Civilization Revolution: Technologies

This page organizes all the researchable technologies in Civilization Revolution into a table that highlights their cost in beakers, their various effects and what they enable, as well as the bonus they provide to the first civilization to research them. These bonuses can often be quite powerful, usually in the form of a free unit, building, or extra per turn output in a city. Keep in mind that under the Makes Available header, items are listed in the following order: resources, wonders, units, buildings, governments. While some technologies, like currency and navigation, enable multiple things, others, like Printing Press, are less substantial. Together, however, they form the technology tree in Civilization Revolution.

Note: This page is still under construction.

Official Tech Tree PDFs

2K Games has released two high resolution tech tree in PDF format. You can download them below:

Civilization Revolution Tech Tree

Civilization Revolution Tech Tree Details

Ultimate Tech Tree PDF

Forum member mikewest has created this ultimate CivRev tech tree and formatted it for easy two-page printing. Based on the official tech tree, mikewest added unit properties, more details on how they get obsoleted and what unit(s) they supercede; building costs, wonder costs along with what tech (if any) obsoletes them; resource type and amount, first to discover bonuses, era & start occurrences. The color-coding started by Firaxis is also refined. The amount of beakers required to research each tech is also added.

Civilization Revolution Ultimate Tech Tree

Technology Details

Details for each technology are included in the table below:

Icon Technology Cost Prerequisites Makes Available First to Discover Benefit
Advanced Flight 2150 Flight, Industrialization Bomber Free Bomber
Alphabet 20 none The Oracle of Delphi, Library none
Atomic Theory 1270 University, Invention, Electricity Manhattan Project +2 Science in every city
The Automobile 1780 Combustion, Steel Rubber, Artillery Free Artillery
Banking 190 Currency, Code of Laws, Literacy Bank 100 gold
Bronze Working 20 none Fish, Colossus, Archer, Barracks none
Ceremonial Burial 30 Pottery Incense, The Pyramids, Temple none
Code of Laws 60 Writing, Alphabet Cattle, Trading Post, Republic Free Trading Post
Combustion 1050 Steam Power, Gunpowder, Metallurgy Oil, Tank Free Tank
Communism 770 Industrialization, University Communism -33% cost of factories
Construction 60 Masonry, Iron Working Oak, Workshop Free Workshop
The Corporation 720 Banking, Industrialization Military-industrial Complex +5 Gold in every city
Currency 80 Bronze Working, Code of Laws Gold, Trade Fair of Troyes, Caravan, Market Free Caravan, Market
Democracy 120 Literacy, Code of Laws Magna Carta, Pikeman, Democracy Free Pikeman
Electricity 850 Metallurgy, Engineering, Steam Power Submarine Free Submarine
Electronics 1570 Electricity, The Corporation none +2 trade in every city
Engineering 130 Construction, Mathematics Aqueduct +1 production in every city
Feudalism 140 Horseback Riding, Monarchy Game, Knight Free Knight
Flight 1620 Combustion, Metallurgy, Invention Fighters Free Fighter
Globalization 3400 Mass Media, Networking none 500 Gold
Gunpowder 330 Invention, Feudalism Sulfur, Rifleman Free Rifleman
Horseback Riding 20 none Oxen, Horseman None
Industrialization 710 Steam Power, Banking Factory +5 gold in every city
Invention 190 Literacy, Engineering Leonardo’s Workshop Free Great Person
Iron Working 30 Bronze Working Iron, Legion Free Legion
Irrigation 60 Pottery, Masonry Wheat, +1 Food on food producing tiles on the side of river +1 population in every city
Literacy 60 Alphabet, Writing Silk, Shakespeare’s Theatre, Courthouse +1 science in every city
Masonry 30 Pottery Marble, Great Wall, Walls Free Wall
Mass Media 880 Printing Press, The Corporation Hollywood +1 population in every city
Mass Production 880 Railroad, Industrialization Modern Infantry, Aluminum Free Modern Infantry
Mathematics 70 Writing, Masonry Catapult Free Catapult
Metallurgy 390 Engineering, Iron Working, University Cannon Free Cannon
Monarchy 120 Code of Laws, Writing, Ceremonial Burial Dye, Himeji Samurai Castle, Monarchy Free Great Person
Navigation 110 Writing, Mathematics Whale, East India Company, Galleon, Harbor Free Galleon
Networking 2290 Electronics, The Corporation Internet Reduced University Cost
Nuclear Power 2150 Atomic Theory, Mass Production Uranium +2 production in every city
Pottery 20 none Wine, Hanging Gardens, Granary none
Printing Press 390 University, Religion none +1 culture in every city
Railroad 350 Steam Power Iron Mine +2 production in every city
Religion 150 Ceremonial Burial, Monarchy Cathedral, Fundamentalism +1 culture in every city
Space Flight 5860 Advanced Flight, Electronics, Nuclear Power Apollo Program, SS Fuel, SS Propulsion, SS Habitation, SS Life Support Entire map is revealed
Steam Power 340 Iron Working, Invention, Engineering Coal, Cruiser Free Cruiser
Steel 730 Metallurgy, Steam Power Battleship Free Battleship
Superconductor 6740 Mass Production, Space Flight SDI Defense Free SDI in a city
University 240 Literacy, Mathematics, Democracy Oxford University, University +1 science in every city
Writing 40 Alphabet Great Library, Spy Free Spy