Civilization IV: Colonization Founding Fathers

In Colonization, Founding Fathers are historical figures who offer to join your colonies as you accumulate points in various categories: Military, Trade, Exploration, Religion, and Politics. For example, players receive Exploration points if they meet Native tribes, gaining extra points if they are the first European colony to do so. Similarly, building churches and cathedrals yields Religious points.

To view a complete breakdown of the points system, read this thread on the forums. When playing Colonization, you can access the Founding Fathers screen by pressing the keyboard shortcut F6, allowing you to see your current progress towards developing points. On this page, you can see a list of all available Founding Fathers, as well as their respective bonuses.

Note: There are 52 Founding Fathers, and the table below is updated as of Colonization v1.00.


Name Benefit


Samuel Adams Increases Liberty Bell production by the tax rate
Ben Franklin +3 Liberty Bells per Printing Press and Newspaper
Patrick Henry +3 Liberty Bells per Town Hall
Washington Irving +1 Liberty Bell per Schoolhouse
+2 Liberty Bells per College
+3 Liberty Bells per University
John Jay +25% Liberty Bells per settlement
James Madison +3 Guns per Armory, Magazine, and Arsenal
Thomas Paine Increases hammer production by the tax rate
Pocahontas Strengthens relations with the natives
Betsy Ross +3 Cloth from Weaver’s House, Weaver’s Shop, and Textile Mill
Alexis de Tocqueville +50% education in every settlement
+3 Liberty Bells per University
John Winthrop +1 Cross per Town Hall


Vaco Nunez de Balboa +25% defense per settlement
Juan de Bermudez +1 movement for Caravels, Merchantmen, and Galleons
Pedro Alvares Cabral Sailing to and from Europe takes 50% less time
Alexander von Humboldt +50% production of College and University
Juan Ponce de Leon Twice as likely to receive Treasure from Ancient Ruins
Lewis and Clark Pioneers require 50% less Tools
+1 movement for Wagon Trains
Jacques Marquette +1 movement for Scouts
Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada Reveals all tiles containing Burial Grounds or Ancient Ruins
John Smith Native lands cost 50% less to purchase
Giovanni de Verrazano Provides 1 Caravel


William Brewster Native land costs 25% less to purchase
Bartolome de las Casas +50% native conversion rate from Missions
John Harvard Free Schoolhouse for each settlement
Nathanial Hawthorne Provides 3 Elder Statesmen
Thomas Hooker Provides 3 Jesuit Missionaries
Sor Juana +3 Crosses per Church and Cathedral
Gabriel Lallemant +50% production of Church and Cathedral
Gregorio de Mattos e Guerra +2 Liberty Bells per Church
+3 Liberty Bells per Cathedral
William Penn +3 Crosses per Town Hall
Strengthens relations with the natives
Juan de Sepulveda Provides 2 converted natives
Roger Williams +25% conversion rate from Missions
Strengthens relations with the natives


John Jacob Astor +50% Furs per settlement
Lord Baltimore Increases Cross production by the tax rate
Alexander Hamilton +3 hammers per Town Hall
Cyrus McCormick +1 food on plots with at least 2 food
+50% Sugar per settlement
Peter Minuit Units cost 25% less to purchase in Europe
John Rolfe +25% Tobacco per settlement
Adam Smith +50% production of Textile Mill, Coat Factory, Rum Factory, and Cigar Factory
Eli Whitney +50% Cotton per settlement
Jan de Witt 50% fewer Tools needed to construct buildings


Ethan Allen Free promotion of Ranger I and Mountaineer I for Gunpowder Units
Francisco de Coronado +1 movement for Dragoons
Hernan Cortes Free Stockade for each settlement
Diego Velazquez de Cuellar Provides 3 indentured servants
Marquis de La Fayette Increases Gun production by the tax rate
John Paul Jones Provides 1 Frigate
Paul Chomeday de Maisonneuve Free promotion of Formation for Gunpowder Units
+1 movement for converted natives
Dom Pedro I +50% Great General emergence
Free promotion of Veteran I and Minuteman I for Gunpowder and Mounted Units
Francisco Pizarro Free promotion of Looter for Gunpowder Units
Chief Powhatan +50% strength for converted natives
Hernado de Soto Free promotion of Grenadier I for Gunpowder Units