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The Japan Campaign
- Introduction
- Planning
- Military orders
- Initial engagements
- Far off landing
- Coastal thrust
- Main advance
- Inland sea
- Consolidate the opening
- Secure the horses
- Western port
- Moving inland
- Battle before Edo
- Combat tables
- Yokohama and Nara
- Osaka
- Kyoto’s fate
- The gambit
- The battle
- Combat tables
- Mopping up

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Why all this detail?
Some people will snuffle and ask why anyone would go into this much detail on an example of the CIV3 game, but I wanted to briefly emphasize that this focus came about from my desires to share how I played just one small piece of the GOTM9 game while hopefully providing something that would be of value to other players.

Nothing in this website is meant to imply that this is exactly the approved solution of how you should play this game or this scenario. What I discovered from many hours of playing succession games with a number of other players, is that many, many people who try to play Civ3 end up victimized by not having a good handle on some very basic game play skills. Most of these issues are not necessarily intuitive so they would not be the instinctive thing that someone might do as a first choice.

My hope is that in sharing this detailed level of a replay long with some example save files that people can load and try for themselves, that many of these examples will help other people to use these skills in their basic game play so that they will be free to enjoy and experiment with the game on a higher level.

About this Index
I complied this index in an attempt to help keep all the pages and image files organized as well as to help people find things.

The index is pseudo chronological with a topical twist, so if you are searching for a specific item or a specific city or town, then you might use the “Find on this page” function that should be available under “Edit” on you browser.

Hope this helps you enjoy the Japan Campaign GOTM9 pages as reference set to help others play and enjoy the CIV3 game.

Preliminaries to war with Japan
Meeting Tokugawa in 630 BC - Learning from the first encounter with your enemy.
Example of analysis of what the embassy peek at the enemy capital reveals

Military campaign planning
Introduction to Japanoverview map of the start positions in 110 BC (large version of the map)
Planning military action
understanding the unit choices, particularly the value of the war chariot and the impact of the retreat ability.
Planning for terrain – example of estimating terrain and city locations even when you have an incomplete map.
Military orders.
Using the city list from the diplomacy screen to guess at strengths and city positions/values.
Military style orders – trying to maintain a focus on objectives,
planning routes of advance (example map image).
Controlling key sea lanes and bodies of water (images of the inland sea).

Initial engagements (210AD to 220AD)
The far off amphibious landing – images and example of “ship hopping to produce a coherent landing”
example of using the shape of the culture border to pinpoint a hidden city location.
The northern costal thrustDrive to take Fukushima
examples of choosing the terrain and attack path to minimize the defensive advantage.
The “scared to death” bug where enemy population just vanishes when war is declared.
Understand the advantages and limitations of the “Retreat” ability.
Combat results tables.
Reconnaissance while advancing and during consolidation.
Animations of the attack sequences and consolidation moves.
The main attack toward
Kyotoopen with attack on Toyama,
Combat results table for the
Toyama battle,
using workers in the advance, guarding the flanks against Japanese horsemen. Expanding the advance.
Ferry boat operations in the inland sea – delivering reinforcements, loading and positioning.
avoiding most engagements with galleys,
understanding naval unit movement

Consolidating the opening and hunting the Japanese army (220AD to 250AD)
Revising the coastal thrust toward Fukushima into a central thrust to link with the far off landing
taking Izumo in a kamikaze style attack. Consolidating near
2nd example of using the shape of the culture border to pinpoint a hidden city location.
Satsuma – pillaging with the correct unit to deny a resource.
Recon in the advance.
A look at AI thought processes on counter attacks.
Capturing the town and “digging in”.
Nagoya – capturing a closer port
more road connection priorities in the front lines
landing immediate garrison and reinforcing units using the key “ship hopping” skill.
Advancing inland from Nagoya to capture
Tokyo and capture more road connections.
The sideshow of capturing Matsuyama in the east near Satsuma

The major battle near Edo (250AD to 290AD)
Emphasizing more road connections and baiting Tokugawa into battle.
The problem with river crossings (lack of Engineering) slowing down movement.
Three waves of Japanese counterattacks in the forest north of
Careful choice of attack units against multiple defenders to keep units consolidated for defense.
Key points on Great leader production and immediate use.
Detailed combat tables of chariot and swordsmen combat against horsemen, archers, warriors, and spearmen.
Engineering gives us an added movement advantage to cross rivers quickly for the continuing assaults.
Exploiting the vacuum created by the
Edo victories to cause mayhem in southwestern Japan. Taking Yokohama and Nara.

Final drive to Kyoto
Capturing Osaka on the flank. Advancing the inland force toward Kyoto one step at a time
Discussion of how to use the army in the attack on Kyoto.
The fast secondary advance into the rear of Kyoto using amphibious and combined arms attack with ancient age units
The slugfest for KyotoActual combat results tables.

Mopping up
Protecting Kyoto from Culture Flipping by pushing the Japanese capital further away.
Focusing on generating a great leader to use in rushing the Forbidden palace.
Clearing out the remaining Japanese tundra towns. (revealed map of the final Japanese towns)
Capturing the Japanese eastern island and getting “Cheops” the great leader. (revealed map of the Bizen isle)
Dealing with Tokugawa as a “Boat Person”.

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