Civilization FAQ

Civilization FAQ

Minor update – 28th September, 1994

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I am a PC user and although I acknowledge the fact that Civ is available on a number of different platforms, I have had to base this FAQ around the version I am used to. I am told that a good 80 percent of the information is relevant to all platforms – my apologies for the other 20 percent.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the game, I would like to thank personally a few people without whose help this FAQ would not be possible. In no particular order:

Albion, Mark Lilback, Devin Ben-Hur, Matt Malone, Ron Bense, Skip Meister, Ralph Betza, Bob O’Bob, David Gosselin, James Ollinger, Bryce Harrington, Mark Steer, Robert Johnson, Garth Sweet, Roger Kemp and Earnest To.

Special thanks are due to Maurice Schekkerman and Elliott Kleinrock, who sent me a large number of posts they had collected before I began compiling this FAQ.

Note: Elliott sent me the most comprehensive collection of tips I’ve yet seen, and much of the information that has been credited to “Rome on 640K” was sent by him. If you don’t have a copy of “Rome on 640K” yet (see below)—why?

If I’ve left anybody out of the credits, I am terribly sorry; I do appreciate all the stuff that has been sent in, and if I’ve made any omissions, please let me know.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or tips, I’d like to hear about them. I can be reached at [Dave].

What is Civilization?

Civ is a computer game published by MicroProse, and is available for the PC, Amiga and Mac. However, having said that, to me it’s not so much of a game as a way of life. Just ask anyone who has played it. The aim of the game is to take a tribe, settle them, and try to create a civilization. Along the way you develop new sciences, meet other tribes (some warlike, some not), and visit new continents, all for the aim of trying to get into space, and/or to be the dominant civilization.

A lot of the information in this document is designed to give not only the new player an insight into the game, showing the various strategies and tricks, but to also provide the experienced player with information on how to make his civilization stronger with the aim of getting a higher score. In compiling the FAQ, I have both discovered features which have not only improved my understanding of the game, but have made the game even more fun to play.

I will now proceed…

Section A: General Information

Section B: Cities

Section C: Different Game Strategies

Section D: Tips and information

Section E: Cheats

Section F: The Future