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Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame
By Ginger_Ale at 2009-04-16 21:09

Welcome to the New Scenario Hall of Fame! Many revisions have been made with numerous features and entries.

As you already know, the Scenario Hall of Fame is here to honor the creators of Modpacks and Scenarios who have exhibited outstanding work and contributions to the world of Civilization II. Authors of modpacks or scenarios listed in this section receive the esteemed: Statue of Liberty Award [GIF]. Also, it should be noted that the SHOF is now categorized by YEAR of PUBLICATION for scenarios.

In addition, contributors of utilities, graphics, sounds, strategies, and anything other than modpacks or scenarios receive the esteemed: Leonardo's Workshop Award [GIF]. Once again, it should be noted that the layout has changed a bit.

Moreover, a new section to honor scenarios that are among the "Best of the Net" has been created for players to have the opportunity to REVIEW other excellent scenarios and expose authors that have spent countless hours creating fine quality scenarios. These scenarios have been dubbed TOP 100 SCENARIOS.

~ John Valdez



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