Civilization Revolution: Relics

Civilization Revolution introduces a new class of wonder-like structures called "relics" that are scattered randomly throughout the map for players to find. There are six relics in the game and each of them offers unique bonus to its discover. They should make exploration more rewarding.

Below is the list of relics and their effects:

Relic Image Effect
The Ark of Covenant Relic - Ark Of Covenant

Creates a Temple in every one of your cities that does not have one.

Cities that already have Temples will immediately receive Cathedrals to replace their Temples

The Seven Cities of Gold Relic - Seven Cities Of Gold Gives a large Gold bonus to your treasury
The Angkor Wat Relic - Angkor Wat Immediately builds a wonder in one of your cities
The Lost City of Atlantis Relic - Lost City Of Atlantis Immediately completes research on several new technologies
The Knights Templar Relic - Knights Templar Gives you a powerful unit
The School of Confucius Relic - School Of Confucius Grants discoverer access to a slew of Great People