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As I find new game play skills that I can document and support with graphics, save files, and other cool stuff, I will include them in this index. The tools are placed in one of the major categories below and then listed alphabetically by the major keyword.

City Production and Management Tools

Using the city display page through the next cities left and right arrows
This tool gives you access to respond to changes in technology or enemy unit movements even before your next movement turn actually begins.

Pop Slamming to increase production output for religious Civilizations
A special variation on legitimate pop rushing that gives religious civilizations an added tool to beat corruption.

Short Rushing production output
This game skill uses some tricks to partially rush production to save cash/people while speeding production and reducing wasted shields.

General Game Tools

Understanding distance and movement in the Orthogonal Civ3 world
Examples of learning to move orthogonally (often diagonally) to find the shortest distance in the Civ3 world.

Worker tasks optimization
A few examples of getting the maximum work done in the shortest time with the fewest possible worker turns.

Barbarian farming for fun, profit, and fame
Several examples of selectively letting barbarian camps appear just so you can harvest the benefits of extra gold and extra unit promotions.

Combat Tools

Making use of the Retreat ability for fast units
The ability of fast units (movement > 1) to retreat from many combat events can radically alter the outcome of battle if you know how to plan for and integrate the ability into your plans.

Loading, unloading, moving, ferrying, and “Ship Hopping” with naval transport units
The ability to preserve and maximize movement of land units by using naval transport units wisely can double your military effectiveness when water is a part of the combat theatre.

Reconnaissance and exploration with advancing units
Use more of the movement points available to advancing units to expand your view of the world.

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