Civilization V: World Wonders

There are 28 World Wonders in Civ5, with a further three added by the Wonders of the Ancient World DLC. Each wonder provides a set ammount of culture, has an effect, and (With the exception of the Statue of Zeus) a set ammount of Great Person points for a certain great person. For example, The Colossus provides +1 Great Merchant point. Through the article, there are some abbreviations. If you are not familiar with them, you may wish to check This article in order to familiarise yourself with them.


Image Name    Cost    Culture GP Points Effect Technology required
Angkor Wat 300 +1 +1 GE Culture and gold costs of acquiring new tiles reduced by 25% in all cities Theology
Big Ben 625 +1 +2 GM Cost of Gold purchasing in all cities reduced by 15%. Also provides +4 Economics
Brandenburg Gate 750 +3 +2 GS A Great General appears near the City where the Wonder was built and +15 XP for all units built in this city Military Science
Chichen Itza 300 +1 +1 GE Length of Golden Ages increased by 50%. Also provides +4 Happiness Civil Service
Cristo Redentor 1250 +4 +2 GA Culture cost of new policies reduced by 10% Telegraph
Eiffel Tower 1250 +1 +2 GM As well as +5 happiness, the Eiffel Tower also provides another +1 for every 2 policies you have adopted Radio
Himeji Castle 400 +3 +2 GE +15% Combat stength for units fighting in friendly territory. Provides a free castle in the city in which it is built Chivalry
Machu Picchu 300 +1 +1 GM +25% Gold from Trade routes. City must have a mountain nearby. Currency
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
185 +1 +1 GM Gain 100 Gold each time a Great Person is expended. Each source of Marble or Stone worked by this city produces +2 Gold. Masonry
Notre Dame 400 +3 +1 GM +10 Happiness Education
Pentagon 1250 +3 +2 GM Gold cost of upgrading units reduced by 33% Radar
Sistine Chapel 500 +1 +2 GA +25% Culture in all cities Acoustics
Statue of Liberty 1060 +1 +2 GE +1 Production from specialists in all cities Replaceable Parts
Statue of Zeus
185 +1 None All units gain +15% Combat strength when attacking cities Bronze Working
Stonehenge 185 +6 +1 GE +6 Culture Calendar
Sydney Opera House 1250 +4 +2 GA 1 free Social Policy and +50% Culture in this city. City must be built on the coast Mass Media
Taj Mahal 500 +1 +2 GA The empire enters a Golden Age. Also provides +4 Happiness Printing Press
Temple of Artemis
185 +1 +1 GE +10% Growth in all cities. +15% Production when constructing ranged units Archery
The Colossus 185 +1 +1 GM +1 Gold on ocean tiles worked by the city. Also provides +5 Gold Bronze Working
The Forbidden Palace 500 +1 +1 GA -10% Unhappiness from Citizens in non-occupied cities Banking
The Great Library 185 +1 +1 GS 1 Free Technology. Provides a free library in the city the wonder was built. Writing
The Great Lighthouse 185 +1 +1 GM All military naval units recieve +1 moves and +1 sight. Provides a free Lightouse in the city in which it is built. City must be built on a coast. Sailing
The Great Wall 250 +3 +1 GE Enemy land units must expend 1 extra movement per tile in your territory. Provides walls for free in the city in which it is built. Upon discovering Dynamite, The Great Wall becomes obsolete Construction
The Hagia Sophia 300 +1 +1 GA +25% Generation of Great People in all cities. A free Great Person of your choice appears near the Capital. Theology
The Hanging Gardens 250 +1 +1 GA +10 Food in the city in which the wonder is built Mathematics
The Kremlin 500 +3 +1 GS Defensive buildings in all cities are 25% more effective. +12 Defense in this city. Acoustics
The Louvre 750 +4 +2 GA Two free Great Artists appear near the city in which the wonder is built. Archaeology
The Oracle 250 +3 +1 GS 1 free Social Policy Philosophy
The Porcelain Tower 400 +1 +2 GS A Great Scientist appears near the city in which the wonder is built. 50% more Science from Research Agreements. Education
The Pyramids 185 +1 +1 GE Tile improvement construction speed increased by 25% and two workers appear near the city Masonry
The United Nations 1500 +1 +2 GM Triggers voting for Diplomatic victory. Globalization