, which you should be playing this year. While this is time-wise tight, with an average of 3 days per game, you need to make a selection, so we are very happy that this is not too hard: Old World has been included in the list! From the article:

Fraser: I’ve been waiting a long time for a historical 4X game that can give Civilization a run for its money, and here it is. Mohawk Games has taken all the best parts of the venerable series, but focused on antiquity rather than all of human history. Every turn represents a year, which allows Old World to take a more intimate approach, exploring characters instead of just empires. 

There are plenty of innovations, like an Order system that teaches you to prioritise what actions you want to take that turn, but it’s definitely the Crusader Kings-style characters and abundance of narrative events that feel like the most important addition. Leaders age and die, get married, have children, plot against rivals, and you’ve got a whole court of people to worry about. It’s Civ reimagined as a life sim and RPG. 

Evan: As you said, the lineage system adds a layer of passive storytelling that I didn’t know I wanted in a 4X. Very interested to see how the next Civ responds to Old World.”

Other honorable mentions from the list, of interest to our readers, are probably “Anno 1800” and “Crusader Kings 3”, which should be enough to fill up this year.

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Steam sale of Stardock games

By | September 13, 2021

Steam has currently a sale of various Stardock games.

The “Galactic Civilizations” series has also a standing fan community on CFC, and “Galactic Civilizations III” (Ultimate Edition) is right now discounted from 91€ down to 32€. You can discuss this game here.

The game “Fallen Enchantress” is a turn-based fantasy game, and was co-developed by Kael, who was the lead designer of the Civilization 4 mod “Fall From Heaven 2”. The Ultimate edition is currently discounted from 39€ down to 17€, the legendary edition from 25€ to 10€. You can read more about the game here.

OffWorld Trading company is a real-time strategy game, about trading on a foreign planet. It was designed by Civ4’s lead designer Soren Johnson, and the Ultimate edition currently discounted from 82€ down to 30€. You can discuss this game here.


Civ4 “Game Of The Month” #220

By | September 11, 2021

In the 220th “Game Of The Month” for Civilization 4 you will compete as Saladin on Monarch level, to see who of you civ-fanatics does best! The map is a standard-size ice age map with tropical climate. You have until October 11 to win this game and to send in your best savegame. Find all the details here:


Big Civ6 Sale @ Epic Games

By | September 10, 2021

Still don’t have Civ6? Now is a great time to get it in this big Civ6 sale at Epic Games! Sale ends on September 23.

Civilization VI – $8.99 (Regular price $59.99)

Civilization VI: Platinum Edition – $14.39 (Regular price $79.99)

Civilization VI: Anthology Edition – $29.99 (Regular price $99.99)


IGN Twitter poll: Best Video Game of All-Time. 24h to vote Civ4!

By | September 10, 2021

IGN has started a Twitter poll about the best video game of all time.

Civ4 is in there, on the lower left, paired against Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.
Currently it’s 29% Civ, 71% Assassin’s Creed.
If you have a Twitter account, help us beat Assassin’s Creed! Vote here! There are right now another 22h left to vote. The winner of this small poll will be matched against winner of the duel The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs the Elder Scolls V: Skyrim.

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Old World patch, September 9

By | September 9, 2021

The developers of Old World have released a new patch.

They have made various tweaks to the religious components and also added more events, among other things.

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Civ6 “Game Of The Month” #118

By | September 8, 2021

The current “Game Of The Month” for Civilization 6 is out! In this monthly competition you can see if you can play a pre-defined starting position better than your fellow civ-fanatics. The game #118 is set on Prince level with Cleopatra of Egypt. For all other details please have a look at the thread here.

May the best player win!