New 4X & Grand Turn based and Real time strategy games coming to PC in 2021/2022

By | October 18, 2021

The above video was recently published, mentioend on Twitter, and we think it is very relevant to the Civ-fanatics audience. While it’s a bit early in the year for such a preview, it is certainly worth a watch (despite the annoying issues with the voice-over) if you have time to play anything else besides Civ, Old World and Humankind.

The video includes some well-known upcoming games like Galactic Civilizations 4 or Victoria 3. But other games are also highly interesting, like Revival: Recolonization or Master of Magic. If you’re not yet sure what to play next year, then have a look at this video.

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The ultimate Civilization 6 map – an update

By | October 17, 2021

Our moderator bite, also known as Brian MacNamara or TL;DR Reviews, has updated his ultimate civilization map: The final map now contains really all known features of Civilization 6, nations, natural wonders, world wonders, everything. The latest update now includes everything from the Khmer and Portugese.

If you want to read everything about the latest map, or want to have the high resolution version (this here is downscaled), then check out his blog post here :

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Humankind October progress update

By | October 17, 2021

Amplitude has given a status update on the October patch for Humankind. They expect the release of the next patch on October 28. They have already fixed many potential crashes, are working on fixing more issues, also in multiplayer, and hope that they can get out the Mac version soon.

Read the full update here:

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Civilization 6 pixel art

By | October 17, 2021

A reddit user has made some really interesting Civ6 pixel art, in a style of a beat-em-up. Have a look at the original reddit thread here:


Old World designer notes #11: Soren Johnson on the game end

By | October 14, 2021

Soren Johnson has again published a blog post about the development work in Old World, this time about the end of the game. He describes the thoughts which went into the ambition system, the relationship to a role-playing AI, and how to make each game more dynamic and unique.

An excerpt:

“Of course, one might ask, wouldn’t the player lose if the AI fulfills their ten ambitions first? Well, they would if the AI actually got ambitions, but I knew that would be a mistake. One of the other problems with specialized victory conditions is that because they either measure internal progress (cultural or scientific victory) or something orthogonal to most of the game (religious or even diplomatic victory), an AI victory can come as a sudden surprise. I was sure of one thing above all – a surprise ending to a 20-hour 4X game is not a good ending. Without ambition victories, the AI would clearly be playing a different game from the human, which meant that Old World would be an asymmetrical game. In reality, it just meant that we were admitting that the game was asymmetrical because there is no such thing as a symmetrical 4X game. The genre likes to pretend that it’s symmetrical, like chess or most board games, but a single-player 4X always orbits the human.“

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25 years Aspyr: Big discounts on Civ6, Civ:BE, and win a gaming PC and free games

By | October 14, 2021

Aspyr, who are doing the ports of all Civ games to Mac, are now 25 years old! There is a Steam sale with 85% discount on Civ6, and 75% on Civ: BE, until October 18.

You can find the whole sales overview here:

In addition to this they also have a celebratory give-away: You can win a new gaming PC and 25 Steam keys. You can find all the information about the anniversary and the give-away here:

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Old World patch #74, October 13

By | October 14, 2021

The developers of Old World have released a new patch, which includes 14 new events, performance improvements, and other balance changes and bug fixes.

You can find the whole log here:

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Play the new Civ4 “Game Of The Month” #222

By | October 11, 2021

The “Game Of The Month” is a competition series organized by a very dedicated team here at Civ-fanatics, to bring you each month an exciting game. Play the same initial game as your fellow players, and see if you can beat them!

This month, you will start as Louis XIV of France on Noble level on a standard size oasis map. You have until November 10 to send in your final savegame. You can find all the other details here: