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Civilization II: Frequently Asked Questions
By Ginger_Ale at 2008-04-18 18:38

This section contains several Civ2-related FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) compiled by fans. Two of these FAQs have not been updated in a long time, but they might still be useful in answering some of your questions. Most of the FAQs on this page are in .txt format. 

If you have question about scenario creation, please check out our Civ2 Reference section instead. Feel free to post your questions in our forums if you don't find answers to your questions in these FAQs. FAQ
HTML version of this FAQ is located at
Author: Andrew Krupowicz;
This FAQ is updated monthly. 
Civ2 Score Calculation Mini-FAQ
Author: Thunderfall;
Last updated: August 16, 2000 EST
Civilization II FAQ Version 1.4
Author: Eden Kung;
Last updated: December 17, 1999 2:10 AM EST
The Unofficial Civilization II FAQ Version 2.2
Author: Edward Kenworthy
Last updated: May 31, 1996 15:44 GMT


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