World Video Game Hall of Fame – Now with Civilization!

By | May 11, 2022

The Strong Museum, or the National Museum of Play features the World Video Game Hall Of Fame (among other gaming related items), where the most important video games are honoured.
The Hall of Fame itself is rather new, and this year 4 new games have been inducted, making it a grand total of 9 so far. Multiple media outlet, e.g. CNN, have reported that Sid Meier’s Civilization has been added this year. As one of the most groundbreaking video games series ever, it certainly deserves to be in there, and certainly also deserves to be one of the first ones.

An excerpt from the Civilization entry:
Civilization exemplifies the “4X” sub-genre of turn-based strategy games. Though the term “4X” wasn’t coined until a 1993 review of Master of Orion, Sid Meier’s game serves as the archetype for games focused on eXploring, eXpanding, eXploiting, and eXterminating. The game begins with players in control of a single settler unit, and from there they may colonize surrounding areas, building cities, roads, mines, and farms. Players control every aspect of the city and its people, including what types of knowledge to explore, allowing them the unique opportunity to literally reinvent the wheel. New technology often leads to new units or building improvements, such as chariots following the wheel, thus giving the first player to achieve these upgrades a large tactical advantage. This “technology tree” offers huge variances in play style, as only one type of improvement can be researched at a time, forcing players to weigh the risks and benefits of choosing one technology over another. Throughout the game, players also have the opportunity to interact with real world leaders, including Ramses the Great, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Mohandas Gandhi. The game is won either when one player conquers the entire world, or when a player successfully develops space travel and reaches the Alpha Centuri star system.”

Read the full press release here, and discuss the Hall of Fame entry for Civ in our forum here.


Firaxis Civ6 Anthology give-away: AAPI history month

By | May 10, 2022

Firaxis celebrates the “Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month”!
They offer a give-away of a Civ6 anthology copy (5 in total)!
To enter the give-away, you need to use one of the backgrounds of the Asian and Pacific Islander nations from Civ, provided on the official website here for a screenshot, and post it in the official Twitter thread here .
Since this is a celebration for the immigrants of this regions to America, you can only participate if you’re yourself in the USA (sadly). The give-away runs until May 31.

Discuss this give-away and post your pictures also in our forum thread here

The_J – Interview with Mohawk Games: 4X Strategy Goodness

By | May 8, 2022

LadiesGamers, a gaming website run for and by women, has published yesterday an interview with Leyla and Soren Johnson about Mohawk Games‘ latest project, Old World.

They talk about the history of Mohawk Games, the inspirations which Soren and the others took for Old World, the change in visual style from the early versions, and the game mechanics which make Old World unique and interesting.

An excerpt:

Old World has a tech tree where new technologies are researched as science is accumulated each turn. However, the tech tree is randomised. How and why did you decide to go that route with the Tech Tree?
4X games and technology trees have a long tradition going back to the original Civilization I. But there is a significant downside in that players discover Golden Paths; the fastest way to get to Gunpowder is to research these ten specific techs in order. Thus, mixing up the player’s options by limiting them to a choice of four techs at a time (which are then reshuffled through a deck of tech cards).
This means that there is no predictable Golden Path. That each research decision becomes more impactful because choosing to research Forestry means you are also choosing not to research Steel until it comes back through the discard and draw piles to your hand.”

Read the full interview here, and discuss it in our forum here.


Play the new Civ4 “Game Of The Month” #234

By | May 6, 2022

And it’s again the time for a new challenge! In this “Game Of The Month” you play as Wang Kon of Korea on a standard-size map of unknown configuration on Noble level. You have until June 1 to subjugate the world.

For all information, please see the thread in the forum:


Play the new Civ6 “Game Of The Month” #134

By | May 4, 2022

New month, new game! In this “Game Of The Month” you compete as Quin Shi Huang of China on a standard-size Seven Seas map on Prince level. You need to go for a culture victory, but all over victories are enabled. You have until June 1 to crush your enemies.

For all the other details, please see the corresponding thread in the forum:

At the same time we also still have the GOTM #133 running. There you play as Lady Six Sky of the Maya on a standard size lakes map on Immortal level. There are some adjustments like legendary start, a low water level, but you have a disaster intensity of 3 and you need to go for Science victory while all other victories are still enabled. You have until May 15 to obliterate everyone else.

Also here, for more info please see the thread:


TurnBasedLovers: May 2022 Top RPGs Strategy Games Releases – Including Old World

By | May 2, 2022

TurnBasedLovers have released a new video (see above) with the most interesting turn-based releases for May. In their list they also have Old World, the latest game of Soren Johnson, which already has been released, but will come to GOG and Steam on May 19.

Other interesting games in this month’s selection are Magna Graecia, a turn-based city builder, and Songs Of Conquest, which is similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Other releases this month are more RPG-focused, but worth having a look at the video.

If you want to discuss this video or any games on it, head over to the thread in the forum:

The article for this video can be found at TurnBasedLovers:


History Respawned podcast – Civs 101: India

By | April 29, 2022

Robert Whitaker from the History Respawnd podcast has released a new episode if his Civ 101 series, this time featuring India.
The description from his website:
“Bob talks with Dr. Amber Abbas about the India Civ. Topics include Gandhi, Gandhi as an imperialist(?!), the alternative of Asoka and Chandragupta, Dharma as a unique ability, who “belongs” in India and Indian history, the influence of Attenborough’s Gandhi, and Curzon in the Civilopedia.”

The home page for this episode can be found here:

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Humankind: Bolivar update announced

By | April 28, 2022

Amplitude Studios have announced an upcoming update for their game Humankind.

This update will apparently focus on some war mechanics, such as changes to surrendering, war support, and related mechanics.

For the full information, please read the thread in the forum here:

Thanks to Saxo Grammaticus for the notification about this update.