Civilization V: National Wonders

National Wonders are buildings that are limited to one per civilization. Each has a prerequisite building that must be built in each city to allow for the national wonder to be built,
and each costs 125 Production plus 30 Production per city.


Image Name Ability Buildings Technology
Circus Maximus +5 Happy +1 culture Colosseum Construction
Hermitage +50% culture +5 culture Culture in this City. Opera House Acoustics
Heroic Epic All newly-trained non-air Units in this City receive the Morale Promotion improving Strength combat strength by 15%. +1 culture Barracks Iron Working
Ironworks +8 Production +1 culture Workshop Machinery
National College +50% Science +3 Science +1 culture Library Philosophy
National Epic +25% greatperson Great People generation in this City. +1 culture Monument Philosophy
National Treasury +8 Gold +1 culture Market Currency
Oxford University 1 Free Technology. +3 Science +1 culture University Education