Civilization 1 Trivia Answers

Here are all of the answers for the trivia, plus a bit of explanation.

1. B : Pottery

Horseback riding, Pottery, Bronze Working, The Wheel, Ceremonial Burial, the Alphabet, and Masonry are the 7 civilization advances with no prerequisites. Horseback riding leads to Chivalry (with Feudalism); Bronze Working Leads to Iron Working and Currency; The Wheel leads to Engineering (with Construction); Ceremonial Burial leads to Monarchy (with Code of Laws) and Mysticism; the Alphabet leads to Code of Laws, Mapmaking, and Writing; and Masonry leads to Construction (with Currency), Mathematics, and Feudalism (with Monarchy). The only one left is Pottery. The fact that Pottery leads to nothing can be confirmed using the manual, the civilopedia, the civilization advances poster, or the civilization advances reference chart (on this site). The other advances that share this property are Chivalry, Religion, Robotics, Conscription, Labour Union, and Recycling, but none of these is an advance you start with.

2. A: The Turks

I know this because early versions of the manual contained explanations of all of the computer opponents. One such version, the earliest, included a description of the Turks, who were apparently supposed to be in the game originally. You can confirm this by reading the READ.ME file (Go to the manual section, select plain text version and scroll straight to the bottom. The readme file is there. Or you can just find the file in the directory of your own copy of the game), which states the correction to the manual. Note that the manual I have here does not contain this error or any descriptions of the other civilizations.

3. B: Artillery

This was one of the easier ones. Most people who have been playing for a while should know this.

4. C: Michaelangelo’s Chapel and The Pyramids

I usually avoid developing Communism until I absolutely need to because these two wonders are so powerful.

5. D: Oasis on Desert

Oasis on Desert produces the most food. I don’t know why any part of a desert would produce more food than grasslands or rivers, but they do in civilization. Maybe it’s to represent the resourcefulness of the desperate desert-dwellers.

6. A: Expansionistic

You can prove this only by playing the game on a low difficulty (chief works for sure, I’m not sure about any others) and establishing an embassy with the English. You will get this description when you view the intelligence report on them.

7. C: "In the beginning"

Note that B and D both appear in the intro poem, but C is the opening line.

8. D: "World is Round Columbus Claims"

Ooh, cheap shot. If you recognize this line, it sort of appears on papers, only worded slightly differently: "Earth is Round Columbus Claims". I guess if you play the game night and day like I do you’d notice this.

9. D: Hydroplant

Confirm this with the Civilopedia again, or the reference charts on this site. Come on, anyone who has played this game enough should have all of these values memorized. Either that or I just really need a life.

10. C: Atilla the Hun

He is built into the game, although the game never shows his name and there is no stored picture for him. Want me to prove it? Go to my cheats page, and follow the instructions for hacking the save game file. Open it up and just view it. There is an area of the hex values which lists the names of all of the leaders, and Atilla is among them. Now use the "Switch Sides" cheat and become the barbarians. Use a diplomat to enter an enemy city and select "Meet with King". The enemy king will address you as Atilla.

Too hard? I had some more questions which were about as difficult as 10, but I decided it would be better to mix some easy ones in. For those of you with a desperate obsession with trivia, try these on for size: "Who wrote the theme for Civilization?" (which plays during the startup), "What does the third digit in the version number represent?", and "What coastline-related geographical anomaly appears in the built-in Earth map, but not in any computer-generated maps?". If you want to tell me your answer, or badly need an anwser, E-mail me for them. Make sure to state clearly that you are making reference to this quiz.

This quiz is copyright ©2000 Greg Viers (A.K.A. The TTG Guy).