Civilization Revolution: Units

Civilization Revolution contains a wide variety of units, including land, sea, and air ones. Unlike Civilization 4, CivRev returns to the convention of assigning each unit a specific attack and defense value; however, it also keeps Civ4’s system of promotions and combat modifiers, blending the features from previous Civilization games. Units in this game have been made stronger and more powerful as individual fighting forces and are certainly integral to a successful game, not just those that end in a domination victory. For more, be sure to read this page which overviews units and their role in the game.

Note: A.D.M stands for Attack.Defense.Movement, referring to a unit’s strength and movement ability.

Unit Name Cost Prerequisite A.D.M Upgrades To
Warrior 10 none 1.1.1 Legion
Legion 10 Iron Working 2.1.1 Knight
Horseman 20 Horseback Riding 2.1.2 Knight
Knight 25 Feudalism 4.2.2 Tank
Tank 50 Combustion 10.6.3 none
Archer 10 Bronze Working 1.2.1 Pikeman
Pikeman 15 Democracy 1.3.1 Rifleman
Rifleman 20 Gunpowder 3.5.1 Modern Infantry
Modern Infantry 30 Mass Production 4.8.1 none
Catapult 20 Mathematics 4.1.1 Cannon
Cannon 30 Metallurgy 6.2.1 Artillery
Artillery 50 The Automobile 16.2.2 none
Galley 30 none 1.1.2 Galleon
Galleon 30 Navigation 2.2.3 Cruiser
Cruiser 40 Steam Power 6.6.5 none
Battleship 80 Steel 12.18.4 none
Submarine 25 Electricity 12.2.2 none
Bomber 60 Advanced Flight 18.3.6* none
Fighter 30 Flight 6.4.8 none
Settler 20 none 0.0.2 none
Caravan 30 Currency 0.0.3 none
Spy 25 Writing 0.0.2 none
Great People none none 0.0.2 none
ICBM 40 none none none
Militia none none 0.1.1 none

* Must land in a city every 4 moves.